British slang words

Below are a few more commonly used British slang words!

  • balls-up -- a messed up situation
  • wazzock -- an idiot
  • legless -- extremely drunk
  • miffed -- upset or offended
  • knackered -- tired and exhausted
  • gobby -- being a loud mouth and/or offensive
  • collywobbles -- a feeling of acute nervousness
  • tosh -- nonsense
  • minted -- to be wealthy

Example sentences using British slang words

  • The Democrat’s unprecedented balls-up surprised everyone.
  • The culture minister called Hillary Clinton a ‘wazzock’.
  • We've all seen people leaving legless after a heavy session in the pub.
  • Miffed with local cops, the Punjab minister staged a hunger strike.
  • I'm completely knackered after the weekend!
  • I discovered he was a serial cheater and got a bit gobby about it.
  • A bloke came in the pub and he was a bit gobby.
  • The BBC corporation gets the collywobbles whenever a programme is controversial.
  • Serena claims she got the collywobbles ahead of London Olympics.
  • Politics is complete tosh to me.
  • After working the whole night, I was knackered.
  • I crawled out of that bar completely legless.
  • My friend is a little gobby at times.
  • She got collywobbles before presenting her report to the class.
  • The show was graced with another balls-up tonight.
  • He is not going to take you to court for calling him a ‘wazzock’.
  • After he started a new business, he is minting a lot of money.
  • Malaysia’s prime minister is miffed by a Justice Department investigation into his private bank accounts.

Example sentences using British slang words

  • Elton John ended an eight-year feud with his mum.
  • Trolleys are all around town and few of them are in the stores where they came from.
  • Afterwards, she noticed that her diary had a new event on it.
  • It dawned on me years later that actually we were never mates.
  • I'm going to take a kip and I want you to clean this kitchen!
  • I can't always tell if he has a dirty nappy.
  • A baby boy ended up face down on train tracks when his pram rolled off a platform.
  • When I was in London we had to buy wine at an off-license.
  • Man says he's just picking up mates from the pub, but taxi company says he's getting paid.
  • He was pissed before nine o’clock and honking by ten.
  • I don't like using exercise bikes because they hurt my bum.
  • He agrees to help a student in his math class if the classmate will hook him up with a dishy girl.
  • It was in autumn of last year, if I recall.
  • I’ve got to ring mum before ten.
  • He went to post a letter.
  • She was on holiday in Romania.
  • She went to buy sweets and a biscuit.
  • Could I have some extra chips with the fish?
  • My mates in America eats lots of potato crisps.

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British slang words

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How can you thoroughly explain to a raging man they need to follow certain procedures to get the justice they are seeking? The old way of thinking was replaced by the Enlightenment ideas that were based on rationality. Their friends and “popular” students at schools encourage youth to get involved in an activity that will make them supposedly feel good. The children of those parents who are better educated, have better jobs, make more money, and live in a home with both parents present are more likely to achieve higher education levels than those who have less. They were Christians living under Muslim leaders, and as a result they were subject to unjust treatment. He said one tactic he often uses when interviewing people is to have them tell him something they are passionate about, such as the Green Bay Packers, then has you argue why the Minnesota Vikings (the Packers rivalry) are better. Some health care leaders believe that merger and acquisition can help address patient experience, cost reduction, the emphasis on being accountable in health care, disease management and improve quality of care as a larger organization. Although dysmorphy and IQ differences among groups were related to effect size in comparisons of FASD versus control groups, these variables did not account for executive function weaknesses observed in FASD groups relative to ADHD groups (dysmorphy: g=-0.27, 95% CI[-0.65, 0.11]; IQ: g=0.00 per IQ point, 95% CI[-0.02, 0.02]). While the 20th century brought the study of emotional conditions through the work of Binet, Bender, Strauss, Lehtinen, and Cruickshank, the years between 1970 and 2005 are the most notable in protecting the rights of the disabled and disadvantaged when the federal designation was designed to protect their rights. The establishment of the University of Chile on the 19th of November 1842 addressed the need to modernize the nation which somewhat more than two decades prior had get to be autonomous from the Spanish realm. The Indian diasporic community finds itself caught in between vacillating loyalties in which home becomes a metaphor and belonging becomes a utopia. The Cambridge Dictionary

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The physicians also feel less compulsion to act because the law "accommodates variation in clinicians' willingness to participate" (Loggers et al., 2013, p. African American who took the long journey from the south to the north breaking every wall of racism and barriers made by community discrimination, started to sing louder and louder, reflecting their stories and feelings by music, melodies and poem. His calculations for the location of what was to be named Neptune were out by only 1°- the calculations of his next closest astrophysicist were out by 12°. Another way in which the Cold War affected space exploration by making one of the most outstanding missions from the Cold War possible. Carlyle linked his theory with the heroes/historians at this time to proof that they used their personal attributes or divine intervention to shape history.

Meaning of British slang words

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Definition of British slang words

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