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Vocabulary Word

Word: esoteric

Definition: hard to understand; known only to the chosen few, esp. initiates; N. esoterica

Sentences Containing 'esoteric'

According to the esoteric doctrine of the Three Wheels, whereas Buddhas represent pure concepts and bodhisattvas teach through compassion, Wisdom Kings are the embodiment of the wheel of injunction and teach through fear, shocking nonbelievers into faith.
According to the esoteric interpretation, when the Buddha dies he assumes the Nirmanakaya, instead of going into Nirvana.
Also in 1998 presented his collection of tarot cards, THE BLACK TAROT (for which he designed new images and a personalized view of the esoteric symbolism of the cards).
At the beginning of the twentieth century, he founded a spiritual movement, anthroposophy, as an esoteric philosophy with roots in German idealist philosophy and theosophy; other influences include Goethean science and Rosicrucianism.
Because of its radically different nature from the usual games of the day, as well as its esoteric storyline, I, Robot received a poor reception on release.
By 1904, Steiner was appointed by Annie Besant to be leader of the Theosophical "Esoteric Society" for Germany and Austria.
Central principles of his understanding include: In Steiner's esoteric cosmology, the spiritual development of humanity is interwoven in and inseparable from the cosmological development of the universe.
Cokayne discussed the summons and esoteric point as to whether the writ had its origination in 1337 or earlier.
During this period, Steiner maintained an original approach, replacing Madame Blavatsky's terminology with his own, and basing his spiritual research and teachings upon the Western esoteric and philosophical tradition.
Esoteric American technology- such as the Calgon brand "mud maker" compounds deployed to slow movement on the Trail were met with typical People's Army practicality.
Esoteric Order of Dagon was the primary religion in Innsmouth after Captain Obed Marsh returned from the South Seas with the dark religion circa 1838.
For this reason, Scripture changed wording in account of his demise and wrote, ‘and he was no longer’ in the world to complete his years.” Among the minor Midrashim, esoteric attributes of Enoch are expanded upon.
He is said to have used mystical powers based on the esoteric knowledge of how God created Adam.
He opposed the esoteric forms of tantric practices (mostly by non-organised groups) which were prevalent in Tibet.
Hermeticism remains influential within esoteric Christianity, especially in Martinism.
His interest and passion in esoteric watches, and collecting them are thought to have evolved out of his "fascination with photography, cinema history and architecture".
His supernatural abilities is similar to olden esoteric arts called "kamal" or "ilmu" which was practiced by the early Muslim aristocrat in southern Mindanao.
In 1899, Steiner published an article, “Goethe's Secret Revelation”, discussing the esoteric nature of Goethe's fairy tale "The Green Snake and the Beautiful Lily".
In the esoteric lineage of Japanese Shingon Buddhism, the Samaya precedes the Abhiseka initiation ceremony proper.
In this Habad path, the Tzadik's primary role is to teach the esoteric dimension of Hasidism in intellectual understanding.
In those supposed esoteric teachings of Buddhism, "exoteric Buddhism" believes that Nirmanakaya simple means the physical body of Buddha.
It regarded Buddhism to contain esoteric teachings.
Its esoteric name likely did not help matters.
Many practitioners through the ages have believed that the name "Lingshu" reflected the complex esoteric nature of the writings.
McIlwraith was instructed by Delaney not to publish fiction which he considered "disgusting" or "more esoteric", which meant the magazine no longer published "sword and sorcery" stories as it did during Wright's tenure.
Most Ummo information was in the form of many detailed documents and letters sent to various esoteric groups or UFO enthusiasts.
Olav Hammer, though sharply critical of esoteric movements generally, terms Steiner "arguably the most historically and philosophically sophisticated spokesperson of the Esoteric Tradition."
Sculpted in the art-style of Northern Mannerism they collectively utilize esoteric symbolism.
She briefly joined the early "League of the Liberators" organization of spiritualist William Dudley Pelley, whose esoteric spiritual experiences and millennialist teachings resonated with her.
Steiner led the following esoteric schools: Breadth of activity.
Steiner wrote four mystery plays between 1909 and 1913: "The Portal of Initiation", "The Souls' Probation", "The Guardian of the Threshold" and "The Soul's Awakening", modeled on the esoteric dramas of Edouard Schuré, Maurice Maeterlinck, and Johann Wolfgang von Goethe.
The 3rd Dai Sayedna Hatim (d. 1191 AD) was prominent among the Du'at of Yemen and wrote many books, both exoteric and esoteric in philosophy on the Ismaili faith.
The content tends to the quirky, typically involving strange urban occurrences, instances of confusing signs (often in Engrish), word play, and discussion of more or less esoteric topics.
The EP contains four songs, which were recorded between the release of "Spectral" in 2004 and their album "Esoteric" released in September 2009.
The Esoteric Order of Dagon (meeting in what Derleth described as "a one-time Masonic hall" ) had three oaths which members had to take.
The Esoteric Order of Dagon amateur press association (not to be confused with the occult order known as the Esoteric order of Dagon - see external links below) was founded in 1973 and is devoted to scholarship related to H.P. Lovecraft and the works of the Weird Tales school of writers.
The Esoteric Order of Dagon is a fictional cult in the Cthulhu mythos of H. P. Lovecraft. Esoteric Order of Dagon in the mythos.
The Pernicious Enigma is the second studio album by the British doom metal band Esoteric.
The philosophical background uniting Neopaganism and the "Nouvelle Droite" is the occultist or esoteric literature of "Integral Traditionalism" of René Guénon, Julius Evola and others.
The samaya (Tibetan: , Japanese and Chinese: 三昧耶戒, "sanmaya-kai", "Sānmóyéjiè"), is a set of vows or precepts given to initiates of an esoteric Vajrayana Buddhist order as part of the abhiṣeka (empowerment or initiation) ceremony that creates a bond between the guru and disciple.
The trumps of the minchiate deck, and their corresponding tarot of Marseilles cards and the esoteric Rider-Waite tarot deck are: The ace to ten and the court cards resemble their standard counterparts more closely.
The western esoteric tradition is now steeped in Hermeticism.
There are three recognized ways of self-development generally known in esoteric circles.
These writings have greatly influenced the Western esoteric tradition and were considered to be of great importance during both the Renaissance and the Reformation.
This highly esoteric text was likely the product of a House of Life, or temple scriptorium.
This term is one of three high concepts of the material presented, along with "the esoteric method" which as he sums up (p76) depends on the first to derive the possibility of something beyond ordinary human effort entirely.
Tierney has written widely on a variety of esoteric topics, such as the legends concerning Mount Shasta and Amne Machin.
To be intoxicated by a single glass of wine; I have experienced this pleasure when I have drunk the liquor of the esoteric doctrines.''
Traditional religious practices, especially among lower caste Hindus, centred around various rural folk traditions, esoteric rituals and superstitions.
Using the first, called a “network” strategy, political leaders use ties to other polities, supernatural powers, or sources of esoteric knowledge and goods to build power, and maintain it by excluding others from access to those sources of power.

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