Which is correct, 'discrete' or 'discreet'?

Traditional budgeting tends to focus on costs of input resources whereas, ABB takes an outputs-based approach, realizing that the costs will decrease as a result of the decrease in activities and this method is less effective otherwise. Food becomes much more expensive, and markets are completely reliant on the corporations that inherit them. Jackson used the situation to propose a removal treaty to Cherokee leaders called the Treaty of New Echota.

Discrete vs. discreet

An activity or situation is sustainable if it can be projected to continue indefinitely into the future; conversely, one which cannot is unsustainable”. Finally, the isoflavones such as genistein and daidzein are a subclass of the flavonoid family primarily found in soy and soy products. Modigliani and Miller (1958) used data of 43 electric utilities and 42 oil companies to test their developed model. Watermarking is defined as the process of imperceptibly embedding a watermark in the host by some appropriate means. Business Ethics examines ethical principles and moral or ethical problems that arise in a business environment.

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Examples of the use of ‘discrete’

If so be that the Gods have deliberated in particular of those things that should happen unto me, I must stand to their deliberation, as discrete and wise. Computer: A computer in a digital darkroom typically have a generous amount of RAM, often 4GB or more, coupled with discrete graphics and a powerful multicore processor. It contains short discrete fibers that are uniformly distributed and randomly oriented. Furthermore, the owner’s two contracts – the first with the architect and the second with the general contractor – sets up discrete teams of specialists. Boltzmann was also one of the founders of quantum mechanics due to his suggestion in 1877 that the energy levels of a physical system could be discrete. They were built in two discrete groups, the earlier "Belvoir" group designed by the Ailsa Shipbuilding Company and the subsequent (and slightly larger) "Aberdare" group designed by the Admiralty. Although discrete circuits can be altered (in principle), ICs cannot and are useless if the data are bad. Arena is a discrete event simulation and automation software developed by Systems Modeling and acquired by Rockwell Automation in 2000. Quantum systems can also have additional quantum numbers corresponding to discrete symmetries (such as parity conservation from reflection symmetry). Molonglo Reference Catalogue of Radio Sources (MRC) is an astronomical catalog containing 12 141 discrete sources from a 408-MHz survey with the Molonglo Radio Telescope. Multitracking became possible with the idea of simultaneously recording different audio channels to separate discrete "tracks" on the same tape—a "track" was simply a different channel recorded to its own discrete area on tape whereby their relative sequence of recorded events would be preserved, and playback would be simultaneous or "synchronized." Moreover, on computer-based systems, the number of simultaneously available recording tracks is limited by the sound card discrete analog or digital inputs. A discrete, sometimes cutting or dark kind of humour is the second aspect of Djan Silveberg’s artistic approach.

Examples of the use of ‘discreet’

As he was, when I first saw him after they found me and demanded to know if I would take him, and, at my peril be discreet as he was then, so he is now.'' The discreet Mr. Lorry said, in a sample tone of the voice he would recommend under the circumstances,``How do you do, Mr. Stryver? At half past three in the winter the fire was lighted by the discreet servant, who had the superintendence of the little apartment, and in the summer ices were placed on the table at the same hour. That the assessors were honest and discreet men under an oath to assess fairly and equitably, and that any advantage each of them might expect in lessening his own tax by augmenting that of the proprietaries was too trifling to induce them to perjure themselves. A man must not only consider how daily his life wasteth and decreaseth, but this also, that if he live long, he cannot be certain, whether his understanding shall continue so able and sufficient, for either discreet consideration, in matter of businesses; or for contemplation: it being the thing, whereon true knowledge of things both divine and human, doth depend. For thou must consider the things of the world, not as a loose independent number, consisting merely of necessary events; but as a discreet connection of things orderly and harmoniously disposed. For many things are done by way of discreet policy; and generally a man must know many things first, before he be able truly and judiciously to judge of another man's action.

Examples of the use of ‘discrete’

There also exist related fractional generalizations of similar transforms such as the discrete Fourier transform. Before his formulation, the presence of electric charge was simply "inserted" into the equations of quantum mechanics (QM), but in 1931 Dirac showed that a discrete charge naturally "falls out" of QM. In quantum theory, also operators with non-discrete spectrum are in use, such as the position operator formula_22 in quantum mechanics. In the general case, its spectrum will neither be entirely discrete nor entirely continuous. Electrical resistance in 40-nanometer-wide nanoribbons of epitaxially-applied graphene changes in discrete steps following quantum mechanical principles. The error involved in discrete simulations has been quantified. Other treatments include auditory training, discrete trial training, facilitated communication, and sensory integration therapy. The home is a large asymmetrical frame dwelling, built in three discrete sections over a long period of time. Street theatre should be distinguished from other more formal outdoor theatrical performances, such as performances in a park or garden, where there is a discrete space set aside (or roped off) and a ticketed audience. It gives us an important new insight into the nature of two-dimensional space and of the ways in which such space can be broken into discrete portions."

Examples of the use of ‘discrete’

Stateflow is generally used to specify the discrete controller in the model of a hybrid system where the continuous dynamics (i.e., the behavior of the plant and environment) are specified using Simulink. Religion (a conceptual domain which in Europe has only been considered a discrete entity since the Age of Enlightenment) is part of the concept of "dharma" within traditional Indian Civilization. For discrete-time dynamical systems the orbits are sequences, for real dynamical systems the orbits are curves and for holomorphic dynamical systems the orbits are Riemann surfaces. In the discrete time case, if the planning horizon formula_10 is finite, the problem can also be easily solved by dynamic programming. Several discrete stocks are likely present in the Southern Hemisphere as well. This reduces the problem of studying space form to studying discrete groups of isometries formula_20 of formula_10 which act properly discontinuously. The Navier–Stokes equations are based on the assumption that the fluid, at the scale of interest, is a continuum, in other words is not made up of discrete particles but rather a continuous substance. According Gumm and Mendelson, there are "...four discrete color classes in darters; red, orange, yellow, blue/green."

Examples sentences using ‘discrete’

There are numerous taxonomies of processes, and, roughly speaking, they are divided into: continuous and discrete, stable and not stable, convergent or not convergent, cyclic and not cyclic, linear and not linear. Interpretation as the discrete Laplace operator. The Laplacian matrix can be interpreted as a matrix representation of a particular case of the negative discrete Laplace operator. The graph in this example is constructed on a 2D discrete grid, with points on the grid connected to their eight neighbors. T. Sunada, Discrete geometric analysis, "Proceedings of Symposia in Pure Mathematics," (ed. Then in other works different variants of ICA were proposed for solving both discrete and continuous problems. Before the invention of the integrated circuit in 1959, electronic circuits were constructed from discrete components that could be manipulated by hand. By 1960, a discrete version of these equations was being extensively used in electrical engineering and geophysics, their use continuing until the present day. An example of this was the expulsion of Hopf's name from the discrete version of the Wiener–Hopf equations, which were frequently referred to as "Wiener filter". The independence of these types of sexism in predicting human behavior indicates that the two are, in fact, discrete forms of bias on separate but related axes. With a structure that defies definition, its coherence as a discrete form of dance lies only in its underlying ability to both impact and empower agents of change. On the other hand, the dual type allows both discrete orientations and fit across dimensions at the unit level but creates a misfit between organizational units.

Examples sentences using ‘discrete’

Markov chain simulation is typically faster but less accurate and flexible than detailed discrete event simulation. First generation VDSL standard specified both quadrature amplitude modulation (QAM) and discrete multi-tone modulation (DMT). The term habitat fragmentation includes five discrete phenomena: Natural causes and effects. Define formula_9 as the generalized sum of the observable formula_10 over the degrees of freedom of the single component (sum for discrete variables, integrals for continuous ones). It also has the added advantage that it can be implemented as either a "fully discrete" or "semi-discrete" scheme. Here we consider the semi-discrete scheme. The vibration energy of the lattice can take discrete values for every excitation.

Examples of the use of ‘discreet’

He was deeply in love with a peasant girl, a vassal of his father's, the daughter of wealthy parents, and herself so beautiful, modest, discreet, and virtuous, that no one who knew her was able to decide in which of these respects she was most highly gifted or most excelled. Camilla was distressed, as a discreet and right-minded woman would be, at the orders her husband left her, and bade him remember that it was not becoming that anyone should occupy his seat at the table during his absence, and if he acted thus from not feeling confidence that she would be able to manage his house, let him try her this time, and he would find by experience that she was equal to greater responsibilities. The first words written on the parchment found in the leaden box were these: THE ACADEMICIANS OF ARGAMASILLA, A VILLAGE OF LA MANCHA, ON THE LIFE AND DEATH OF DON QUIXOTE OF LA MANCHA, HOC SCRIPSERUNT MONICONGO, ACADEMICIAN OF ARGAMASILLA, ON THE TOMB OF DON QUIXOTE EPITAPH The scatterbrain that gave La Mancha more Rich spoils than Jason's; who a point so keen Had to his wit, and happier far had been If his wit's weathercock a blunter bore; The arm renowned far as Gaeta's shore, Cathay, and all the lands that lie between; The muse discreet and terrible in mien As ever wrote on brass in days of yore; He who surpassed the Amadises all, And who as naught the Galaors accounted, Supported by his love and gallantry: Who made the Belianises sing small, And sought renown on Rocinante mounted; Here, underneath this cold stone, doth he lie. See now who offers to become one; no less than the illustrious bachelor Samson Carrasco, the perpetual joy and delight of the courts of the Salamancan schools, sound in body, discreet, patient under heat or cold, hunger or thirst, with all the qualifications requisite to make a knight-errant's squire! 'Mr. Dick,' said my aunt, 'don't be a fool, because nobody can be more discreet than you can, when you choose. She had a little basket-trifle hanging at her side, with keys in it; and she looked as staid and as discreet a housekeeper as the old house could have.

Examples of the use of ‘discreet’

'You have been recommended to me, Mr. Hatherley, as being a man who is not only proficient in his profession but is also discreet and capable of preserving a secret.' I rely upon you not only to be discreet and to refrain from all gossip upon the matter but, above all, to preserve this coronet with every possible precaution because I need not say that a great public scandal would be caused if any harm were to befall it. 'It would be better for yourself, and all of us, if you WERE mercenary, Mr. Copperfield--I mean, if you were more discreet and less influenced by all this youthful nonsense. Before you come to that,' said Traddles, a little disconcerted, 'I am afraid I thought it discreet to omit (not being able to carry everything before me) two points, in making this lawless adjustment--for it's perfectly lawless from beginning to end--of a difficult affair. And he advised me to “acquire, by my patience and discreet behaviour, the good opinion of himself and his subjects.” He desired “I would not take it ill, if he gave orders to certain proper officers to search me; for probably I might carry about me several weapons, which must needs be dangerous things, if they answered the bulk of so prodigious a person.” I said, “His majesty should be satisfied; for I was ready to strip myself, and turn up my pockets before him.” This I delivered part in words, and part in signs. Now, it was plainly a labor of love for Captain Sleet to describe, as he does, all the little detailed conveniences of his crow's-nest; but though he so enlarges upon many of these, and though he treats us to a very scientific account of his experiments in this crow's-nest, with a small compass he kept there for the purpose of counteracting the errors resulting from what is called the "local attraction" of all binnacle magnets; an error ascribable to the horizontal vicinity of the iron in the ship's planks, and in the Glacier's case, perhaps, to there having been so many broken-down blacksmiths among her crew; I say, that though the Captain is very discreet and scientific here, yet, for all his learned "binnacle deviations," "azimuth compass observations," and "approximate errors," he knows very well, Captain Sleet, that he was not so much immersed in those profound magnetic meditations, as to fail being attracted occasionally towards that well replenished little case-bottle, so nicely tucked in on one side of his crow's nest, within easy reach of his hand. In particular, she has turned the head of their butler Lavernay, but despite both of them assuring their employers they would be discreet, within a couple of weeks they had been spotted together on clandestine meetings after dark. Adam Dalgliesh is brought in to investigate the mysterious death of a famous writer on a remote and inaccessible island off the Cornish coast. Combe Island is a discreet retreat operated by a private trust, where the rich and powerful find peace and quiet. Discreet talks between Britain and France regarding an association with the Tiger had been continuing since the late 1980s and, although Britain has initially dismissed industrial participation in the project, it was known by the mid 1990s that Britain was prepared to purchase modern attack helicopters from abroad. Both Amal and the PSP-led coalition received the discreet, yet fundamental backing of the Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO) and the Syrian Army, who provided logistical and artillery support. An early 18th-century British article in "The Gentleman's Magazine" describes how silent machines had replaced over-garrulous servants at some tables and, by the 1750s, Christopher Smart was praising the "foreign" but discreet devices in verse. Figures were placed where natural light sources would highlight their heads, or instead more discreet quasi-naturalistic flickering or glowing light was shown around the head of Christ and other figures (perhaps pioneered by Titian in his late period). Synagogues were opened and the communities could hold a discreet activity. The BCI's Good Practice Guidelines (GPG) (BCI, 2013) highlight that crisis or disaster response cannot be considered as a discreet entity in the case that BCM is employed; based on the premise that BCM is a holistic approach to any high impact incident. In the past, backing for such groups had been discreet, but in early 1992 the Saudi's invited several Iraqi opposition leaders to Riyadh to attend a well-publicised conference. During his second term at the Ministry of the Interior, Sarkozy was initially more discreet about his ministerial activities: instead of focusing on his own topic of law and order, many of his declarations addressed wider issues, since he was expressing his opinions as head of the UMP party.

What is the meaning of discrete?

As the principal categories of biomass conversion technologies that are currently used for combined heat and power generation are direct combustion and gasification, these two biomass energy conversion technologies will be further discussed below. Like user want to something play user can hit on play in user inter face but in command face wright the line of command to play audio or video it is complex then icons interface. This is still the basis for calculating the middle of the five daily prayers of Muslims, including the Ḍuhr and ‘Aṣr prayer. If you and I are going to become resilient people and build a resilient church then we have to learn the value of perspective. In order to prevent this phenomenon, the change must begin from the business market and the collaboration of the consumers and the governmental institutions. Against the advice of the Curia (Roman bureaucracy), John XXIII brought Vatican II to the church. Therefore, a study is proposed that utilizes the self-efficacy questionnaires developed by Kuhn and Carter (2006) to assess the self-efficacy of parents of children enrolled in IBI programs.

What is the meaning of a discreet?

As a result, several officials have been hanged on public places, which represent condemnation of a certain leader who became a liability of the society. Mbekomize &Lillian Wally Dima (2013) they examined the relationship between social and environmental disclosure and its determinants by taking 37 companies from Botswana Stock Exchange. The author discusses the need to consider cultural differences of students which helps in determining learning outcomes, ultimately affecting the way students learn. Once Russia became a Federation, their economy has grown tremendously due to opening the borders for importing and exporting companies. Kemlu needs to ensure that its human resources are prepared, knowledgeable, and well equipped to the task. The duration of recruit training is currently 3 months which must be extended to 6 months, enabling officers to receive a more comprehensive and more in-depth syllabus. This indicates that most of the respondents prefer to consume fruits as snack much often compared to other type of snack. There are three central beliefs also known as the three jewels because they are so precious, that formed the core of Buddhist teachings. With a changing educational world, we are seeing more team based approaches, causing not only the teachers to be more aware of the cultural diversity in their classroom, but also the leaders in the school. The data will be obtained from the Barbrook and Lily Mine’s quarterly reports to the Department of Water Affairs (DWA) which show the monitoring results of all samples collected and analysed for numerous elements. Dubai no longer needs extra effort to put on a lovely markeable print on the board to show its confident intruding image against other Mena countries. The family friendly policies were represent 15 questions, while superior support represent 7 questions, and flexible working hours represent 12 questions. It was in response to changing industry dynamics; LCE developed the AM system framework as illustrated above, the above figures illustrates the links between the elements of an asset management system and key outputs.

When should I use discrete?

By using this idea in a business context, the model incorporates activities that were within the corporation’s discretion to improve the quality of life of employees, local communities, and ultimately society in general. The people who are working at the level of middle management and somehow lower level managers may be aware of this sensitive reality. Besides, evaluators can have the better experiences and detects higher proportion of severe problems than the standard heuristic evaluation (Buykx, 2009). The opportunity to be ceased by investments in health and education infrastructures and facilities; by adaptation and use of mitigation technology, early warning systems, green public transportation to strengthen regional cooperation for green technology transfer. In order to get optimum benefits from industrial development, policies to promote investment have been reviewed from time to time. This is to ensure that the policies help the development of employment and the use of natural resources which is still a lot the next goal is to encourage efficient aggregates in the industrial field so that costs and the effects of industrial society is controlled. He later entered into his second of four marriages to girl of wealthy prominent back ground name Pauline Pfeiffer. Transactions based on Gharar are unclear or ambiguous; not everyone involved knows what to expect and can make an informed decision. Instead, a teacher reports that Marty is drawing graphic pictures of injured people and has been seen scratching superficial marks into his skin with a safety pin. The character Sally's example of this is in chapter 32; Huck deceives the mistress of the house Aunt Sally by pretending to be her nephew, Tom (Clemens, 266). Sexual assault victims have many issues after their assault with the media as well as the community. For example in the ariel view there is one white circle surrounded by small rectangular housing and businesses. Moreover, he also assert that there was higher possibility engaging in risky sexual behaviour among women from poorer households relative to those from more affluent ones. Cambridge English Grammar

When should I use a discreet?

The article even inspired a popular book called the Betty and Barney Hill UFO Experience published in 1966. The above two problems discussed are hidden inside the raw data; hence we now discussed some of the multivariate methods which will be exclusively working in separation of noise and the data structure. Unfortunately, due to the amount of time spent on writing this, Hemingway and his new love began to fall apart. Brian Frank indicated that merely getting enough signatures to approve some legislate measures on the ballot through entire California can cost one million to two million dollars. The idea of bonding and bridging social capital has been studied by several researchers and is important for this paper and differentiates between homogeneous and heterogenous social networks. Another issue found in the traditional budgeting approach used by Multan Industries was that in traditional budgeting, Multan Industries assumed that all the costs centers that were present during last budgeting period would remain the same for current budgeting period.

How do I use discrete?

Even if there have been given importance to the pollution control for the formal large sector and simultaneously the effectiveness of environmental policy may not be possible to control pollution without controlling pollution of informal sector (Biswas,2012-13). Computing devices of the 1990s considered higher microprocessor frequency as better performance because higher frequency meant faster operations and more capable computing. The Federal Capital Territory (FCT) Abuja, alongside Lagos and Port Harcourt also has ongoing city rail systems (mono rail) projects expected by be completed mid 2015 and 2016yr respectively. The company has a chief executive officer (CEO), a chief legal officer (CLO), and a chief financial officer (CFO); the CLO and CFO report directly to the CEO. Guo J, Fan A, Zhang X, and Liu W, “A numericalstudy on heat transfer and friction factor characteristics of laminar flow in a circular tube fitted with center-cleared twisted-tape” in InternationalJournal of Thermal Sciences, 2011, Vol.50, pp.1263-70. Gas street lights, brick sidewalks and outstanding street appeal contribute to the atmosphere of the area. University of Illinois Grammar Handbook

How do I use a discreet?

This continuous increase in demand is mainly due to the fact, that oil is utilized in other products, for this reason, the demand increases rather than decreases when the price is raised. All of us have seen some among the poor elevated to wealth and positions of power and influence; and some among the powerful and rich plunged into oblivion, and, in some cases, to an ignominious death. The first step in this process is to isolate mRNA from “sample (tester) cells and control cells (driver), and each population is converted to cDNA” (S. Of course, in his pursuit to achieve all that, man is bound to consume whatever resource available to him. However, no matter what reason brings these immigrants to U.S., they do not have authorization from the government. The cause of climate change can be separated into two groups which are due to natural and manmade causes. Examples of such ejecta are shocked minerals, disfigured rocks, Microspherules, Iridium, extraterrestrial fullerenes, along with soot and ash. It was the time when Richard Chenevix Trench, on Philological Society of England meeting, proposed to create a new dictionary, which would correct all of the shortcomings of the previous dictionaries. As mentioned earlier, Gen Haig was a highly controversial leader throughout WW1 in the British history. These two populations are enormously in need of recognition; in both provided care and health care costs. Putnam's (2000) “re-potting hypothesis” used the analogy of regular repotting of plants damaging roots as a way of saying frequent movement leads to deracinated immigrants. No 200 Canberra: Australian Institute of Criminology the fraud is the act that involves intentional misstatement in order to gain improper profit over other competitive parties. The character took a loan from the loan shark to buy drugs so that he can make money selling the drugs. Governments with the right associations can be the principal sponsor of important values held by the public. Therefore, the people who have knowledge about the key planning assumptions should take a main part in setting the budget.

Examples of the use of discrete?

The move, in a quick look, may appear ill-advised because the SUV segment has been dominated by low-priced Japanese brands. The analytical process will involve themazing, verifying, analyzing, and categorizing to develop themes, in order to interpret and present the data accurately. From respect to responsible stewardship, Ada seemed to uphold each of those qualities in her life. China and The Soviet Union’s relationship had slowly dwindled over the past years, and Nixon visited China, and this made The Soviet Union want to better their relationship with us. Pop culture is that loose blend of books, music, fashion which contributes to the identity of a society at a particular point in time (Hewitt, 2013). Performance management is a critical element toward the general rewarding policy which aggregates and identify the individual and collective fulfilments contribute to the entire objective of AXA (i.e. They can replace the laborious exercise of filing papers in filing cabinets and shelves where records accumulate dust over a long period of time.

Examples of the use of a discreet?

This means modern aircrafts are designed to be a flying network of wired and wireless data networks. The percent of abortions have decreased since it reached the peak in 1984 because people are giving more education, making more technology and contraceptives better and effective. Finally, it will discuss the damage caused to innocent bystanders who were unknowingly and unwillingly associated with the hoax. Being a teenage is about experimenting and trying new things and learning from you mistakes this is what Charlie goes through when dealing with drugs “regardless, I decided to never take LSD again”. They try hard to make their work meaningful to their viewers; makes them believe so that they will purchase the items (DiSalvatore, 2010). For instance, the PDFA has not stopped accepting corporate partnerships with banks that have been involved in drug money laundering. An useful way of segmentation is to develop a number of alternative segments and decide which ones are most appropriate. Your doctor can help you understand what may be happening and test for sexually transmitted diseases. The Chicago Manual of Style

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