Should I use 'ax' or 'axe'?

Both ‘axe’ and ‘ax’ are correct and have the same meaning. The spelling ‘ax’ is used more frequently in American publications, while ‘axe’ is better suited for publications in other English-speaking regions. Both ‘axe’ and ‘ax’ can be used as a noun or a verb.

Use of ‘axe’ and ‘ax’ in American English

Americans originally used the spelling, ‘axe’’, as opposed to the spelling, ‘ax’, which is more commonly used today. The popularity of the spelling, ‘axe’, has dropped dramatically since the 1800s while the popularity of ‘ax’ has increased. With that said, both ‘axe’ and ‘ax’ are still used in American writing. This Ngram indicates the use of ‘axe’ and ‘ax’ in American books, journals, and magazines published from 1800 to 2000.

Use of ‘axe’ and ‘ax’ in British English

This Ngram indicates the use of ‘axe’ and ‘ax’ in British books, journals, and magazines published from 1800 to 2000. As you can see, ‘axe’ is the preferred spelling in British English.

Do ‘axe’ and ‘ax’ mean the same thing?

Both ‘axe’ and ‘ax’ have the same meaning, but ‘axe is used in British English, Australian English, New Zealand English and Canadian English whereas ‘ax’ is used in American English.

Examples sentences using ‘axe’

  • His right hand was occupied with an axe, in place of the usual softer implements.
  • To propose too much, would be to put this man's head under the axe.
  • I heard the fall of the axe during that presentation.
  • She let it fall on the ledge before her, as if the axe had dropped.
  • Before the axe dropped, the woman asked to be allowed to write down the thoughts that were inspiring her.
  • The owner of the axe said that it was ‘the apple of his eye’.
  • Sometimes a rambler in the wood was attracted by the sound of my axe, and we chatted pleasantly.
  • There is no rawness nor imperfection in the edge of this axe.
  • There were marks of an axe and of woodpeckers on the tree.
  • He had an old axe which nobody claimed, which he had found in a field on a winter day.
  • As for the axe, I was advised to get the village blacksmith to sharpen it.
  • With axe and shovel, I explore this mine, and follow the vein of gold deep into the earth.

Examples sentences using ‘ax’

  • The production line fell victim to the budget ax, and was proposed for closure.
  • The judge fumes that the ax is not a suitable punishment.
  • Bad Ax is a high school band from Flint, Michigan.
  • His reputation for rejecting special interest bills led the Acme Ax Factory to present him with a ceremonial "Veto Ax".
  • Adam lifts his ax to kill Osama, hitting the deranged terrorist in the face.
  • The players were against the decision to ax Ronaldo.
  • The ax finally fell on the management staff.
  • The railway station was closed, it was another victim of the budget ax.
  • They use tools such as the ax for clearing shrubs and trees.
  • The ancient ax was delivered to the Museum on 1 July 2014.
  • This is the first discovery of the battle ax culture in the inner parts of Northern Norway.
  • In 1913, a long ax from the same cultural horizon was discovered in Utskarpen.
  • The ax is a "boat-ax" of Swedish-Norwegian type from about 2800—2400 BC.
  • The Iceman had an ax made from Mondsee copper.

Use of ‘axe’ in a sentence

  • First I take an axe and pail and go in search of water, if that be not a dream.
  • For of themselves they are but as a carpenter's axe, but that they are born with us, and naturally sticking unto us.
  • The same prisoner, when conducted to the scaffold, foresees his death as certainly from the constancy and fidelity of his guards, as from the operation of the axe or wheel.
  • I wanted an axe, but there wasn't any, only the one out at the woodpile, and I knowed why I was going to leave that.
  • Well, last I pulled out some of my hair, and blooded the axe good, and stuck it on the back side, and slung the axe in the corner.
  • What I had to do, was, to take my woodman's axe in my hand, and clear my own way through the forest of difficulty, by cutting down the trees until I came to Dora.
  • They are mostly young, of stalwart frames; fellows who have felled forests, and now seek to drop the axe and snatch the whale-lance.
  • Run for God's sake, and fetch something to pry open the door--the axe!--the axe!
  • He wields a powerful battle axe that can send energy charges through the ground.
  • These new tribes were individualistic and clearly patriarchal with the battle axe as a status symbol.
  • In the first "Phantasy Star" game, Medusa was resurrected by King Lassic to guard the Laconian Axe .
  • Sláine's favourite weapon is an axe called "Brainbiter".
  • His main amp was an Axe Fx Ultra until he upgraded to the Axe Fx II.
  • He stalks her through the hotel with an aaxe xe in his hand.
  • Athans returned the ice axe of the dead climber to his family.

Trends in the use of ‘axe’ and ‘ax’

This graph shows the trends in the use of ‘axe’ by country. You can compare with this graph which indicates the trends in the use of ‘ax’ by country.

Ax or axe?

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Ax vs. axe

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When should I use axe?

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When should I use ax?

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Should I use axe or ax?

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What is the meaning of axe and ax?

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Which is referred, axe or ax?

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Which is the correct spelling, axe or ax?

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Should I use axe or ax?

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Axe vs. ax

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