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Vocabulary Word

Word: antithesis

Definition: contrast; direct opposite of or to; ADJ. antithetic or antithetical

Sentences Containing 'antithesis'

Believers are encouraged to believe in miracles, and to idealize all their weaknesses by imagining an omnipotent, omniscient, immortal God who represents the antithesis of all human flaws and shortcomings.
Certainly Griselda appears as the antithesis to the Wife of Bath.
Everywhere it is a battle and antithesis of the most different reds and greens."
If we consider all the views depicted in the present article as instances of both the thesis and the antithesis of an argument, it is a less know scholar, Blanca de Lizaur who manages to finally produce the synthesis.
Ling Woo's character has been described as the antithesis of Ally McBeal's.
Perhaps the most debated character within the story, "Ninja Ninja" is Afro's complete antithesis, always speaking and usually saying aloud what Afro can't bring himself to say, such as expressing fear or worry when Afro is stoic in the face of danger; generally, Afro refuses to respond to anything he says other than telling Ninja Ninja to "shut up."
Producer and longtime collaborator Kathleen Kennedy notes that with "War of the Worlds", Spielberg had the opportunity to explore the antithesis of the characters brought to life in "E.T." and "Close Encounters of the Third Kind".
She is the antithesis of Vecna, as she urges her followers to share all knowledge that he would keep hidden.
The antithesis of anti-modern Populism was modernizing Progressivism according to Hofstadter's model, with such leading progressives as Theodore Roosevelt, Robert LaFollette, George Norris and Woodrow Wilson pointed as having been vehement enemies of Populism, though William Jennings Bryan did cooperate with them and accepted the Populist nomination in 1896.
The antithesis of reductionism, emergentism is the idea that increasingly complex structures in the world give rise to the "emergence" of new properties that are something over and above (i.e. cannot be reduced to) their more basic constituents.
The primal, unconscious and disharmonious nature of Savage's technique, which the artist himself has described as the antithesis of that of regionalist painter Thomas Hart Benton, has proven an interpretive challenge for critics.
``This philosophic reflection,''thought he,``will make a great sensation at M. de Saint Meran's;''and he arranged mentally, while Dantes awaited further questions, the antithesis by which orators often create a reputation for eloquence.

More Vocab Words

::: subservient - behaving like a slave; servile; obsequious; subordinate; N. subservience
::: husbandry - frugality; thrift; economy; agriculture; farming; Ex. animal husbandry; CF. husbandman
::: stereotype - one regarded as embodying a set image or type; fixed and unvarying representation; standardized mental picture often reflecting prejudice; Ex. stereotype of the happy slave; V: make a stereotype of; represent by a stereotype; Ex. It is wrong to stereotype people; Ex. stereotyped answer
::: pretend - feign; pretend to: claim to possess; make pretensions to; Ex. I don't pretend to much expertise; N. pretense
::: posture - assume an affected pose; act artificially; N: pose; attitude
::: plump - pleasantly fat; nicely rounded
::: convex - curving outward
::: elevation - elevated position; altitude; height; flat upright side of a building; angle made by pointing a gun; Ex. The elevation of her style is much admired; Ex. front elevation of the house
::: personify - represent (an inanimate object) as a person; be the embodiment or perfect example of; Ex. She is evil/patience personified; N. personification
::: frustrate - thwart; defeat; prevent from accomplishing a purpose