Meet Grendel

Based on the monster from Beowulf, our AI system has taken on the moniker of Grendel. Few have seen this monster, which explains why a brief Internet search yields the following disparate views:

depictions of Grendel

In his modern incarnation, Grendel powers our automated proofreading service using Machine Learning and Natural Language Processing algorithms to help writers improve their papers, letters, memos, and more. His automated essay scoring skills are certainly far beyond those of your average monster.
We are fortunate enough to have met Grendel personally and can say with confidence that he is much nicer than most have depicted. Here is a more realistic drawing of Grendel from an undisclosed eight year old source that is close to him:

Friendly Grendel

As you can see, Grendel has come a long way in the 1000+ years since Beowulf was written. His now docile nature and love of writing have made him a perfect fit to power our next generation automated proofreading system.

Quotes about Grendel from Beowulf

"... the other, warped in the shape of a man, moves beyond the pale bigger than any man, an unnatural birth called Grendel by the country people in former days."

"Every nail, claw-scale and spur, every spike
and welt on the hand of that heathen brute
was like barbed steel. "

"Everybody said there was no honed iron hard enough
to pierce him through, no time proofed blade
that could cut his brutal blood caked claw"

Quotes from PaperRater Users

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~ Anton L.

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~ Bethany B.

"Your service is far superior than Grammarly and your fee structure is customer friendly."
~ Mike from Georgia

"[Grendel] is not only awesome but also a real revolution in the world of education. "
~ Ziad F.

"I would like to give Grendel a hug."
~ Samuel F.
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