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Vocabulary Word

Word: gravity

Definition: seriousness; ADJ. grave

Sentences Containing 'gravity'

"Defying Gravity"(Jesse Winchester) 3:14 8.
'But I mean, boy,' resuming his gravity, 'what do you consider me in this respect?'
(See Thibon's Introduction to "Gravity and Grace" (Routledge Kegan Paul, 1952).)
A duet version of "Defying Gravity" appeared on the soundtrack album "".
A shade of melancholy gravity overspread his countenance, which was not natural to him.
A standardized value for acceleration due to gravity was therefore needed.
Among the reasons the report gives for why it would be is the "gravity of the deviation" and the "results of the event".
And when shalt thou attain to the happiness of true simplicity, and unaffected gravity?
Ashmere Lake Dam is of earthen construction, a gravity dam.
At that time this was so fundamental a contradiction that it could only be eliminated in the middle the 17th century with the discovery of the force of gravity.
Babson founded the Gravity Research Foundation in 1948.
During parachuting, animals use the aerodynamic forces on their body to counteract the force or gravity.
Each piston was raised by the steam pressure and returned to its original position by gravity.
Establishment of the Gravity Research Foundation.
Flow from between stages is by gravity with no need for inter-stage pumps.
Fluids, by definition are materials that flow and can be transferred using pumps or gravity.
For geophysical applications, gravity is distinguished from gravitation.
Geopotential is the potential of the Earth's gravity field.
Gravity has been accounted for as "the" body force, i.e. formula_60.
Gravity is restored, and everything and everybody return to the ground.
He dropped his voice as he said these words, and the gravity I so well remembered overspread his face.
He pulls a large horse-shoe magnet out from the Earth, eliminating the planet's gravity.
He thinks of flight as a form of liberation from gravity.
Herapath's scientific interests started with an attempt to provide a mechanistic explanation for gravity.
His pseudoscientific notion, that the gravity can be used to explain movement in the stock markets.
However, this framework for changing constants did not incorporate gravity.
I am much indebted to you, sir, for a Scotch bonnet is fitted neither to my years nor my gravity."
In our universe, quantum gravity provides the regulator.
It is most likely a combination of gravity and currents that distribute the organism.
It uses two anti gravity generators located in its body to propel itself.
Its surface gravity is about 38% of Earth's.
Magnet Hill is a gravity hill located near Leh in Ladakh, India.
Owing to differences in composition, the specific gravity varies from 4.4 to 6.6 g/cm3.
Selfish is the second EP recorded by Lost Gravity.
Stars have deep gravity wells, so the energy required for such operations is large.
The dam is a tall and long concrete gravity-type.
The expression of his face changed gradually from indignant contempt to a composed and steady gravity.
The field's oil reserves had an API gravity between 25 and 28.
The instability was ascribed to insufficient tailplane area combined with a far forward centre of gravity.
The Italian scientist Galileo Galilei knew that air had mass and so was subject to gravity.
The only equipment is the Gravity Gun, used to freeze and unfreeze blocks, pick them up and move them.
There was a fine, massive gravity in his face, I did not venture to disturb.
They have weight, and that's what gives the romance its appeal and the drama its gravity."
This is because the current meets more resistance within the gravity cell than within the voltaic cell.
This is convenient because one pound mass exerts one pound force due to gravity.
When this tank was full, the center of gravity of the Mustang was moved dangerously close to the aft limit.
Who can explain what is the essence of the attraction of gravity?
`Let it alone,'said Backus, with drunken gravity.
``Count,''replied Maximilian, with an air of gravity,``those are our most precious family treasures.''
``Merely to the illustration of your character,''said she, endeavoring to shake off her gravity.
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