Confused Words: sceptic vs septic

1. Honey buckets are used especially where permafrost makes the installation of systems or outhouses impractical. They were also relatively common in the Yukon, Northwest Territories and Nunavut of Canada, but by now have mostly been replaced with indoor plumbing and sewage pump-out tanks.
2. At least some of the plots had electricity (from the early 1950s at least), mains water and a tank.
3. Wood also has natural anti- properties.
4. Disease inevitably followed infection, meaning that death from shock could result from foot-binding, and a surviving girl was more at risk for medical problems as she grew older.
5. Reason here seems to be thrown into a kind of amazement and suspence, which, without the suggestions of any , gives her a diffidence of herself, and of the ground on which she treads.
6. Death and Burial. Dr. Derry's medical examination of Shoshenq II's mummy reveals that the king died as a result of a massive infection from a head wound.
7. The , therefore, had better keep within his proper sphere, and display those _philosophical_ objections, which arise from more profound researches.
8. But as soon as they leave the shade, and by the presence of the real objects, which actuate our passions and sentiments, are put in opposition to the more powerful principles of our nature, they vanish like smoke, and leave the most determined in the same condition as other mortals.
9. Jax spots a truck on the garage forecourt which he knows could provide the perfect cover.
10. 9% of the homes have a permitted system, leaving 66% with untreated wastewater.
11. Bereave matter of all its intelligible qualities, both primary and secondary, you in a manner annihilate it, and leave only a certain unknown, inexplicable _something_, as the cause of our perceptions; a notion so imperfect, that no will think it worth while to contend against it.
12. They load the tank up with the guns and drive it away without the watching ATF agents noticing its contents.
13. That meant that 66% of the people are either "straight piping", which is when all of their household wastewater enters a pipe that dumps directly into the stream, or have failing systems.
14. Montford, an accountant and science publisher who publishes a climate blog provides his analysis of the history of the "hockey stick graph" of global temperatures for the last 1000 years and the controversy surrounding the research which produced the graph.
15. These contaminents may be introduced into the waterways via aging sewers, improperly capped systems, and illegal sewer connections.
16. 87.66 acres were acquired, when the Air Force constructed and operated Waverly Air Force Station, which included 84 structures, a firing range, a system, fuel storage tanks, and electrical power.
17. All lyrics written by Sotiris V., all music composed by Flesh.
18. Despite the company's success on the diagnostic front, in 1992 Schoemaker was plunged into efforts to save the company from bankruptcy when its first therapeutic, Centoxin, a drug designed to treat shock, failed to win FDA approval. In part the crisis had come about as a result of the Company's executives trying to go it alone in developing the drug.
19. Cyanobacteria are found in stagnant freshwater enriched with nitrogen and phosphorus from tank and agricultural fertilizer runoff, and may be flushed into the ocean when streamflows are high in the rainy season.
20. This begets a very natural question; What is meant by a ?
21. Esoptron is the second full-length album by Flesh, released in 1995.
22. This geography also defines the location and provision of sewerage network to the township provided Central Highlands Water in which properties are added to the reticulated service, and those that have or treatment plants.
23. While the insists upon these topics, he shows his force, or rather, indeed, his own and our weakness; and seems, for the time at least, to destroy all assurance and conviction.

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