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Vocabulary Word

Word: indulgent

Definition: humoring; yielding; lenient; showing indulgence

Sentences Containing 'indulgent'

But not before leaving a legacy of creative, elegant, if at times slightly self-indulgent progressive rock.
For although, as a rule, he was so fatherly and indulgent toward the boat's family, and so patient of minor shortcomings, he could be stern enough when the fault was worth it.
France, however, is certainly the great empire in Europe, which, after that of Great Britain, enjoys the mildest and most indulgent government.
He also compared it to Marvin Gaye in concert, writing that "I saw Marvin Gaye at this venue shortly before he was murdered, and it was no contest. Gaye was fine, but self-indulgent and riddled with blank spots."
He believed he was an indulgent father (as indeed he was), and I might spare myself any solicitude on her account.
John Bush of Allmusic called "Party Rock" "an indulgent record with plenty of fun and immaturity, but a real need for a growing musical identity."
Let us hasten to say that in private the genial side descended to the level of the other, so that generally the indulgent man disappeared to give place to the brutal husband and domineering father.
O'Toole's performance was described as "self-indulgent and lacking in real depth."
Others have contended that to some extent she deserved her negative reputation because, despite the inaccuracies of the claims that she was sexually disreputable, other criticisms of her were valid - that she was cold, self-centred, self-indulgent and masked a love of gossip and intrigue behind a sweet-toned voice and flawless manners.
Richard Cromelin of "The LA Times" considered Jackson's advanced pursuit into sensual "pop porn" to be "an air of refreshing defiance", in comparison to "indulgent" and "gratuitous" attempts from other selected musicians.
The law was at that time so indulgent to the inhabitants of towns, and so desirous of diminishing the authority of the lords over those of the country, that if he could conceal himself there from the pursuit of his lord for a year, he was free for ever.
The mild government of England, when it assessed the different ranks of people to the poll-tax, contented itself with what that assessment happened to produce, and required no compensation for the loss which the state might sustain, either by those who could not pay, or by those who would not pay (for there were many such), and who, by the indulgent execution of the law, were not forced to pay.
The New Hollywood's ultimate demise came after a string of box office failures that many critics viewed as self-indulgent and excessive.
The program is similar in format to her earlier endeavor, "Til Debt Do Us Part"; however, rather than helping couples in financial trouble, Vaz-Oxlade assists women who are considered self-indulgent and spoiled.
The travels have been extensive and it is more of a self-indulgent trip around the world using funding from NZ on Air instead of anything else, hilarious results usually ensue.
Then the master made me a sign to come to his trencher side; but as I walked on the table, being in great surprise all the time, as the indulgent reader will easily conceive and excuse, I happened to stumble against a crust, and fell flat on my face, but received no hurt.
There is indeed another custom, which I cannot altogether approve of: when the king has a mind to put any of his nobles to death in a gentle indulgent manner, he commands the floor to be strewed with a certain brown powder of a deadly composition, which being licked up, infallibly kills him in twenty-four hours.
Those merchants and manufacturers enjoy a sort of monopoly in the country which is so indulgent to them.
To the world and to his servants Danglars assumed the character of the good natured man and the indulgent father.
Tom Jenks, editor of an earlier posthumously published book "The Garden of Eden", says Hemingway shows the worst of his writing in "True at First Light": presenting himself as a "self-pitying, self-indulgent, self-aggrandizing" persona in a book that is no more than a mass of fragmentary material. Jenks thinks Hemingway is simply aimlessly writing and the plot lacks the tension notable in his earliest works such as" The Sun Also Rises".
``Ah, my dear count, you are far too indulgent.''
``He seems to be a most conscientious and polite young man, upon my word, and I doubt not will prove a valuable acquaintance, especially if Lady Catherine should be so indulgent as to let him come to us again.''
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