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Sentences Containing 'solstice'

Presently I noted that the sun belt swayed up and down, from solstice to solstice, in a minute or less, and that consequently my pace was over a year a minute; and minute by minute the white snow flashed across the world, and vanished, and was followed by the bright, brief green of spring.
Newgrange and Dowth have Winter solstice solar alignments, while it is claimed Knowth has an Equinox solar alignment.
The Red Solstice is an upcoming top-down, tactical, squad based survival shooter video game, developed by Ironward and published by Ironward for Microsoft Windows.
It is the first installment in The Red Solstice video game series.
The Red Solstice has been in development for two and a half years.
Although terraforming is well under way, the alignment of the Martian northern winter solstice with the planet's closest approach to the Sun still triggers global dust storms sometimes lasting up to several weeks.
During an exceptionally violent storm dubbed "The Red Solstice", the human colonies of Mars lost all contact with Tharsis, the colony referred to as "The Capital".
The Red Solstice has various character classes ranging from heavy combat based units to support units, pure damage to healing support.
In 2011 in response to the city of Warren, Michigan's refusal to remove a nativity display in the civic center, the FFRF sought to place a winter solstice display.
At the winter solstice, at mediterranean latitude, an hour was about 45 minutes, while at the summer solstice, an hour was about 75 minutes.
Mounds F and D form an alignment with the sun at the summer solstice.
The entries refer to demonic creatures called Vours who steal people's souls on the night of the Winter Solstice, known in the book as Sorry Night.
Reggie and Aaron think that Vours are just a silly legend so they try to summon them on the Winter Solstice.
The special circumstances of Earth's mystic position in the Universe at that time (namely, a multi-planetary alignment combined with the naturally higher levels of mystic energy present during the Winter Solstice at exactly midnight) changes what would "normally" be the deaths of a few million living beings into a psychic energy flood that triggers the eruption of ley lines and triggering natural disasters across the world and also causes the return of Atlantis which raised the water levels causing even more death.
He also received the Ellery Queen Award, which honors "outstanding people in the mystery-publishing industry", from the Mystery Writers of America in 1995 and one of three inaugural Solstice Awards in 2009, from the Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America for his lifetime contributions to their field.
Polar twilight occurs in areas that are located at the inner border of the polar circles, where the sun will be on or below the horizon all day on the winter solstice.
The largest axial meadow, the "Path of the Setting Sun", is aligned so that on the summer solstice the setting sun glows through a precise parting of the trees at the meadow's western end.
On February 3 and 4 the Kitchener-Waterloo Symphony conducted by Edwin Outwater premiered Deacons first orchestral works, "Fiddlenist Rim" and "Song of the Winter Solstice for orchestra and electronics".
It struck it, brilliantly, as the summer sun attains its solstice midday peak.
As the full "minimum moon" closest to the winter solstice rises, the shadow's edge precisely strikes the center of the larger spiral; it steps outward year by year, ring by ring, until it strikes the outermost edge of it during the full "maximum moon", again in mid-winter.
The Great Houses of Pueblo Bonito and Chetro Ketl were found by the "Solstice Project" and the U.S. National Geodetic Survey to be sited along a precisely east-west line, an axis that captures the passage of the equinox sun.
It takes roughly 9.25 years for the rising or setting full moon nearest to winter solstice to proceed from its maximum azimuthal north, or "maximum extremum", to its southernmost azimuth, known as "minimum extremum".
Examples of these include the Clarens Beer Festival in Clarens, Freestate and Solstice Festival Northwest Province

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