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English Grammar, Spelling, and More

Basic as their knowledge is, the rules and laws of English grammar and spelling can throw learners, and sometimes even advanced users of the language, for a loop. Questions regarding what a subordinate clause is or the difference between learned and learnt are surprisingly common. For students and writers, concepts and subjects such as these ought to be habitually revisited and revised to ensure that their work is correct in form and syntax. Browse PaperRater’s collection of grammar and writing related articles below to find the answers to these questions and several others.

Vocabulary Builder

Wondering what gravity or hiatus mean and how they could be used in a sentence? Often, knowing what a word means does not equal knowing how it can be used in writing. PaperRater’s Vocabulary Builder features an exhaustive catalog of words with their definitions and numerous example sentences using each. This provides you with a variety of contexts in which these words can be used, thus helping you boost your vocabulary and learn illustratively.

Commonly Confused Words

If you have ever found yourself baffled by the difference between affect and effect or principal and principle, then PaperRater’s Commonly Confused Words Quizzes are for you. There are several such word pairs throughout the English language that frequently confuse its users. Through testing and instant scoring, these fun interactive quizzes serve as a great tool for learners to quickly imbibe the difference between words that are often confused for one another due to similar spelling or sounds

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