Should I use 'color' or 'colour'?

In American English, ‘color’ is the most common spelling. In British English, ‘colour’ is the preferred spelling.

Use of ‘color’ and ‘colour’ in American English

This Ngram indicates the use of ‘color’ and ‘colour’ in American books, journals, and magazines. As you can see, the use of ‘color’ has been gaining in popularity for over 100 years to the detriment of‘colour’.

Use of ‘color’ and ‘colour’ in British English

This Ngram indicates the use of ‘color’ and ‘colour’ in British books, journals, and magazines. As you can see, ‘colour’ is, and always has been, the preferred spelling in British English.

Examples of the use of ‘color’

  • Indeed, the color of an object depends upon the color of the light which falls upon it.
  • Evidently a ray of spectrum red is a simple color, not a compound color.
  • What color nerves were defective in the case of the host?
  • But we must not stray into the fascinating province of color.
  • There is, as it were, an abstract music of line, tone, and color.
  • Lying between the earth and the heavens, it partakes of the colorof both.
  • Their changes of coloras to variety are not up to the creature's reputation.
  • It was partially in black and white, while some of it was in color.
  • It shows the same variations in color and markings.
  • When pure, the color is colorless or white.
  • The shells are white and show no color patterns.
  • As a juvenile, they are almost indistinguishable in color and markings.
  • The BJCP color guide was prepared in this way.
  • In overall color pattern, it agrees with its relatives.
  • Tantalite is black to brown in both color and streak.
  • Red is the color of blood, rubies and strawberries.
  • Egyptians would color themselves with red ochre during celebrations.
  • Red was the color of the banner of the Byzantine emperors.
  • Its secret ingredient was arsenic, which brightened the color.
  • Red was the color worn by the royal guards of honor, and the color of the carriages of the imperial family.
  • Red in color theory and on a computer screen.
  • It is the color of celebration and ceremony.
  • In China, it is considered the color of good fortune and prosperity, and it is the color traditionally worn by brides.
  • Red is the traditional color of warning and danger.

Examples of the use of ‘colour’

  • Red is the colour that most attracts attention.
  • It is also the colour most associated with dynamism and activity.
  • This was the first colour television program in the USA.
  • Its dorsal colour varies from russet to gray.
  • Each team has a call sign and corresponding colour.
  • It didn't matter the colour of your skin.
  • Each tepal may have a darker midstripe of most any colour.
  • The white garden is a variant of the colour garden.
  • It is named for the scarlet colour of the male.
  • Its stone walls have a beige and ochre colour.
  • Sorting for colour, clarity, polish and symmetry.
  • Fancy colour identification, authenticity check of colour and certification.
  • This species is highly variable in colour and pattern.
  • The club's official colour is garnet, a dark red colour.
  • Amaranth is a reddish-rose colour that is a representation of the colour of the flower of the amaranth plant.
  • The colour amaranth is displayed at right.
  • The colour amaranth pink is displayed at right.
  • This colour is a representation of the color of pink amaranth flowers.
  • The colour amaranth purple is displayed at right.
  • This colour is a representation of the color of purple amaranth flowers.
  • Likewise, in synesthesia, the ability to "hear" a colour does not mean that a colour produces sound.
  • When heated, the colour becomes more intense, and the colour is known as burnt umber.
  • The source of this colour is: ISCC-NBS Dictionary of Color Names (1955).
  • The colour of the shell is horn-colour, the nodules are white.
  • It was shot in DeLuxe Colour and CinemaScope.
  • It does not revert to the original colour.

Trends in the use of ‘color’ and ‘colour’

This graph shows the trends in the use of ‘color’ by country. You can compare with this graph which indicates the trends in the use of ‘colour’ by country.

What is the meaning of colour?

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This type of data is generally taken from sources like newspapers, internet, magazines, reports, journals, bulletins etc. The Right to Development, declared by Supreme Court as a component of Article 21 of the Constitution of India, 1950 cannot be treated as a mere right to economic betterment or cannot be limited as a misnomer to simple construction activities. When asked if they had or were planning to get Spanish citizenship, both the Filipinos and Chinese were unlikely to have taken the citizenship even when Filipino nationals only require two years in Spain before they can apply compared to ten years for Chinese nationals. How much work is done in hoisting 2 tons of coal from the bottom of a mine 20 meters deep? This new media presence pushed the government to make a new deal with the tribe on April 19th 2000. Whereas, IVUS enables to accurately visualize not only the lumen of the coronary arteries, but also the atheroma hidden within the artery wall as shown in Figure 3.5. For this study, the questionnaire was design in five sections which are respondent profile, family friendly policies, superior support, flexible working hours and employees’ job performance.

When should I use color?

As such, there are as many as definitions of industrial relations as the authors on the subject.
Moreover, RyR3 is expressed in the different tissues including mammalian brain (Hertle & Yeckel, 2007; Zhao, et al., 2001). All other minutiae end or branch points within D8 distance with value 3 are all made zero. In view of the findings there is a great need for various stakeholders to urgently intervene and avert the effects of pastoralist conflicts on the social well-being of children and avert factors promoting hostile intercommunal interactions among pastoralists.
There are also good arguments and many who believe that Gen Haig was the best man for the job. Anti-Defamation League of B’nai B’rith and the National Catholic Welfare Council lobbied for laws prohibiting discrimination against immigrants by employers, colleges, and government agencies. By far the deadliest weapon in WW1 was the Gas, they would usually be fired from artillery at the enemy’s trenches, where many soldiers were either killed or scarred for life. When the Young Turks came into power their goal was to unite the Turks and rid themselves of Christians. Defence mechanisms may end in healthy or unhealthy outcomes depending on the conditions and frequency with which the mechanism is used.

When should I use colour?

The company is known for creating and producing attractive content for children and then distributing the content through various entertainment channels. He also felt embarrassed that he had to use an interpreter at school, but he says that he later got used to having one.
Often when a patients is referred to a specialist, the patients is responsible for the cost of duplicate diagnostic testing or lengthy wait times for medical records to deliver hard copies.
Moreover, cultural erosion is also apparent in the number of declining languages and rising use of English, Spanish and Chinese (Harrison, 2007). Domestic or foreign enterprises that use high technology in production, create more added value will be encouraged to participate in the Vietnam market. We used a random effects model to adjust for the within-pair sibling variation; moreover, outcomes such as fasting glucose, insulin resistance and diabetes in our study population, are more strongly associated with environmental factors, such as migration status (23), and its associated diets and physical activity patterns. According to the Bureau of labor Statistics (BLS), it is projected that a 10% increase in the job in this particular industry can be noticed within 2020. The APA Style Guide

How do I use color?

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How do I use colour?

The studies evaluated in this research pertained to a wide variety of subject groups, including adolescents, teenagers and adults. The fragrance of the Cardamom and the light from the Diyas is seen as a complete cleansing of the environment in the homes. The overall effectiveness of the journal is information determining how and why global warming is effective to neurodegenerative disorders. The island is home to some of the most endangered species of wildlife, flora and fauna. Jane Goodall has also received multiple honors such as the National Geographic Society’s Hubbard Medal and the Benjamin Franklin Medal in Life Science. For the first few days I was merely shunned and could not make out the insults which they whispered to each other in class,” (Ricci 105). Planning is necessary to establish the firm goals, to choose operating and financial strategies, forecast operating results against which to monitor and evaluate performance and create contingent plans for dealing with possible future circumstances. This study highlights the poor seismic performance of RC frame buildings with masonry infill walls in Turkey, and underlies design and construction factors causing weak performance. Furthermore, this rocket is so significant for rocketry since most of the later rocket designs of the USA and USSR were based on it (Goebel). All these technical improvements like taller chimney which not only creates stronger draft but also improves combustion process to some extent. Most CDP solutions retained some applications, save the changes to the block, rather than the file level. In the movie when Carter is asked to fire Dan, the advertising executive, he replies no to his boss, by telling him that they both have secured a big investment from an investor. The scriptures are divine and only the divine can determine the authenticity and inclusion in the New Testament. George Orwell wrote this novel to prove that if you give control to a leader or the government. The MLA Style Guide

Examples of the use of color

Of course, the ever-increasing abundance of hemp in British society posed a problem as far as the psychoactive effects were concerned. There needs to be measurements put in place to see if it is working or not. The traditional investors like the United States, and the Middle East also refocus back on Africa in 2014. On global view point CO2 emissions are staggering in the twenty century according to a researcher Richard Perry-Jones who was the Vice President Ford’s Global Product Development and was reported on automotive engineering international magazine of February 2008. Women are emotional and cannot cope with their sense of guilt for killing an innocent being. However, Napoleon's achievements may be ignored by a historian that is from a different part of the world. But without any financial support from the city government, only 6 kilns were forced to move to remote location and the remaining kilns were closed down. As noted by Becker, the element iridium is fairly rare on Earth, but abundant in extraterrestrial bodies. According to Madigan (2014), Art therapy that occurs within an existential context is concerned with: “ artists negotiate the choices they confront, what values inform those decisions, their experience in making them, and what place these decisions take in the wider context of the artist’s life”(p.30). The point being, science is performed by humans, and therefore the results of any experiment can be corrupted.

Examples of the use of colour

From her personal experience as a child of immigrant parents, she presents in her writings, the emotional journey of characters seeking love and affection beyond the barricade of nations, cultures, religions and generations. It has a silver colour, , has a high melting point of 1670°C low density of 4.51 g cm-3 and high strength. John Dalton determined that each chemical element is composed of a unique type of atom, and that the atoms differed by their masses.
Hyundai Motor Asian country Ltd (HMIL) reportable a two.4 per cent growth in total sales at 48,612 units in Gregorian calendar month, compared with 47,505 units within the same month last year. Jim Anderton maintains that a Minister must be able to take a precautionary approach when a species is at risk, and that it is Parliament’s obligation to allow this. Because If I arrive where I don't know, I will be sad and I can't live well. All these factors lead created an historical scene in where a less significant event became the trigger for the First World War. It is available in conventional dosage forms such as tablets and suppositories for children with age more than 2 years. The cryptosystem proposed in this work provides security to data and applications at various level of abstraction and increases the work of hackers as they have to imply more effort to steal the data.

Color vs. colour

Even today the devil still behaves like a snake.It will deceive you to do the worst sin and after you have sinned and been punished,the devil will not be seen anywhere. Thus, people should change the world by establishing the law which protect the lives of people under the capitalism.
This includes being unable to recall someone’s name, not being able to think of a word, misplacing objects, being unable to organize or plan, and having difficulty performing tasks. Then Richard reminds the reeder about freedom of human choices as if everyone can make their own decisions freely even if they are wrong. Two crests) and the number of complete waves passing a point per second is called the frequency. In our society, there is a bad attitude and perception towards individuals with disability as people tend to focus on what the disabled person cannot do as opposed to what the individual can do (International Classification of Impairments, Disabilities and Handicaps, 1980). Many children forego attending school in order to work and help make money for their families, and as a result, the rate of illiteracy and unemployment is alarmingly high in Brazil.

What is the meaning of color?

She said in 1960’s the mini-skirts were popular and that shows “the fact that attitudes towards sex and the female body were changing and becoming more liberal” (Natalie Cosgrove 2010).
It’s configuration of the stage fly and wing solidifies the theatre as a top tier facility. Adapted and change over many years and by many scientists, the Modern Periodic Table is a useful document that helps scientists and students understand many scientific concepts, mainly chemistry. In case of children issue arises as they are not mature enough to give an informed consent. This will also influence the natural animal breeding process, when a fish is being injected with GMO, its growing process will be accelerated and the fish will be much bigger as well. Discovery differentiates itself in the marketplace by creating products that create a shared value system around their clients. The health care costs of patients with painful DN mention three folds higher than their peers without these conditions. As described by the findings, many experienced reformed by anti-Muslim and ethical chauvinism as well as patriarchal and heterosexist norms contained in their ethnic and religious communities. For health, education, and behaviour Canadian society expects parents to make good decisions for their children, and there are consequences when they do not. At this moment, as I’m writing this, the exchange rate is at US$0.74 per Singapore Dollar. Studies support that it should be thought of an s a chronic disease and treated as such. In Shakespeare’s play Romeo and Juliet two star crossed lovers take their lives for each other because when making decisions they chose passion over reason. He started a campaign where he made him look much more trustworthy than Nixon, putting up posters that said “Would you buy a used car from this man?”. The prosecutor can formally charge a person by presenting evidence to a grand jury, with or without the direct complaint. Hussain and Gull conclude with saying that capital structure has a negative effect on stock prices, but that capital structure only counts for 25% of stock price changes.

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