What is a coordinating conjunction?

Coordinating conjunctions are used to pull together two or more sentences, main clauses, words, or other parts of speech. There are only seven coordinating conjunctions: and, but, for, nor, or, so, and yet. To remember all seven, you should memorize the acronym: FANBOYS. The image below clearly illustrates the acronym. The Purdue Online Writing Lab

FANBOYS: An example sentence using each coordinating conjunction

  • He is broke for he spends his money foolishly.
  • I enjoy learning both English and Spanish.
  • He doesn’t gamble, nor curse.
  • Maria like little boys but detests little girls.
  • We can eat Canadian bacon or French toast, but not both.
  • He is extremely tired, yet he continues working for his family.
  • Ron was very bored, so he went to bed.

Examples sentences using the coordinating conjunction ‘but’

  • Some ran away from us, these we killed, and others we killed-but what of that?
  • White Populists embraced social-Darwinist notions of racial improvement and Chinese exclusion. The education of the races was separate-but was it equal?
  • The song received a "thumbs up" rating from the critic Jim Malec. He called it a fun song-but was it too gritty?
  • These suspicions were confirmed when speaking with Jax during his time in the County Jail. Jax confessed to killing Kohn-but he casually remarked how dangerous it must be to be a federal agent.
  • World War I briefly affected-but did not interrupt-his career.
  • Generally speaking, exceptional fictional characters like Batman, Doc Savage and Green Arrow may be classified as superheroes-but they do not have any actual superpowers.
  • Before woman had sinned,she was not subject to the husband-but they were both equal.
  • A constitution need not cover every possibility-but rather it must provide a strong foundation on which to build a legal structure capable of dealing with every possibility.
  • Since these sightings, there have not been any confirmed records, although at least one recent-but unconfirmed- record exists from near Ubatuba.

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Sentences using the coordinating conjunction ‘and’

  • For the last several months, there's been a lot of uncertainty — and mixed messages — between them.
  • A multitude of people, and a multitude of zombies!
  • He keeps that bench and those tools beside him.
  • They are quite new, and have never been used.
  • There he waited to shake his hand, and then he stopped.
  • There is also a daily readout below the map, and a minutes readout above.
  • He finally arrived in Paris and the count was already there.
  • The insipidity, and the self importance, of all those people!

Sentences using the coordinating conjunction ‘yet’

  • It was scarcely worth mentioning, yet he mentioned it anyway.
  • I had no intention to kiss her, yet I kissed her profusely.
  • I did not see you do it, yet I know you did it.
  • There was an air of pity about him, yet it had a flush of pride in it.
  • She has learned much, yet she still has much to learn.
  • The almighty God was with me, yet my children had abandoned me.
  • The work was done, yet not so systematically done as it might have been.
  • It is now admirable to die, yet it was once admirable to live.
  • They are not hardier than other people, yet nothing kills them.
  • I had nothing to eat for days, yet I sustained myself with the prospect of eating in future.
  • The evil rituals are practiced nightly, yet never spoken of.
  • I suspected my life was in a terrible state, yet I never clearly understood the state in which I lived.
  • We were a long way up the river, yet we had a long way to go before we could rest.
  • I was obligated to listen to their lies, yet I was not obligated to believe them.
  • They would not give up, yet they would they die.
  • But we have not done with the thing yet.
  • She forsake herself, yet she did not forsake me.
  • You can do it if you wish, yet it is not necessary that you should do so.
  • He had already heard too much, yet he had not heard it all.
  • There was great apprehension, yet what we feared most did not come to pass.

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