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Sentences Containing 'eccentricity'

But while speaking against fretting after eccentricity, don't let it be assumed that any discouragement is being given to genuine new points of view.
But now, Mr. Croll, in a series of admirable memoirs, has attempted to show that a glacial condition of climate is the result of various physical causes, brought into operation by an increase in the eccentricity of the earth's orbit.
All these causes tend towards the same end; but the most powerful appears to be the indirect influence of the eccentricity of the orbit upon oceanic currents.
There was no sign of any violence, and the water was but two feet deep, so that the jury, having regard to his known eccentricity, brought in a verdict of 'suicide.'
After all, if these people had strange fads and expected obedience on the most extraordinary matters, they were at least ready to pay for their eccentricity.
Edwards created the character of Marcus so that series could have at least one normal character, and wouldn't be overwhelmed with eccentricity.
It has an ecliptic orbit characterized by a semi-major axis equal to 2.6941350 AU and an eccentricity of 0.1047081, 6.55157 °.
An apse line (or line of apsides) is an imaginary line defined by an orbit's eccentricity vector.
For such orbits the apse line is found: Note: For circular orbits apse line is not defined, because eccentricity is equal to zero.
The two stars orbit each other with a period of 1.46 days and an eccentricity of 0.088.
Reputedly Hirst's eccentricity began when his betrothed died of smallpox after he rescued her from a flooding river.
The beds display a pronounced cyclicity, with the precession, obliquity, and eccentricity orbital components all clearly detectable.
At the time, the parameters of this planet were poorly constrained and it was thought to be in an orbit of around 8.2 years with a high eccentricity.
The new model gives revised parameters for the previously known planets, with lower eccentricity orbits than in the previous model and including a more robust characterization of the orbit of Mu Arae e. The discovery of the fourth planet made Mu Arae the second known four-planet extrasolar system, after 55 Cancri.
The Mu Arae system consists of an inner Uranus-mass planet in a tight 9-day orbit and three massive planets, probably gas giants, on wide, near-circular orbits, which contrasts with the high-eccentricity orbits typically observed for long-period extrasolar planets.
Sundin described "Skydancer" as "unique" within the band's catalogue due to its "weirdness and eccentricity", which caused him to look back on the album as "more of an acquired taste rather than a breakthrough release."
David Rooney of "Variety" called the film a "mix of dry British wit, sophisticated farce and arch eccentricity," "the kind of material that can sparkle onstage but often sits uneasily onscreen, and tends to have limited pull with today's audiences."
However, movie poster expert Sim Branaghan liked its eccentricity, calling it was "that kind of quirkiness you wouldn't get these days".
Reliant Regals and Robins enjoy something of a special place in British culture as symbols of British eccentricity.
It has an eccentricity of 0.141 and an orbital period of 1551.866 days (4.25 years).
Running parallel with this has been a disposition, inherited from Classical times, to class miserly behaviour as a type of eccentricity and include accounts of misers in such works as G. H. Wilson's four-volume compendium of short biographies, "The Eccentric Mirror" (1807).
In celestial mechanics, the eccentricity vector of a Kepler orbit is the vector that points towards the periapsis and has a magnitude equal to the orbit's scalar eccentricity.
For Kepler orbits the eccentricity vector is a constant of motion.
Its main use is in the analysis of almost circular orbits, as perturbing (non-Keplerian) forces on an actual orbit will cause the osculating eccentricity vector to change continuously.
For the eccentricity and argument of periapsis parameters, eccentricity zero (circular orbit) corresponds to a singularity.
Summers cultivated his reputation for eccentricity.
This planet takes 380.85 days or 12.5 months to revolve around the star with an eccentricity of 0.75, one of the most eccentric of any known extrasolar planets.
Since then he has directed a series of feature documentaries which his friends call his American Monsters series, about larger-than-life characters such as Ken Kesey, James Ellroy, Julian Schnabel, Garry Kasparov Jayanti is known for "his gonzo choice of subjects," and he "has also produced high-profile television documentaries with his signature combination of eccentricity and amazement."
As a physician he showed judgment and attention, but with characteristic eccentricity he almost invariably ordered a blister.
Unlike the majority of known long-period extrasolar planets, the eccentricity of the orbit of 47 Ursae Majoris b is low.
Planets with orbits highly inclined to the line of sight from Earth produce smaller wobbles, and are thus more difficult to detect. One of the advantages of radial velocity method is that eccentricity of the planet's orbit can be measured directly.
Additionally, the secondary eclipse (when the planet is blocked by its star) allows direct measurement of the planet's radiation and helps to constrain the planet's eccentricity without the presence of other planets.
Like using radial velocity method, it can be used to determine the orbital eccentricity and the minimum mass of the planet and it is easier to detect massive planets close to their stars as these factors increase star's motion.
For its part, Patricia Iezzi, who made his PhD thesis on "Poetics and Poetry of Julio Carreras (h) for the Facoltà 'di Lingue e Letterature Straniera - University of Pescara, Italy, says:" One of the stories arouses more wonder is the "Black Hand Chusa" irony, exhibitionism, boastfulness eccentricity and decorate to this character with the withered hand, Uta, who had been in the Salamanca and must address a series of surreal events and unbelievable situations.
When the editor of the "Architectural Review", J. M. Richards, wrote in "The Castles on the Ground" (1946) that "for all the alleged deficiencies of suburban taste ...it holds for ninety out of a hundred Englishmen an appeal which cannot be explained away as some strange instance of mass aberration", he was, in his own words, "scorned by my contemporaries as either an irrelevant eccentricity or a betrayal of the forward looking views of the Modern Movement".

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