Correct use of the noun

The cost of transportation depends of the distance to be made and the mode of transportation, so the factory of departure and the arrival warehouse. He lives in a shack, has no food and worst of all is awakened each morning by an annoying marching band.

What is a noun?

The P/E ratio is used to determine how much investors are willing to pay for a stock relative to the company’s earnings. It also commonly believed that they destroy the environment to get what they need, and “Mining can have bad effects on surrounding surface and ground water if protective measures are not taken”- (Enviromental Impact of mining). People with ASD prefer the same routines, such as using the same plate and glass cup for meals, taking the same path when moving from one place to another, and become disappointed if the room arrangement is altered. It also just didn't help the men, but also woman with jobs and trying to have equal the pay of both genders.

What are the types of nouns?

An Obama spokesperson afterward said that it was a mistake and that Obama always favored decriminalization. With payers wanting new technology to better improve their healthcare experience like such as, electronic health records can put a financial strain on health care organizations. Homo Sapiens Europaeu, of course, was believed to be superior to all subspecies in every way. During world war two Japan invaded Vietnam which was already under French rule for nearly 200 years. Prison labor has two benefits: First, it reduces inmate recidivism, as a result of that, it reduces crime and lowers prison costs. Use of defence mechanism for the purpose of approved behaviour was discussed by Newton (2001) the children who are unable to deal with situations develop defensive mechanisms to allow them to move forward. Transparency in governmental actions, proceedings and decision making processess is important for having a well-informed public. The UN drafted a second resolution in September of the same year because despite the measures taken, the fighting and displacement of people was still ongoing. Now with an automatic permit extension service user will not have the need to pay heavy expenses to revive their projects.

Common Nouns

A common noun is the word used for a class of person, place or thing.









Note: Common nouns are capitalized only when they start a sentence.

Common nouns are further classified into:
Abstract nouns – things you cannot see or touch (e.g., bravery, joy)
Collective nouns – words to describe groups (e.g., team, choir)
Compound nouns – nouns made up of more than one word (e.g., court-martial, pickpocket, water bottle)
Concrete nouns – things you can see or touch (e.g., tree, cloud)
Non-countable nouns (mass nouns) – things you cannot count (e.g., food, music)
Gender-specific nouns – words which are definitely male or female (e.g., vixen, actress)
Verbal nouns – nouns derived from verbs (e.g., a building, an attack)
Gerunds – nouns that represent actions (e.g., running fast, guessing a number)

When should I use different types of nouns?

Her voice is the most important thing to her and she trades it all for a man. Further work on the topic could analyse the social capital immigrants have before they leave their origin country and how this pre-migration social capital influences their migration projection as well as the international connections they. There are no right or wrong rules, each situation is different in itself and each has a different way to respond to the situation. The patients did not reject the transplant and the transplant and radiation was determined a success. This created a sort of barrier between the General and the men under his command, in turn creating a lack of respect by the junior ranks towards him. There are two types of hypotheses testing , the first type is null hypothesis (H0) and alternative hypothesis (Ha). He discusses what these duplicate artworks do to fill the aura-less gap within these manufactured pieces. Furthermore, people who worked in the navy would not be able to find work or food, or even immigrate out of the country to look elsewhere (Brockdorff-Rantzau). All days in this period are considered available days, including periods when an ROV is undergoing maintenance or repairs. This was reflected in the sorts of houses that were developed, the carvings and other wood plans (Pegg, 2009). Also the fact that in the absence of wars to keep the militaries occupied, it makes economic, security and political sense to deploy them to external PSO duties. On the other hand abortions can be a help to rape victims, women of incest and/or with health problems because if a women is of incest or is raped then they shouldn’t have to go through a full pregnancy term. This work presents the prospect of biodiesel derived from Calophyllum Inophyllum Methyl Ester (CIME) oil in diesel engine at different injection pressures. Before planning the training and development programs to their designated employees it is necessary to analyze about the different learning styles of each employee. Other than vitamin C, vitamin A, calcium and iron are also some of the nutrients which can be found in this marmalade product.


A pronoun is a word used to replace a noun.

Pronouns are one of the eight parts of speech which are: adjectives, adverbs
conjunctions, interjections, nouns, prepositions, pronouns, and verbs.

Even though they are classified as a different part of speech to nouns, pronouns are nouns. They always play the role of a noun in a sentence.
James is the first choice for the post. He has applied for it twice already.
(He is a pronoun. In this example, it replaces the proper noun James.)
(It is a pronoun. Here, it replaces the common noun post.)

Some / Who / This

(The term pronoun covers lots of words, and all three words above are classified as pronouns. There is whole section dedicated to pronouns.)

How do I use different types of nouns?

If we do so, we can capitalize on the demand as well as establish our self as a dominant player in the industry. Finally, tanks were used to break stalemates in trench warfare, which WWI brought about the widespread use of. He was known for his reverence for classical ideals, his greed for academic honours, and his lack of urbanity. Activities such as stepping onto and off of a raised platform using quick feet and running through exercise ladders are a good way to work on agility whereas yoga, squats on a bosu ball, and even standing on one foot focuses on balance. In the Disney film “The Little Mermaid” we first meet Ariel as an independent, 16 year old looking for an adventure. The reason why nearly all the American Presidents were Protestants, is because of their British origins which they brought with them. Participation: It is important to give chances to employees and other stakeholders to participate in continuous improvements. It is found that that the share of the informal sector in total employment is increasing and its share in GDP has also been increasing in these countries.

Collective Nouns

A collective noun is the word used for a group of people or things. For example:





Cabinet (of ministers)


The big question with collective nouns is whether they should be treated as singular or plural. The answer is: They can be treated as singular or plural depending on the sense of your sentence.

Read more about treating collective nouns as singular and plural.

Examples of the use of different types of nouns

The data collection accuracy and the right techniques implemented can provide a conclusive explanation of how the raw data being compiled, analyzed and presented in a descriptive and informative ways. An iron ball of 500g and 100 ̊C is dropped into the cavity of a large block of ice. The Filipinos lived in settlements called barangays before the colonization of the Philippines by the Spaniards. Blake uses apostrophes to effect the tone of “the lamb” for example Blake repeats the lines 'Little Lamb who made thee/ Dost thou know who made thee' in the first stanza, and 'Little Lamb I'll tell thee' and 'Little Lamb God bless thee' in the second stanza. The study would furnish the purpose for the advance studies and as it is in the form of the case study it would help the future researchers to use it as a secondary data for the further research.
Because the roles of Ren Zhengfei has been changed from a technical entrepreneurs to marketing entrepreneurs and restructure entrepreneurs. Currently, since the increasing environmental issue occur rapidly, people began to realize that previous ongoing economic growth may destroy the balance of human and nature. During this field visit I also took photo graphs of various other water quality incidents that I felt also have an effect on water quality in the valley. Twain uses humor in his story by using hyperboles to exaggerate how serious Smiley is about his gambling. Even the dress code wasn’t available in the company, but the cultural changes that were created brought the codes of dressing in the company. Maslow perceived his mother as being entirely insensitive and unloving, which can be fairly damaging to a person’s self-esteem and also knowing his worth!

Proper Nouns

A proper noun is the name of a person, place or thing (i.e., its own name). A proper noun always starts with a capital letter. For example:




Dayton Peace Accord

United Nations

The Tower of London

Uncle George

(Uncle is written with a capital letter because it is part of his name.)
My favourite auntie is Auntie Sally.
(In this example, the first auntie is a common noun, but the second Auntie is part of a proper noun.)
The Red Lion
Read more about using capital letters for proper nouns but not common nouns.
To anyone who questioned the reasoning as to why someone would sell sex she simplifies it into the same reasoning as to why anyone would work in any job. The log or exponential phase is entered as the life span or the generation time of the cells decreases, here the cells reach a maximum rate of reproduction and the number of bacteria increases directly over time, giving a straight slope on a logarithmic scale. Since I need to end somehow my last journal, I am going to write about what is the play for me, how I played when I was a child, and what games were interested for me. The results were found not significant for having lower scores on the test because of distractions. The Galatians managed to create their own kingdom in Asia Minor; while this kingdom was eventually absorbed by the Roman Empire, the unique Celtic ethnicity remained until at least 4th century AD (Cunliffe 1999: 85). The data covers a period of nearly four and a half years and shows the increase or reduction in these specific elements over time. Using the CVR and FDR data the NTSB constructed the accident sequence of events which was very beneficial in terms of bringing together the relevant pieces of evidence into a single “Accident Sequence”. It investigates the relationship between the selected independent variables and stock price volatility in Malaysian banking sector. The outputs in the value chain would be the resources that the university would be using in order to increase the knowledge of the students. This is not true, but had made it difficult to make real friends here.” This was the only Chinese immigrant to address the Chinese perceptions in Barcelona and relate it to his own social integration. The main reasons are political instability (nine elected and caretaker governments changed during this period), corruption (Pakistan on the top of the World) and global recessions. The Apollo-Soyuz Mission took place in July 1975 and it was a product of the joint efforts of the USA and the USSR (The Apollo). In terms of inputs, the public sector holds the authority and regulatory skills as against the management and technical skills of the private sector partners. Evidence points that from 1991 to 2007, the total accumulated ICT investment tripled in Germany, Italy, and Spain, reaching 6 % of total capital stock. When the Beatles came back from India, and started to dabble in psychedellia, they set the trend for bright colors in fashion and floral patterns for shirts and trousers. Automation of basic activities makes tasks easier, but sometimes also requires professionals to perform more advanced tasks. Hence, children and adults should stop adding excess sugar to their diets which may lead to obesity and type two diabetes. When people talk about Nike , the TV are practically all they want to talk about it. It is also aimed to streamline, modify and formulate the ways to boost the production and find better means of profitable marketing of such products. Just within the American History department there are six sections of Co-Taught class’s between three teachers. In addition, the values of kurtosis for MYR/GBP is lower than the kurtosis value for normal distribution, which is three. Neighborhood schools that are categorized as low income most likely cannot attract teachers that are as qualified because they have fewer resources (Barton, 2004). He added that outside these situations, TQM may not operate normally and lead to reduction in the overall effectiveness of the organization. Jabrina says that one of them is fast food drive-through windows, since she can’t use them, and that the other is meeting new people. The fort has now been meticulously restored to its former glory and has been converted into a hotel open to the public, with much of the profits going back to the local population. In order to perform academically, children need to be able to focus on the task at hand. It further turns out with innovative products and higher service quality provided by AXA Singapore and reinforce the position in Singapore’s financial and insurance sector. In its preamble, the Act states that it provides to set out the practical regime of the right to information for citizens to secure access to information under the control of public authorities, in order to promote transparency and accountability in the working of every public authority. It is important for organizations, it leads to a behavioral cause - effect, in a way, employees are willing to stay in the organization (Meyer & Allen, 1991: 66).


Gerunds are formed from verbs. They end -ing. They are a type of common noun.
I love baking.
(baking – the name of an activity; it is formed from the verb to bake.)
Thinking is required to solve this problem.
(thinking – the name of an activity; it is formed from the verb to think.)Gerunds are different from other nouns because they can take an object or be modified with an adverb.
I love baking bread.
(Here, bread is the object of the gerund baking.)Thinking laterally is required to solve this problem.
(Here, the gerund thinking has been modified by the adverb laterally.)

All inclusive, Coca-Cola refreshments being a non-alcoholic industry fall under the FDA (Food and Drug Administration). However, the industry growth will perpetually be determined by external factors such as volatility and performance of the capital markets, and macro-economic drivers such as GDP growth, inflation and interest rates. The collision of two cultures as people come together causes us to become more aware of the differences and similarities between cultural values. South Africa’s foreign policy reflects a shift in alliance and relations of power among the groups that form and shape its society. Clinical aromatherapy is the use of essential oils for therapeutic purposes with benefits that may include relief of stress, anxiety, insomnia and reduced perception of pain. Columbus’ intuition and previous study of geography and navigation, made his western expedition a success as he set sail on August 3rd 1942. One of the harsh requirements in the Treaty was that Germany had to hand over its navy. The story text and the point of view tell the readers of the basic knowledge about the characters, and how each of character is interconnected to each other based on society values and personal beliefs. Each one of these have their own application because each of them have some very different properties [11, 13-15]. The mean score of snack food consumed most often by respondents were as following table, where the highest is fruits with 3.05. This is because of the increasing turbulence which reduces the frictional forces between the moving fluid and the tube. She remembered that strong conclusions should connect to the reader and wrap up the author’s thoughts and ideas. However, in today’s age and time, this may be the most pressing issue of discrimination around the globe, “By 2050 there will be two billion older people globally. Furthermore, monthly meetings are required with weekly and daily meetings scheduled closer to the actual date of the event.

Compound Nouns

Compound nouns are nouns made up of two or more words. Some compound nouns are hyphenated, some are not, and some combine their words to form a single word. For example:


Board of members