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Sentences Containing 'calculated'

The amount of heat necessary to melt 1 gram of ice is easily calculated.
In order to secure the desired result it is necessary to apply a force in excess of that calculated.
The work which a stream can perform may be easily calculated.
In just as careful a manner, the size and the strength of municipal reservoirs and pumps must be calculated.
All you can do is to surround them with the conditions calculated to stimulate any natural feeling they may possess.
The impressionist's habit of painting before nature entirely is not calculated to do this.
He had been to Tennessee to buy a drove of hogs, but when he got there pork was dearer than he calculated, and he declined purchasing.
I leave you to judge how far your nerves are calculated to bear you through such a scene.
``Because then you might witness a spectacle calculated to break down your pride.
But there was no look calculated to reassure her; all it seemed to say was,``It is not only your reserve which afflicts me.''
I have weighed all the chances, calculated the time required for all the forms; something must have happened.''
There could be no doubt that all had been calculated and previously arranged; Monte Cristo then was in league with his father's enemies.
The laws relating to land, therefore, were all calculated for what they supposed the interest of the proprietor.
It was really calculated to break his spirit, he said afterwards.
The forest, I calculated, was rather less than a mile across.
Maximum Heart Rate (MHR) is typically calculated with the formula 220-age.
Thus the recharge can be calculated from this base flow if the catchment area is known.
.# Swing calculated on Congress+Trinamool Congress vote percentages taken together in 2006.
Deutscher Fernsehfunk therefore calculated it had an audience of some 7.8 million in the Democratic Republic alone.
It may also be calculated as the difference between the heat of formation formula_2 of the products and reactants.
Through recent improvements of the techniques, this can be precisely calculated.
It was calculated that 450 new buses would be needed per annum.
Subsequent moveable feasts are calculated with reference to Easter.
"C" can be calculated based on the priors regarding variance between data sets.
In general, the expectation of any observable can be calculated by replacing formula_22 with the appropriate operator.
This was calculated to appeal to the passions of the populace of towns who appeared to have particular complaints against friars.
The result is the same vector as calculated using a × (b × c).
The Liquid Crystal Display on the console displays measured and calculated data.
VERs may be developed and calculated in compliance with one of several VER standards.
The brutality that comes out of this innocence is far more shocking than the calculated brutalities of mean killers."
He also defined the formula_1-dimensional sphere and calculated its volume.
The number of rivers and rivulets longer than 3 km has been calculated very precisely – 4,418.
The shruti distances as per the compression factors are calculated for all the 34" length of the string.
With the speed of light known, and an accurate measurement of the time taken, the distance can be calculated.
Given the limited data input to the equation, the calculated evapotranspiration should be regarded as only broadly accurate.
Where the person in question is still governing, the time is calculated up to .
Moving object speed and direction can be calculated.
This statistic is calculated as follows First determine Morisita's index ( "I""d" ) in the usual fashion.
The expected variance is calculated with the overall mean of the population.
At the end of March Shackleton calculated that the ship had travelled a mere since 19 January.
He calculated that on the day "Endurance " was abandoned they were 346 miles from Paulet Island.
Worsley calculated the distance to Snow Hill Island to be , with a further to Wilhelmina Bay.
It is calculated as points scored divided by points conceded multiplied by 100.
It may be defined or calculated as the product of the average force multiplied by the time over which the force is exerted.
She said "there was nothing calculated about the collaborations the album, nothing corporate".
The data provided in this article from before 1890 is calculated as if the District of Columbia were a single municipality as it is today.
An aggregate score is calculated out of 100 as a percentage.
The half-life varies with dose and therefore has not been calculated.
Based on the detailed description of the requirements the target price is calculated.
Velocity formula_56, is calculated from momentum, and pressure formula_57, is calculated from the equation of state.

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