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Sentences Containing 'effigy'

He saw before him an officer delegated to enforce the law, and perfectly well knew that it would be as unavailing to seek pity from a magistrate decked with his official scarf, as to address a petition to some cold marble effigy.
He saw, the history says, the very countenance, the very face, the very look, the very physiognomy, the very effigy, the very image of the bachelor Samson Carrasco!
The coinage for the year featured the new effigy of Queen Elizabeth II.
The centre portion of the effigy was to feature two lines on the shoulder.
Although 1965 would mark a change in the effigy of Queen Elizabeth II, the year would offer five different varieties of the dollar.
Smack smiles on their faces and make them talk out their arses.") then, after being asked to leave, and being told "May God forgive you." gestures towards the effigy of Jesus on the cross and asks what he's playing at, letting his dad be ill while Margaret Thatcher lives - "What the bloody hell's He playing at?" before parting with "You've been great.
Axelson was later also burned in effigy.
It holds a plain Norman font and a painted wooden effigy of Robert du Bois.
The New Zealand Armed Forces Award is a circular silver medal. The obverse bears the crowned effigy of Her Majesty The Queen surrounded by the inscription "ELIZABETH II DEI GRATIA REGINA FID.
There is an alabaster effigy of Parry in Worcester Cathedral. Works.
In 1506, twenty-two Jews, condemned, though either dead or absent, were burned in effigy; again, in 1509 and 1510, some Jews and Jewesses were publicly burned in effigy; and in 1511 sixty-two Jews who had escaped from the Inquisition were punished in the same way.
They have built a statue to Numedides' memory in the temple of Mitra, and people burn incense before it, hailing it as the holy effigy of a saintly monarch who was done to death by a red-handed barbarian.
The main symbol of the monarchy is the sovereign herself, her image (in portrait or effigy) thus being used to signify government authority.
Its main theme consists of a "gisant" or recumbent effigy of the deceased, laid upon a funeral couch surmounting the sarcophagus, upon the sides of which a procession of mourners is represented.
The latter, modelled by Godfrey Sykes consisted of a pedestal 15 feet long and 10 feet wide, supporting an effigy, seven feet long, on a raised bier.
(Visser 1913:164) Kūkai constructed a straw dragon effigy and declared he would transform it into a dragon king who would return to Lake Anavatapta, thus causing the original rain-dragon to stay in the park.
The effigy pottery discovered was shaped in various animal and bird shapes, such as deer, quail and owls.
Sixty pottery vessels were placed on the east wall including the above effigy pottery.
In St Paul's Cathedral, London, a slightly larger than life-size effigy of Gordon is flanked by a relief commemorating general Herbert Stewart (1843–1885), who had commanded the "flying column" of camel-borne troops, and who was mortally wounded on 19 January 1885.
In 1949, for example, President Harry S. Truman proclaimed Effigy Mounds National Monument to accept a donation of the land from the state of Iowa, at the request of Iowa's delegation.
Inside the church are well-preserved medieval roofs, and a tomb recess containing an effigy dating from the 14th century.
In late August 2006, protesters demanded Rahman's resignation as energy adviser and burned him in effigy in response to plans by the British corporation Asia Energy (now Global Coal, GCM Resources) to develop an open-pit coal mine in Phulbari, Dinajpur district. Activists said that the mine would cause environmental damage, threaten water supply, and displace up to 120,000 residents of the area, including the Shantal indigenous peoples.
There is an effigy of a Bonhomme at the Priory in Edington today.
The obverse of the medal displays an Effigy of Queen Elizabeth II, the reverse shows a man standing between two spheres, a symbolic representation of the ideological struggle.
One such effigy is later found to reflect reality: in the high mountain areas of Chujo, huge mat-like organisms lift off the rocks on excreted hydrogen and form “bioloons” in which several Chupchups attempt to leave the planet; all who try it die.
One member of the Canadian House of Commons demanded the government block the trade, another man burned Pocklington in effigy, and Gretzky's bride, actress Janet Jones, was branded hockey's Yoko Ono. There is debate as to whether Gretzky "jumped" or was "pushed."
Her tomb-chest with full-length recumbent alabaster effigy by Edward Bowring Stephens is situated in St Clement's Church, Powderham, against the east wall of the south transept, with a plaster-cast in the chapel attached to Powderham Castle, in an ogee arched alcove in the north wall of the chancel.
Players, experts and the rest of the cricketing world mourned the death of "the cricket scholar", in the words of former South African Test bowler Fanie de Villiers, while commentators such as Cricinfo's Dileep Premachandran criticised the "effigy-burners" in Pakistan who, in his opinion, did not "possess common sense".
The obverse bears a right facing effigy of Queen Elizabeth II wearing the Imperial State Crown.
The Talbot family collected the early Christian Stones in and around the Chapter house, and under the care of the Commissioner of Public Works they were all re-housed in the current museum, including five grave-slabs and an effigy from the pre-reformation period, and four post-reformation memorial slabs.
A tomb in the choir incorporating a much restored female effigy is widely believed to be that of Marjorie Bruce.
The obverse bears the effigy of Queen Elizabeth wearing the Imperial State Crown.
Apart from this on the occasion of Dashera there is Ramleela at MPF Ground in Ordnance Estate where the effigy of Ravana is torched every Year.

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