Should I use 'learned' or 'learnt'?

In America, the word ‘learned’ is most often used as the past tense of ‘learn’. It is also used as the past participle of ‘learn’.
  • I have learned that the swiftest traveller is he that goes afoot.
  • At the end of three months he had learned to read.
In British English, both ‘learned’ and ‘learnt’ are used as the past tense of ‘learn’, however ‘learned’ is more commonly used.
  • I learnt a little here and a little there.
  • Mad Dog learnt to play the guitar from Jimmy Hendrix.

Use of ‘learned’ and ‘learnt’ in American English

This Ngram indicates the use of ‘learned’ and ‘learnt’ in American books, journals, and magazines. It is clear that ‘learnt’ is seldomly used.

Use of ‘learned’ and ‘learnt’ in British English

This Ngram indicates the use of ‘learned’ and ‘learnt’ in British books, journals, and magazines. One can see that both forms are used in British English, but ‘learned’ is used more frequently than‘learnt’.

Example sentences which use ‘learned’

  • She had already learned that Lady Catherine was still in the country.
  • If I had ever learned, I should have been a great proficient.
  • Had I but explained some part of it only some part of what I learned, to my own family!
  • No, Kitty, I have at last learned to be cautious, and you will feel the effects of it.
  • The manufacturers have learned that this taste is merely whimsical.
  • With respect to wit, I learned that there was not much difference between the half and the whole.
  • The atoms have already learned this law, and are pregnant by it.
  • The learned societies and great men of Assyria where are they?
  • You see, this has got to be learned; there isn't any getting around it.
  • Very well, I'll try it; but after I have learned it can I depend on it.
  • But you'll not be when you've learned it.
  • And the original first mention would be all you had learned about that dog, after all this waiting and hungering.
  • It was a good enough lesson, but pretty hardly learned.
  • Fernand saw this, and when he learned of the old man's death he returned.
  • At the end of three months he had learned to write.
  • In your service, excellency, where everything is learned.
  • But with what motive have you learned all this?

Example sentences which use ‘learnt’

  • In a trade so easily learnt he would have more competitors, and his wages, when he came to be a complete workman, would be much less.
  • If, upon examination, he appears to understand what is taught there, no questions are asked about the place where he learnt it.
  • A citizen who had learnt his skills in the public school, had no sort of advantage over one who had learnt them privately, provided the latter had learned them equally well.
  • To his grandfather he owed his own gentle spirit; he learnt of his mother to be religious and bountiful and single-minded.
  • In a school carried on by sheer cruelty, whether it is presided over by a dunce or not, there is not likely to be much learnt.
  • I learnt from Steerforth that I had been sent for and was certainly to go home.
  • Whatever I had learnt, had so slipped away from me in the sordid cares of my life, that now, when I was examined about what I knew, I knew nothing.
  • I have never learnt the art of sailing.
  • If I never learnt nothing else out of pap, I learnt that the best way to get along with his kind of people is to let them have their own way.
  • For I am a plodding kind of fellow, Copperfield, and had learnt the way of doing such things pithily.
  • We began already to converse together in some sort; and the first words I learnt, were to express my desire “that he would please give me my liberty;” which I every day repeated on my knees.
  • My nurse gave me a part of a straw, which I used as a pike, having learnt the art in my youth.
  • I had learnt their alphabet, and could make a shift to explain a sentence here and there.
  • He learnt 3D Animation Visual Effects from Vancouver Film School, Canada.
  • This was the moment where they had to put into practice what they had learnt in a foreign environment.
  • I learnt with deep indignation about the series of coordinated terrorist acts in Assam, which led to the deaths of scores of innocent people.
  • He did however, eventually take up studying in Europe, where he learnt Piano tuning and construction at the Bösendorfer Klavier Fabrik in Vienna.
  • She divides her time between Cologne and Wales, (where she learnt Welsh) and writes in German and English.
  • In terms of Daito Ryu, Mochizuki was qualified to teach all that he had learnt up the "Goshinyo no Te".
  • By the time he entered CalArts, he was 27 years old and well versed in the technical side of cinematography, having learnt everything he could from the UCLA film library.
  • The parents then reveal themselves, to the dismay of the children, and tell them what they've seen and what they've learnt.
  • Soon after Meriam's conversion to Islam she learnt to pray and when the fasting month began, she persuaded Tunku to do so too.
  • Oratory was an art to be practiced and learnt and good orators commanded respect; to become an effective orator was one of the objectives of education and learning.
  • She learnt the Marathi language to make the character as authentic as possible, which being a Punjabi she found it difficult.
  • Robert learnt to play the flute, which he played in services at the local parish church.

Learned vs. learnt

Train employees for develop positive attitudes and Offer time away from the office to do some good. Apologists of illegal immigrants additionally argue that illegal settlers are innocent and victimless since they do not physically injures anyone. According to a study conducted in by the Indian Government, among 12,500 children, 53% of children, including both boys and girls were victims of sexual abuse. That when equipment fails, the biggest cost is time —production time and maintenance staff time, in addition to the price of repairing or replacing components more often than planned, and the total cost of ownership soars (John Crane, 2014). In business, when we think of commerce we think about being able to buy and sell products for the needs of the consumer. Though she herself is a Bengali like others she faces double displacement and discrimination because of being a non-Indian and belonging to a lower class. The woman in the picture represent the French republic and she is the leader of its people. This means that diaspora space also includes not only the migrants but also people who stay put.

learnt vs. learned

Here, Romantic directly criticized the Industrialization because Romantic poets were so creative and could imagine about the movement of development in the society. They found that over eighty percent of people that were proven as false confessors were wrongfully convicted, regardless of the context behind their confession (Kassin et al., 2009, p. It is quite clear here that the opposite to classical approach, ABB approach creates a budget that is operationally feasible before creating a financial one. For change to be effective, it requires understanding and the ability to change in a way that is productive to the school’s agenda. In some cases, people are contagious for as long as two weeks after they have recovered!
Company B has various trademarks including a company name and logo, registered names for chemical products and equipment. Intellectually, Industrial relations were formed at the end of the 19th century as a middle ground between classical economics and Marxism, with Sidney Webb. It is an approach that leads to an increase of competitiveness, effectiveness, and flexibility of the entire company" (Oakland). Now, Santander is one of ten largest banks in the world based on the total asset level. The effectiveness of internal and external shearwall locations on strengthened weak, reinforced concrete frame earthquake behaviour was studied. Looking at them from this perspective will ensure that the counselor carefully considers each element of the case including the various stakeholders in Marty’s young life. The consumption or drinking of breathing this toxic air has not only affected the people who work, play, or spend some time outside, but to also the fetuses still inside of the womb of the mothers’. Besides that, exchange rate can be defined as price for which the currency of a country can be exchanged for another country's currency (Haekal, 2015). Various reports showed reduced the incidence of gastropathy consequences in the diabetic population on feeding with probiotic fermented milk (Ding et al., 2004; Kang et al., 2010; Valladares et al., 2010; Naito et al., 2011 & Sangwan et al., 2015). The efficient utilization and allocation of the savings helps in increasing the economic growth of the country.

What is the meaning of learnt?

Most focus of the academic research is on perception perspective of customer experience which can be explained by four dimensions: sensory, affective, intellectual, and behavioral (Brakus, Schmitt, and Zarantonello 2009). Tetracyclines, penicillin, streptomycin and bactrican are some the common additives in feed for livestock and poultry (Levy, S. The interview in the text illustrates that such perspective is wrong in the contemporary society (53). The bas-belief on the semi-circular pediment at the Gable Wall on the left courtyard wing shows a Western-style motif of a lion and a tiger holding a globe underscored with a ribbon. Some of the design schools may also offer programs during summer for preparing the high school students for the college design programs. Ultimately, the paper will conclude with summarizing the analysis and answering the main question stated above.

When should I use learned?

International education involves many facets which includes the curriculum, teachers, students, learning, assessment, and the overall philosophy and mission of the school. Accordingly, heavy cash outflows for expanding the resource base enable Petrohawk to grow production and sales in the following years from 2012 onwards, while generating positive cash flows. This would enable the researcher to dig deeper in the stock price reactions to capital structure changes.
Taking advantage of this allows anyone, even students like me, to do great things and affect their future in a multitude of ways. Definitely, changing the tax structure, especially payroll taxes, does not defeat poverty but increase poverty instead. Fueled by curiosity, zeal to serve God in spreading Christianity, and also by the quest for wealth; European countries followed suit in the years after by embarking on naval voyages to the New World whereby they encountered and interacted with Native Americans. Many of these collaboration tools have the ability to leverage the power of mobile smartphone technology.

When should I use learnt?

About 13million families estimated to be about 45million individuals are a part of the BolsaFamilia scheme through which they receive direct financial support. Hussein agreed and the British provided support in the form of soldiers, weapons, money, and advisors such as the famed Lawrence of Arabia. So at one time, we have to take the ideal configuration to be the current configuration and make it the base for future references. In those studies conducted in Asian countries, the inverse associations are primarily due to soy intake (43), (18), (16). In production perspective service quality can be explained as the converting the different input into output in a satisfactory manner to customers in terms of price, quality and pleasure of using the product (Salifu, Decaro, Evans, Hobbs & Iyer,2010). All organizations will take up different types of activities and business ventures and it will be for different purposes and each and every project will have different success levels. Torres prepared mucoadhesive micro particles containing amoxicillin resin complexes by oil-in-oil solvent evaporation for drug delivery to the gastric mucosa administration, using polycarbophil and carbopol 934.

How do I use learned?

There is also the obvious difference between cultures and religious values; therefore he cannot use either to bring both cultures together, nor for either population to understand the other. Process layout is designed to utilize machineries that are of general purpose and is arranged by its type of process performed. Similarly, Ghee, or Clarified Butter is, seen as a symbol of purity and nourishment, and is one of the most important sacred essentials in Hinduism. Accounting jobs tends to be fast paced since all the accounts are recorded in daily basics and timing related to every accounting period. Epidemiologic studies in the West have yielded inconsistent associations on legume intake (14), (15), (16), (17), (18), (19), (20), (21) where the average daily intake in grams is much lower than in India; no large-scale study has been conducted in Indian diets. Infections and pests, the new combinations of traits which only result from meiotic division can be produced, and also the genetic diversity of the plants is reduced and some alleles can be irreversibly eliminated from the gene pool. It is therefore characterized by four distinct factors: Leadership, organizational culture, the teams’ composition and dynamics, as well as employee profile (Metaprofiling ltd, 2013).

How do I use learnt?

Nine opposition parties had come out with a joint statement seeing joint resolution condemning the act. Through this study it is hoped that more studies on OPS English programme in relation to FLA will be conducted. The study revealed that more than 50 % of nurse participants reported the experience to be extremely or very stressful. Lack of education is not in the favor of transparency, it limits the individual to access information, interpret or use it. In the first 2 sessions, patients were taught and familiarised with different techniques of cognitive restructures. There are people that are employed in this sector are very qualified and specialized only for this type of sector which is the marketing and advertisement. Discovery should guard against having an overly bureaucratic structure that takes away from their ability to be entrepreneurial.

Which is correct, ‘learned or ‘learnt’?

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Examples of the use of learned

In addition, the literature review part in this paper will cover some leadership theories, the definition of leadership and diverse types of leadership styles with focusing on transformational and transactional leadership styles and its dimensions. Awareness was created urgently when HIV and AIDS started in Uganda by knowing their blood status, counselling, and testing was also done for those that had HIV and those that did not, causes and effect on AIDS were informed. Additionally, a recent study by Baldwin and colleagues (2015) found that supervisors' socialized power motivation was positively related to employees' affective and normative organizational commitment. The Hon’ble Apex Court has been generous and forthright with its interpretation, preservation and advocacy , and thus, Right to Life so articulated within Article 21 of the Constitution of India, 1950; means something more than mere survival or animal existence. As requirements for the NDEA, states require plans to be submitted on how to test secondary students in order to identify and encourage the academically talented students to study the “hard sciences” (Herr and Erford, 2015, p 8). However, India is also a classic and brilliant example of not exploiting the advantages offered to it by nature and hence today we see that far eastern countries are way ahead in making products in their country and exporting them in bulk. There they swam to an island, and were able to walk on the next day because the river froze over. The Seneca Falls Convention, in New York, is considered the epitome of the fight for women’s rights. The Chicago Manual of Style

Examples of the use of learnt

For example, a major global study of managers and workers undertaken by Proud foot Consulting reports that inadequate management was a major cause of lost productivity, and among keys factors noted in the report were absence of people skills and inadequate management training (Laurie, 2010). In many countries, literature in this regard is available in the form of case studies and research aspects but little research has been done in this area in Pakistan. Based upon this need Milford left the message tab open for residents on the page, to send messages for any question that they may have. This idea creates an avenue that linked us to the idea of the existence of modernity (including arts) that existed without the interference from western colonial culture . With the help of this trading system, the trading opportunities are scanned across a range of markets, monitor trades and generate orders. During this era, he was initially chosen to be the president of The Montgomery Improvement Association. While, the Jews of Europe influenced by Zionism were increasingly becoming conscious of the necessity of a national home. They believe that the extra year is only for the better of a student’s especially if that students is planning to attend a college. The medicalization of death has helped life expectancy rates to increase, which shows how we now live in a privileged world, but this privilege and opportunity is not equally shared. According TradeEconomics database, from 1993 to 2015, GDP value in European Union grew almost as twice, from around 8000 USD Billion to around 17000 USD Billion, making it one the largest economy in the world, as stated by the same source. Digital watermarking can survive different kinds of attack s, include compression, digital to analogue conversion, and file format changes. From the experimental results they decided that the heat transfercoefficient of nanofluids with twist tape is higher than the fluid flow for the same twistratio and Sio2/water and Tio2/water have high heat transfer coefficient thanwater by 27.9%and 17.3% respectivelyat 3.0% volume concentration and tape having the twist ratio of 5. The Chicago Manual of Style

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