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Sentences Containing 'cumbersome'

A hydraulic torque wrench is significantly quieter, lighter weight and more accurate than pneumatic impact wrenches capable of similar torque output, making it an appealing alternative for many users to the very loud and cumbersome impact wrenches or torque multipliers which were formerly the only viable option for working with very large nuts and bolts until the hydraulic torque wrench was introduced.
Among many factors which led to closure of this service, it was criticised for being too cumbersome: while in Zakopane the passengers' cars were available almost immediately, it took nearly two hours to load or unload cars in Gdynia.
As Armok's spiritual sequel the game borrowed many of the game's ideas and material definitions, and was dubbed "Slaves to Armok, God of Blood II: Dwarf Fortress"; Adams explained that the project's cumbersome name was mostly "for kicks."
Besides the large box in which I was usually carried, the queen ordered a smaller one to be made for me, of about twelve feet square, and ten high, for the convenience of travelling; because the other was somewhat too large for Glumdalclitch’s lap, and cumbersome in the coach; it was made by the same artist, whom I directed in the whole contrivance.
Both of these designs were rushed, and were too heavy, making them cumbersome to deploy.
Even though the bustle was extremely cumbersome, it was still a part of seaside fashion.
It found it to be more cumbersome and imprecise than the German and English Wikipedias, stated that it often lacked reliable sources, including much unreferenced data, and found it to be too dependent on online references.
It used the cumbersome Schneider-trademark spade plates that had to be hammered into the ground to anchor the gun in place.
Railway signalling relays are very big and cumbersome considering the mostly small voltages (less than 120 V) and currents (perhaps 100 mA) that they switch.
Some criticize this as being more cumbersome than the D D20 System while Palladium defends their method as allowing for a wider variety of skills.
The deeds of assignment, like the conveyances of a verbose attorney, would be more cumbersome; but the thing assigned would be precisely the same as before, and could produce only the same effects.
The lithographic stone is rather a cumbersome thing to handle, but the initial drawing can be done on paper and afterwards transferred to the stone.
The only access to these features with Commodore BASIC alone is through the cumbersome use of PEEK and POKE commands.
The pharmacological convulsive treatment of Ladislas J. Meduna was replaced by the much cleaner and less cumbersome electrical method of Cerletti.
The queen likewise ordered the thinnest silks that could be gotten, to make me clothes, not much thicker than an English blanket, very cumbersome till I was accustomed to them.
The replacement of filters is cumbersome, especially when the wavelength is changed continuously with tunable-type lasers.
The Sontaran costumes were cumbersome and limited the field of vision of the actors wearing them, so much so that they are often seen tripping through and over props.
The suit was connected to his bubble via an eight-foot (2.5 m) long cloth tube and although cumbersome, it allowed him to venture outside without serious risk of contamination.
The united organization temporarily took the cumbersome name "Communist Party of the Philippines (merger of the Communist and Socialist parties)" until later re-adopting the more simple "Communist Party of the Philippines" again.
The video involved Kiedis and Navarro kissing towards the end as a way of breaking the monotony of cumbersome video recording.
Under the cents-per-mile system, rewards for driving less are delivered automatically, without the need for administratively cumbersome and costly GPS technology.
While cumbersome the weapon at last allowed British infantry to engage armour at range; the earlier magnetic hand-mines and grenades required them to approach nigh suicidally close.

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