Confused Words: tortuous vs torturous

1. It is a comment on the values of the age that Scudamore's own wife and children were parishioners of Father Kemble.
2. A small, dim, crooked shop, kept in a , up hill thoroughfare, by a small, dim, crooked man.
3. Having reached the summit of his vengeance by a long and path, he saw an abyss of doubt yawning before him.
4. In a 1999 talk presented at the annual Oak Park Hemingway Society dinner, Patrick Hemingway admitted ownership of Ernest Hemingway's manuscripts had "a rather history".
5. Johnny Loftus of Allmusic praised the album and described it as a "punishing, unflinching document of internal struggle — taking listeners inside the bruised yet vital body of Metallica, but ultimately revealing the alternately and defiant demons that wrestle inside Hetfield's brain.
6. Several works have their origins in medieval symbolism and iconography, notably three pieces for chamber ensemble: "Theatrum" (1996), " Instruments" (1997-8, after Hieronymous Bosch's depiction of Hell from The Garden of Earthly Delights), and "The Circling Canopy of Night" (1999).
7. Also nearby are the Fountain First Nation, 10 miles up the Fraser River, and the Seton Lake First Nation, whose nearest reserve is only 15 miles away along Seton Lake, but is accessible to and from town only by lake, rail or a mountain and canyon road via the Bridge River.
8. From the D343 the D443 branches north at the hamlet of Samuleto and continues to the village before continuing north by a mountain route to Casevecchie.
9. The case had a history as the United States Government and a number of other plaintiffs joined in support of her position, and involved at least a dozen reported appellate court decisions, including "Geier v. Sundquist," 94 F.3d 644 (6th Cir.
10. The process was because computer power was limited in the early 1980s and the mainframe alone took up several rooms.

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