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Vocabulary Word

Word: connotation

Definition: suggested or implied meaning of an expression; V. connote

Sentences Containing 'connotation'

"Ikkō-ikki" translates to something like "devoted league," but also had the connotation of "single-minded riots."
"The Expat Harem" metaphor is not intended to be pejorative; the editors aim to replace the negative connotation of the word harem with the positive acknowledgment of the feminine power base and collective wisdom that the harem denizens shared.
(Orledge, p. 207) The exact connotation intended by Contamine in using the Greek word "gymnopédie" remains uncertain.
A colloquial placeholder name for towns is the railway junction of Kaspichan, which often bears the connotation of a far-off forgotten place.
Daniel Dennett, in his book "Breaking the Spell", suggests that if non-naturalists are concerned with this connotation of the word "bright", then they should invent an equally positive sounding word for themselves, like "supers" (i.e., one whose worldview contains supernaturalism).
Diminutive forms such as these can -- but do not always -- carry a comical connotation, so "Satchan" isn't merely a name like "Jenny;" it can be more like "Jenny girl" or "Jenny pie."
Finally, if violence in a Basque context has a very specific connotation—that of ETA—which is represented in Félix's random violence and self-mutilation, then Lisa/Sofía's amnesia can be read as an attempt on the part of Basque society to forget and escape from the violence of the past and establish a new identity for the Basque country that is not founded around ETA.
He has expressed that he wanted her character design to resemble a cross between a fashion model and Black Mage to break the connotation in players' minds of the traditional "Final Fantasy" Black Mage.
However, despite the similarity with "ze", the Kansai "de" does not carry nearly as heavy or rude a connotation, as it is influenced by the lesser stress on formality and distance in Kansai.
However, Robert Alter believes that there could be a moral connotation after all: When God forbids the man to eat from the tree of knowledge, He says that if he does so, he is "doomed to die".
If used for the negative connotation it can become good by using it with a negative.
In military connotation frequently associated with terms "Net-centric Operations (NCO)" and "Net-centric Warfare (NCW)".
In modern times they have a connotation of dedicated piety that is best suggested by terms such as "lay devotee" or "devout lay follower."
In such cases, it often carries a connotation of an exclamation.
It carries a largely positive connotation, being associated with courage, loyalty, honor, success, fortune, fertility, happiness, passion, and summer.
It is derived from a Malay word that means "to encounter or to come into physical contact", and is only used with objects that have a negative effect or connotation.
It's also common in Hebrew slang to refer to a person's family members, mostly female ones, for example in sexual connotation ("אמא שלך" "ima shelcha" 'your mother'; "אחותך" "achotcha" 'your sister').
Major Jim Christie, then the Deputy Base Operations Officer, stated "We would prefer to see it called something other than a park so there is no connotation of peace and quiet that would be disrupted by aircraft activity."
Mathematically, homogeneity has the connotation of invariance, as all components of the equation have the same degree of value whether or not each of these components are scaled to different values, for example, by multiplication or addition.
Recently, the use of the term "Ypsitucky" has come under increased scrutiny due to its historically derogatory connotation.
Socially constructed femininity carries with it the connotation of passivity, which has impacted the cultural importance of female desire.
The English phrase "as for" is often used to convey the connotation of は, although in many cases this sounds unnatural when used in English.
There is no generally agreed-upon distinction between the terms "library science", "librarianship", and "library and information science", and to a certain extent they are interchangeable, perhaps differing most significantly in connotation.
These fumes are caused by the sulfur fumes emitting from the volcano below, which undoubtedly add to the underworld connotation of the site.
This word has a connotation of "makeshift".
Tournois changes all the negative and sentimental context of this heartrending legend and gives it a new positive and even humoristic connotation.
Typically, each name has a particular audience and political or cultural connotation, and regional usage varies.

More Vocab Words

::: apathy - lack of caring; indifference; lack of concern or interest in important matters; Ex. He was sunk in apathy after his failure; ADJ. apathetic
::: acquiesce - assent; agree passively; comply without protest
::: esoteric - hard to understand; known only to the chosen few, esp. initiates; N. esoterica
::: anesthetic - substance that removes sensation with or without loss of consciousness; N. anesthesia
::: equanimity - calmness of temperament; composure
::: sublime - causing deep feelings of wonder, joy, respect, etc.; exalted; noble and uplifting; utter
::: dictum - authoritative and weighty statement (made by a judge in court); saying; maxim; CF. obiter dictum: incidental, nonbinding remark (something said in passing)
::: inimical - (of someone) unfriendly; hostile; (of something) harmful; detrimental; CF. enemy
::: imponderable - weightless; that cannot undergo precise evaluation; CF. pound
::: savor - enjoy; have a distinctive flavor, smell, or quality; N: taste or smell; distinctive quality