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Vocabulary Word

Word: bicameral

Definition: two-chambered as a legislative body

Sentences Containing 'bicameral'

After extensive deliberations attended by regional actors and international observers, the conference ended in a signed agreement between TFG President Sharif Sheikh Ahmed, Prime Minister Abdiweli Mohamed Ali, Speaker of Parliament Sharif Adan Sharif Hassan, Puntland President Abdirahman Mohamed Farole, Galmudug President Mohamed Ahmed Alim and Ahlu Sunnah Wal Jama'a representative Khalif Abdulkadir Noor stipulating that: a) a new 225 member bicameral parliament would be formed, consisting of an upper house seating 54 Senators as well as a lower house; b) 30% of the National Constituent Assembly (NCA) is earmarked for women; c) the President is to be appointed via a constitutional election; and d) the Prime Minister is selected by the President and he/she then names his/her Cabinet.
Although Carmona promised new elections within a year, with a return to the pre-1999 bicameral parliamentary system, and also repealed a controversial set of 49 laws on the economy which had been passed six months earlier, the dissolution of the institutional framework fragmented the broad anti-Chávez coalition which had supported the coup, with many viewing it as "the triumph of a small oligarchic elite."
Formed in August 2012, it is based in the capital Mogadishu and is bicameral, consisting of an upper house and a lower house.
He also supported the Swedish representative reform of 1866, in which the old Estates Assembly was replaced with a bicameral parliament.
Like all other states except for Nebraska, the legislature is bicameral, consisting of the 120-member North Carolina House of Representatives and the 50-member North Carolina Senate.
The 1961 constitution also introduced a senate to form a bicameral system.
The constitution provided for a bicameral Sejm and for a Council of Ministers.
The Council subsequently produced a constitution making the territory a presidential republic with a bicameral parliament.
The government of North Carolina is divided into three branches: executive, legislative, and judicial. These consist of the Council of State (led by the Governor), the bicameral legislature (called the General Assembly), and the state court system (headed by the North Carolina Supreme Court).
The House of Representatives is the elected Lower House of the bicameral Parliament of Trinidad and Tobago.
The King exercised legislative power through a corporatist bicameral Parliament and executive power through a government that he named and dismissed without parliamentary involvement.
The legislative authority is held by the bicameral Parliament of Slovenia, characterised by an asymmetric duality.
The Legislative Council of Lower Canada was the upper house of the bicameral structure of provincial government in Lower Canada until 1838.

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