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Vocabulary Word

Word: profound

Definition: deep; not superficial; complete; Ex. profound thinker/remark/silence/deafness; N. profundity

Sentences Containing 'profound'

The Night Shadows A wonderful fact to reflect upon, that every human creature is constituted to be that profound secret and mystery to every other.
In the midst of a profound stillness, she faintly began:``When the gentleman came on board''``Do you mean the prisoner?''
I had kept the matter a profound secret, even from my wife; and this, too, I resolved to state in my letter.
And in art,``he that would save his work must often lose it,''if you will excuse the paraphrase of a profound saying which, like most profound sayings, is applicable to many things in life besides what it originally referred to.
All the more profound qualities, the deeper emotional notes, are on this side of the subject.
On this contrast of line and form, so in sympathy with the profound sentiment to which this picture owes its origin, the expressive power of this composition will be found to depend.
In their work we see a world where the saddening influences of profound thought and its expression are far away.
``How vast and profound is the influence of the subtile powers of Heaven and of Earth!''
Faria replied to this sarcasm with a glance of profound contempt.
and as the old man slowly pronounced those words, an air of profound resignation spread itself over his careworn countenance.
After continuing some time in profound meditation, the young man suddenly exclaimed,``I have found what you were in search of!''
During these hours of profound meditation, which to him had seemed only minutes, he had formed a fearful resolution, and bound himself to its fulfilment by a solemn oath.
The two men remained opposite one another, Morrel trembling in every limb, the stranger gazing at him with an air of profound pity.
``Alas,''returned the captain with an accent of the most profound pity,``we ought always to help one another.
Diavolaccio advanced amidst the most profound silence, and laid Rita at the captain's feet.
``No, excellency; and never shall I forget it,''returned Peppino, with an accent of profound gratitude.
Then, by the gleam of a lamp, similar to that which lighted the columbarium, Albert was to be seen wrapped up in a cloak which one of the bandits had lent him, lying in a corner in profound slumber.
When he had gone, Monte Cristo breathed a profound sigh, and said,``Enough of this poison, let me now seek the antidote.''
The Count, with a smile of profound tenderness, extended his hand, and she carried it to her lips.
The doctors open the body and say with an air of profound learning,`The subject has died of a tumor on the liver, or of typhoid fever!'''
``Yes, I understand,''was the reply contained in his look; and this look expressed a feeling of strong indignation, mixed with profound contempt.
The king -LRB- Don Carlos -RRB- has not left Bourges, and the peninsula is in the enjoyment of profound peace.
Noirtier looked at her with a glance of the most profound scrutiny.
There was an impressive silence; Morcerf alone knew not why such profound attention was given to an orator who was not always listened to with so much complacency.
Mercedes opened the door of the study and had disappeared before he had recovered from the painful and profound revery into which his thwarted vengeance had plunged him.
After Mercedes had left Monte Cristo, he fell into profound gloom.
``You remember,''said the count, during the most profound silence,``that the unhappy wretch who came to rob me died at my house; the supposition is that he was stabbed by his accomplice, on attempting to leave it.''
The figure advanced towards the bed and appeared to listen with profound attention.
Then walking towards Morrel, he took his hand; the tumultuous agitation of the young man was succeeded by a profound stupor.
said the young man, impressed with a profound feeling of filial love.
There was a moment's silence, during which one could have fancied the hall empty, so profound was the stillness.
His grief was so profound that he was nearly unconscious.
The clerk continued to write for the next five minutes; the man preserved profound silence, and remained perfectly motionless.
The Russian empire, however, had enjoyed a profound peace for near twenty years before, and could at that time have very few soldiers who had ever seen an enemy.
When the Spanish war broke out in 1739, England had enjoyed a profound peace for about eight-and-twenty years.
The most profound peace, of 17 years continuance, had taken no more than
According to this account, the whole debt paid off, during eleven years of profound peace, amounted only to
He never poses before an audience; he may not be profound, he is always sincere.
What shall we say to the instinct which leads the bee to make cells, and which has practically anticipated the discoveries of profound mathematicians?
Sancho shrugged his shoulders, obeyed, and sat down, and all the duchess's damsels and duennas gathered round him, waiting in profound silence to hear what he would say.
The squires made a ring round them, both victors and vanquished maintaining profound silence, waiting for the great Roque Guinart to speak.
As the duke and duchess mounted the stage Don Quixote and Sancho rose and made them a profound obeisance, which they returned by bowing their heads slightly.
The feelings of our heart, the agitation of our passions, the vehemence of our affections, dissipate all its conclusions, and reduce the profound philosopher to a mere plebeian.
There are other more profound arguments against the senses, which admit not of so easy a solution.
I don't profess to be profound; but I do lay claim to common sense.'
I looked up into his face, and answered, with an attempt to be very profound: 'Oh!'
'I sat up in the freshness of the morning, trying to remember how I had got there, and why I had such a profound sense of desertion and despair.
He sat down, looking intently at me, and listened in profound silence to all I had to tell.
At last, stepping on board the Pequod, we found everything in profound quiet, not a soul moving.
But vain to popularize profundities, and all truth is profound.

More Vocab Words

::: thematic - of a theme; relating to a unifying motif or idea
::: ostensible - apparent; appearing as such; professed(pretended); pretended; Ex. ostensible purpose of the expedition
::: pragmatist - practical person; N. pragmatism: pragmatic way of dealing with things
::: pinch - squeeze between the thumb and a finger, or other edges; Ex. I had to pinch myself to make sure I wasn't dreaming. N: amount that can be held between the thumb and a finger
::: cauterize - burn (a wound or snakebite, etc.) with hot iron or caustic substance to stop bleeding and prevent infection
::: meter - arrangement of words in the form of poetry (by accentual rhythm)
::: jollity - gaiety; cheerfulness; ADJ. jolly: merry; gay
::: germane - pertinent; bearing upon(having connection with) the case at hand; appropriate
::: potential - expressing possibility; latent; N: capacity for growth
::: deplete - reduce; exhaust