Should I use 'traveled' or 'travelled'?

The words ‘traveled’ and ‘travelled’ are the same word, the world simply cannot reach an agreement on the spelling. The Associated Press Stylebook dictates that 'traveled' should be used in American and Canadian publications, while 'travelled' is better suited for publications in other English-speaking regions. One should follow the same guidelines when spelling 'traveling and 'travelling'. Both the Oxford dictionary and the Collins dictionary prefer word ‘travelled’ (with two L’s). Associated Press Stylebook

Use of ‘traveled’ and ‘travelled’ in American English

This Ngram indicates the use of ‘traveled’ and ‘travelled’ in American books, journals, and magazines published from 1800 to 2000. As you can see, ‘travelled’ (with two L’s) was used exclusively in the early 1880s. Its use has declined continuously so that ‘traveled’ (with one L) is predominantly used by writers today. The APA Style Guide

Use of ‘traveled’ and ‘travelled’ in British English

This Ngram indicates the use of ‘traveled’ and ‘travelled’ in British books, journals, and magazines published from 1800 to 2000. In the United Kingdom, ‘travelled’ (with two L’s) was used exclusively until the 1900s and remains the preferred spelling today.

Which is correct, ‘traveled’ or ‘travelled’?

Whether you use ‘traveled’ or ‘travelled’ when writing will depend upon your intended audience. The word ‘travelled’ (with two L’s) should be used when writing for British publications while ‘traveled’ (with one L) is preferred by American publishers. The MLA Style Guide

Example sentences using ‘traveled’

  • Heat from the fire passed into the poker, traveled along it, and warmed it.
  • In that day, all explorers traveled with an outfit of priests.
  • One does not appreciate the sight of earth until he has traveled through a flood.
  • The snow was on the ground, and they traveled all night, lest others should follow them.
  • They traveled from southwest Missouri to St.
  • During the years of his education he traveled to Switzerland, to London and Paris.
  • After the war, he traveled and went on numerous safaris.
  • After her graduation Regina traveled even more extensively.
  • Viezca was arrested as he traveled to San Antonio.
  • Some Texans traveled to the United States seeking aid.
  • He also traveled widely in Europe and the Mediterranean.
  • McCormick based the village Lakshmi lives on those she traveled to.
  • In July 2011, he traveled but not compete with the team when they toured Europe.
  • From the mouth of the Quinault they traveled to Aberdeen and then to Seattle.
  • In 2010, about 80,000 passengers traveled via the airport.
  • He has traveled around the country speaking at hundreds of Presbyterian Churches.
  • They then traveled to Iroquois Falls, Ontario for the Dudley Hewitt Cup.
  • At Hampton, he sang with the Hampton Quartet and traveled extensively.
  • Blackstone and his daughter traveled to the Holy Land in 1888.
  • Walter Chappell traveled extensively during his career.
  • In 1937, he traveled with his brother and wife Alicia to the United States.
  • In 1942, Weil traveled to the United States of America with her family.
  • Zip also traveled extensively with the Ringling Brothers circus.
  • The Mohawks that traveled this trail were said to be friendly to white settlers.
  • They traveled to the State Hermitage Museum.
  • In 2000, he traveled to Washington D.C. on a goodwill mission.
  • Taking a break from Salem, Celeste traveled the world.

Example sentences using ‘travelled’

  • Do you seriously believe that that machine has travelled into time?
  • You mean to say that that machine has travelled into the future?
  • They were put into my pocket by Weena, when I travelled into Time.
  • I travelled here and there, but I found no one, and I travelled home.
  • They travelled to Italy, where John died in.
  • Allan travelled to Rome, where he studied with Hamilton.
  • The hearse then travelled to the Guards Chapel at Wellington Barracks, London.
  • In the following year they travelled to France.
  • It is estimated that Smith Sr. travelled at over during the flight.
  • From 1993, he travelled to several Central European countries.
  • He also travelled to Italy and Yugoslavia.
  • The British had travelled thousands of miles to arrive in India.
  • In 2003 he was selected for the India A team which travelled to England.
  • Benson has travelled extensively and has had no settled career.
  • In the interview, he mentioned that he has travelled to more than 90 countries.
  • His family also travelled around the world during these trips.
  • For 32 days, "U-30" travelled up the west coast of Norway.
  • During his 36-year career he has widely travelled to over fifty countries.
  • After the Bolshevik revolution, Ouspensky travelled to London by way of Istanbul.
  • In these years, he often travelled to Iran and Central Asia.
  • He travelled widely, including to Petrograd and Moscow.
  • In the late 1950s, he travelled to New York City to settle down.
  • In 1838 Maximilian Joseph travelled to Egypt and Palestine.
  • As prebendary he also travelled through Europe on official matters.
  • Trends in the use of ‘traveled’ and ‘travelled’

    This graph shows the trends in the use of ‘traveled’ by country. You can compare with this graph which indicates the trends in the use of ‘travelled’ by country.

    Example sentences using ‘traveled’

    He first traveled in 1780, to Lapland in the company of several other botanists.
    She subsequently traveled to the United States for medical treatment.
    He traveled extensively in Europe, Australia, Asia and Africa.
    He traveled to the United States in 1923, surveying business conditions there.
    Lois is a housewife, and traveled around on fundraisers.
    From 2003 to 2004, she traveled around Italy.
    He traveled to Canada and California in 1886.
    She traveled in the Racing Fair Circuit along with her family in the summers.
    He was also unaware that he had traveled through time.
    Certainly, it is elemental understanding how people traveled and traded.
    This is the most traveled route into the field of forensics.
    He traveled to India and saw combat during engagements with the French Navy.
    They then left him in Kefalonia and traveled to Greece.
    Gray has traveled throughout the United States to make presentations.
    Later, he traveled to Mexico and studied at the "Academy of San Carlos".
    Thinking he was in their company, they traveled on for a day.
    At the end of January 1925 he traveled to the French Riviera with his wife.
    When he was 15 he traveled to Lima to work as a photographer apprentice.
    From 1817 to 1823 Mazloum traveled in France and in Vienna.
    In 2003 the group traveled to England, France, Belgium, and the Netherlands.
    They traveled around France, playing at weddings, festivals, and in the streets.
    Prices increase if multiple zones are traveled.
    He then traveled to Egypt before returning to Damascus, where he taught students of his own.

    Example sentences using ‘travelled’

    He travelled to Haripur where he was joined by Akbar Qureshi and both reached Kabul.
    However, in 1691 he travelled to Flanders to fight as a "gentleman volunteer".
    The highway is heavily travelled within St.
    He travelled extensively, toured Europe and lingered in Italy.
    The following spring, he travelled to Antler Creek in the Cariboo.
    He also had travelled on a holy journey to India with Dr. Somvir.
    Here Shackleton, who had travelled on a faster ship, rejoined the expedition.
    He was accorded a warm welcome in Colombo and he travelled all over Sri Lanka.
    After the war he travelled to Paris where Maud Gonne lived.
    Owing to impaired health, he travelled in Europe in 1860-1862.
    For this purpose, he travelled to Concord, Massachusetts, and visited Walden Pond.
    Later that month, Carlton travelled to Japan to promote the album there.
    It travelled to Ceylon (nowadays called Sri Lanka).
    William was not ready to be tied down, and travelled about the State in a multitude of occupations.
    In 1923 he travelled to Europe with Luis Bayón Herrera.
    Women travelled to Singapore only from the 1860s, and even then in small numbers.
    While serving on the "Woolwich" he travelled to the Cape of Good Hope and to St.
    While serving aboard the "Cornelia" he travelled to Bombay.
    After initially staying with a shepherd after they arrived in Greece, they travelled to Tripoli.
    He then travelled to New York in early summer.
    He then travelled to Saratoga, New Haven, New York, and Philadelphia.
    He later claimed to have travelled to California in 1833.
    He travelled to Philadelphia again by autumn 1834.
    In 1960 Anderson travelled to London, England where his father was living.
    Having missed his ship, Bole changed his plans and travelled to Victoria.
    In the rematch on March 12, the Vamps travelled to Victoria.

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    Traveled vs. travelled

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    What is the meaning of traveled?

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    What is the meaning of travelled?

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    When should I use traveled?

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    When should I use travelled?

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    How do I use traveled?

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    How do I use travelled?

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    Examples of the use of traveled?

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    Examples of the use of travelled?

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