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Vocabulary Word

Word: referendum

Definition: direct vote by all the people

Sentences Containing 'referendum'

A constititional referendum was held in Haiti on 23 July 1939.
A constititional referendum was held in Syria on 25 June 1949, alongside a referendum on Husni al-Za'im's candidacy for President.
A constitutional referendum was held in Armenia on 5 July 1995.
A constitutional referendum was held in Guinea on 11 November 2001.
A constitutional referendum was held in Switzerland on 12 May 1872.
A constitutional referendum was held in Syria on 10 July 1953.
A constitutional referendum was held in Zimbabwe on 12–13 February 2000.
A last-minute attempt to delay the referendum was turned down by the High Court.
A Legislative referral (or legislative referendum) is a form of referendum in which a legislature puts proposed legislation up for popular vote (either voluntarily or, in the case of a constitutional amendment, as a necessary part of the procedure), rather than through the initiative or referendum process.
A national referendum was also to be held on the constitution of the new Republic.
A nine-part referendum was held in Switzerland on 14 January 1866.
A referendum on autonomy was held in Guadeloupe on 7 December 2003.
A referendum on freemasonry was held in Switzerland on 28 November 1937.
A referendum on joining the Euro was held in Denmark on 28 September 2000.
A referendum on schools was held in Switzerland on 15 March 1903.
After 2001, the city of Elmhurst passed a referendum to rebuild the school.
Armenian constitutional referendum, 1995
As it spread, the decision was made to hold a referendum.
By 1871 the Wheeling government had lost power and their state constitution was discarded by a public referendum.
Caymanian electoral system referendum, 2012
Costa Rican presidential referendum, 1870
He declared the election to be a referendum on postal privatization.
However, the press was only allowed to announce the referendum on the day it was held.
In 1999, due to the success of a second referendum, the Scottish Parliament was created.
In 2006, Montenegrins voted on an independence referendum and Serbia and Montenegro became independent countries.
In January 1992, Albanians organized a referendum on territorial autonomy.
It announced that a referendum on the status of the constitution was to be held on December 15.
It was not until 1979 that devolution entered the political sphere – the Scottish devolution referendum, 1979 was held.
Maryland constitutional referendum, 1854
Momoh was elected President in a referendum on 1 October 1985.
More than 96% of the Inuit and Cree voted No in the referendum.
Nevertheless, a referendum on independence for Dahomey was held on September 28.
On 10 May the Legislative Assembly confirmed the format of the referendum.
On 2 June 1992, Danish voters rejected the Maastricht Treaty in a referendum.
René Lévesque, architect of the first referendum on sovereignty, claimed a willingness to work for change in the Canadian framework after the federalist victory in the referendum of 1980.
She was also a member of the Referendum Party, opposed Britain's involvement in the European Union.
The 1978 referendum made the APC the only legal political party in Sierra Leone.
The contest was interpreted locally as a referendum on independence.
The draft presented by the Commission was not that presented to the electorate for the referendum, but a revised version redrafted by the Cabinet.
The Klan and the Portland Referendum of 1923.
The proposed reforms were postponed in a referendum.
The railways referendum was an optional referendum, which required only a majority of the public vote.
The referendum failed due to insufficient voter turnout.
The referendum was a mandatory referendum, which required a double majority; a majority of the popular vote and majority of the cantons.
The referendum was an "obligatory referendum", which required a double majority; a majority of the popular vote and majority of the cantons.
The region was to hold a referendum on joining the south or remaining part of the north at the same time as the southern independence referendum but this was postponed.
The state constitution was confirmed by referendum on 18 May 1947.
Upper Volta constitutional referendum, 1977
Voters rejected his proposals in a statewide constitutional referendum.
Zimbabwean constitutional referendum, 2000

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