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Sentences Containing 'exclaim'

But the man continuing to exclaim,``Down, Evremonde!''
Or, when looking at the drawing of a beautiful woman, we are softened by its charm and feel in ourselves something of its sweetness as we exclaim,``How beautiful.''
exclaim a million Irishmen starting up from all the shanties in the land,``is not this railroad which we have built a good thing?''
Looking round upon the trees he would exclaim``By George!
He would sometimes exclaim,``How I love to talk!
Edmond could only clasp his hands and exclaim,``Oh, my friend, my friend, speak not thus!''
At one time he thought he was saved, for he heard the brigadier exclaim in a loud voice, to the two gendarmes,``He is not here!''
It was then he heard a voice exclaim``Valentine is dead!''
In the midst of this tumult the voice of the president was heard to exclaim,``Are you playing with justice, accused, and do you dare set your fellow citizens an example of disorder which even in these times has never been equalled?''
But he that preferreth before all things his rational part and spirit, and the sacred mysteries of virtue which issueth from it, he shall never lament and exclaim, never sigh; he shall never want either solitude or company: and which is chiefest of all, he shall live without either desire or fear.
Free from all compulsion in all cheerfulness and alacrity thou mayst run out thy time, though men should exclaim against thee never so much, and the wild beasts should pull in sunder the poor members of thy pampered mass of flesh.
Many will exclaim that these several causes are amply sufficient to neutralise the power of natural selection.
I fell upon my knees before the sofa, caressing her, and imploring her not to rend my heart; but, for some time, poor little Dora did nothing but exclaim Oh dear!
I replied with such an expressive look, that Mr. Chillip was emboldened by that, and the negus together, to give his head several short shakes, and thoughtfully exclaim, 'Ah, dear me!
Vatinius even interrupted him to exclaim, " I ask you, judges, if I am to be condemned because the accuser is eloquent."
"Exclaim!" described the album as "well rounded" and "handled superbly", saying that Salaam has a voice that is "trained like an instrument, commands attention".
In the third verse Rod exclaims his disgust with the two and exclaim that homosexuality is sin, only to be converted by the other two.
Del F. Cowie of "Exclaim!" gave the album a six out of ten, saying "Papoose gamely battles on, delivering some of his trademark punch lines, and you can tell he genuinely attempted to deliver a well-rounded record. However, there's not enough innovation to interest casual fans in the project." David Jeffries of Allmusic gave the album three and a half stars out of five saying "What doesn't happen is that satisfying overall album flow, and when it comes to production, the highlights are mentioned above with the rest of the album sounding mixtape rough or just plain old.
However, at "Exclaim!", Bradley Zorgdrager said that "although the album doesn't repeat a verse-chorus-verse-chorus-breakdown formula, it also lacks distinct or memorable riffs."
Sean Palmerston and Laura Taylor of "Exclaim!" praised the album stating that it is the "finest album so far without a doubt" and that "with Gossow's death-rattle vocals, and tight performances all around, "Anthems of Rebellio"n is a pretty delectable razor to the eardrums", respectively.
Blaine initially praises "Dangerous Liaisons" for its courage in casting Glenn Close in a female role; Antoine informs Blaine that Close is actually a woman, prompting Blaine to exclaim "Clutch the pearls!"
"Exclaim!" began as a discussion among campus/community radio programmers at Ryerson's CKLN-FM in 1991.
With "Chart"'s decision to cease publication of its newsstand edition in January 2009, "Exclaim!" is now Canada's only nationally-distributed general interest music magazine operating as a print publication.
In February 2009, "Exclaim" participated with CBC Radio 3 and aux.tv to launch X3, a new collaborative cross-promotional platform which sees all three outlets air or publish feature content spotlighting a particular "Artist of the Month".
These artists are featured on the cover of "Exclaim"'s monthly issue.
Conway's marketing firm, Exclaim, was also contractually obligated to pay the team in weekly installments.
However, during the summer of 2010, Exclaim started to pay about $56,000, half of the intended $108,000.
A sometimes irascible man, he was reportedly embarrassed by any fuss surrounding his celebrity and was known to exclaim "Mush!" at any demonstration of strong emotion.
In October 2006 the band took part in the "Exclaim!

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