Should I use 'toward' or 'towards'?

In his speech Pericles reminded the Athenians why democracy was essential for the nation (Duvall 2013). As Baker (2006, p.18) points out, “ the concern about sustainability can be traced back to Malthus (1766-1834) and William Stanly Jevons (1835-82) and other eighteenth-and nineteenth century thinkers who were worried about resource scarcity, especially in the face of population rise (Malthus) and energy (coal) shortages (Jevons)”. Thus begins the process all over, but, if Congress has two thirds of majority votes from both houses the Presidents veto can then be sidestepped and go on to become a law without his signature.

Toward vs. towards

The historians that support Napoleon would tend to over-emphasize his skill and talent as a military leader and highlight all that he did to benefit France. Or there will be other universes or not, we don't know about multi-universe or parallel universe if it is really existing or not. Managing talent is often seen as a part of HRM that is focused on talent to improve the effectiveness of the organization. The pre-intervention stage provides a platform for assessing spirituality and establishing the grounds for utilizing spiritual resources and other spiritual disciplines to achieve therapeutic progress among clients.

What is the meaning of toward?

The most recent research from Human Sciences Research Council's (HSRC) shows that the percentage is further increase from 10.6% in 2008 to 12.2% in 2012(Medwiser, 2015;U.S.
The Battle of Fromelles was the AIF’s (Australian Imperial Force) first major battle on the Western Front. In 1864 he had written a textbook with an abbreviated version of his Periodic Table, it included all the discovered elements. In 1983, an International Islamic University Malaysia (IIUM) was established to counterbalance the westernization of knowledge. The European Union including the United Kingdom has not been able to escape this global catastrophe of economic unpredictability. The sum of the conservation and restoration operations is completed of social taxes and at the final is calculated the value added tax that requires each product or service. Agrarian reforms thus need to address and consider these indigenous concepts of communal land ownership and collective land rights where they exist, and consider granting them were they do not. The cognitive category of social capital develops from “mental processes and resulting ideas, reinforced by culture and ideology, specifically norms, values, attitudes, and beliefs that contribute to cooperative behavior and MBCA” (ibid.). They go through changes such as learning English, changing the place where they live in, switching jobs etc.

What is the meaning of towards?

Based on these points models 3 and 4 can be rejected, have negative values for their parameters. The strong will to succeed and intellect that lived within Ada Byron helped her birth the research and notes that generated the future for technology and computer programs. In conclusion, while conducting an experiment, you should always make sure you adequately investigate a wide range of subjects so you can avoid bias and reach a true conclusion. Furthermore, each in- group disliked those who didnot belong to their class, group, race, or who did not look or behave like them, or who didnot have beliefs identical to theirs. However, Tom’s mother and sister, Amanda and Laura Wingfield, expect Tom to be the “man of the house” ever since their father left them. The tester picks test case inputs to apply paths through the code and decides the suitable yields or outputs.

When should I use toward?

We understand that remuneration provides basic attraction to an employee to perform their duties and responsibilities, efficiently and effectively. The court has a discretion to refuse to admit or limit certain evidence in Part 3.11. The second question is to ask the child whether he/ she want to befriend with Nao. Shield much from the impact of the crisis, China pushed forward its investment worldwide, particularly in Africa. Social accountability initiatives may be stimulated by state actors when it is in their interests to have citizens make demands on the government.
The industry is challenged by the requirement to satisfy the demands of increasingly stringent legislation and controls introduced by governments and regulatory agencies to ensure compliance with environmental issues [8-10]. In addition, in its Abbey National Annual Review 2002, the group claimed that it would focus solely on delivering the personal financial services in the UK. This department is situated in the Caribbean coast of Colombia and at the lowlands of the Andean mountain range. University of Illinois Grammar Handbook

When should I use towards?

Similarly, a similar study using data from the engineering, food & allied, fuel & power, and chemical & pharmaceutical industries in Bangladesh, showed a negative correlation of -0.348 between stock prices and the long term debt to total asset ratio (Chowdhury, 2010). The bacteria used for transformation carries binary vector, engineered T-DNA plasmid containing the gene of interest; and helper plasmid containing virulence gene vector which encodes for protein to mediate the T-DNA transfer. One view that has been expressed by Stelluto for funding the arts is that the arts boost the economy. It seems that even with parent involvement in school there can be “too much of a good thing”. They tend to underestimate their ability to speak the target language by focusing more on their deficit in language learning (Caccioppo, Glass & Merluzzi, 1979). And this could possibly be explained by the visual data which was captured around the water sources present through the danger areas. The joint venture company replaced the cisco as Siemens data products manufacturers, but it was once caused 3 com company President Bruce's displeasure. When current is supplied to it, it starts getting charged and the battery voltage keeps on increasing. When focusing on the scriptures of the New Testament, he is essentially ignoring another great foundation of resources. Within each of these three steps, a list of indicators against to measure progress has been listed. The specialized literature still differs in this important point: does resource conflict motivate innovation or not? In his paper, Martin’s objective is to find peaceful ways to solve local competition to insufficient means. This trial echoed the tensions that existed between two different ideas of freedom, (The conflicts concerning traditional ideas of moral liberty and the right to independent thought and individual self-expression). Walden University Grammar Handbook

How do I use toward?

The questions in the screen that are asked are attempting to determine how the baby tries to react to sounds and his or her attempts to make sounds. Once charged, these former soldiers could not be held in English prisons as they were overflowing the prisons.

How do I use towards?

The Decree 1320 established fast track consultations, which did not guarantee the local people participation rights. Choosing the right advertising medium is also an important aspect in advertising a particular products or services to the target market. In terms of efficiency, intermodal transportation when compared to over the road motor carriers, provides saving without sacrificing speed. These two are unlikely situations, which will need to take an infinite amount of strain energy to reach. Process innovation has been developed as a result of chemical and equipment innovation as well as the needs of identified by various consumers. Strategic management of talent is much more than the traditional function of human resource management (Newhouse et al., 2004:3).

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The suspension was then kept undisturbed at 37°C for 1h to allow phase separation and the hydrocarbon layer was allowed to rise completely. An economic system cannot exist without an ecological system: the ecological system being the primary system, from which the economic system is derived. The author wrote the piece in sections, and the first section was inspired by marching soldiers which reminds me of the whirligig from chapter 7. As it happens, these reports, contain data that can assist management in identifying any circumstances or discrepancies that can hinder or impact the organization’s future (Skousen, 2014). Briefly stating each mechanism, the first stage is deciding what medium to be used to acquire and transport brain signals. When aligned with corporate values and vision, the marketing concept's strong consumer focus can help a firm stay competitive while reaping organizational success. This action stresses her attentive reliance, and the comfort and protection one can receive from God’s word. Guide to Grammar and Style

Examples of the use of towards

In the classroom teachers and learners come together and think critically and this happens when the teacher poses questions to learners and learners must try to come up with solutions as this type of education provides learners with the right tools and materials to practice critical thinking. At that time, he wanted to teach them the concept of love in the sense of a tolerant love. Rumberger’s recommendations also include making the schools at least partially responsible for students they education that transfer. As a mature man, Muhammad received Allah’s calling as a prophet of the Last Judgment, soon to arrive. Trying to listen to a professor and taking notes while chatting online is really distracting, but students trying to multitask. But after 2000, Ren Zhengfei is gained much marketing experience and knowledge through participated some marketing activities such as some exhibitions and their new market developed. There is also a fear that patients will be unable to enjoy activities as they had before receiving their prognosis. Smell affects the taste in a big way because human can identify food by smelling it. In term of FDI’s sector destination, mining industry still leads at 30%, follows by finance industry (19.5%) and building industry (16.4%). Complete liberation of Palestine, as defined under that document, means the destruction of the Israeli state, which is considered illegal, as are considered also the documents which have established the Israeli state. Your mission, vision and values can sound abstract, esoteric, and downright fluffy to a lot of people, especially those who are burning to move forward with a real-world project.
Of 184 food items on the FFQ, 55 contained legumes, ranging from 2-77% weight contribution, varying according to the preparation method and geographic location. Epigenetic process also explains as how, two identical genotypes reared in the same environmental condition generates two different phenotypes. Often my Mexican close friends from "The heart club" would say that they did not want to continue pursuing their dream of finishing college because they would often hear from bullies that Mexicans were useless and incapable of learning. You will sweats, feel sored, and tired but at the end of the day thinking that one day you will reach that goal for whatever you been working on make you happier than ever. These baiting schemes are found on social networking sites and Peer to Peer sites that offers downloading that people need or like. Although the Federal government will not recognize “brutality” among law enforcement, but has classified it as “excessive force.” Excessive force is when law enforcement officers are making arrests, maintaining order, and defending life, law enforcement officers are allowed to use whatever force is “reasonably “necessary (Federal Bureau of Investigation, 2015). The top-notch courses always appoint industry professionals and seasoned experts in the respective fields so that students can learn from their experiences. What many potential buyers don’t know is the sound in the advertisement can be used to persuade them. It leads to the fact that amount of R&D expenditure will be lower than optimal level under social perspective. The problem with this is none of the incessant has led to a dialogue to change and improve our society. Managers should be well informed about the laws of the state and the political situation of the country in order to manage political risk at the macro level. Employee alignment, opportunity and self-efficiency is increased and thus reflects on the businesses ability to operate freely and regularly.