Confused Words: flout vs flounder

1. Leopard is a benthic species living on the bottom of a sea.
2. The worst episodes about for some sort of emotional foothold.
3. The leopard is a highly compressed fish up to long, one of the lefteye s, meaning that the right eye has migrated to the left side of the body.
4. The marine and estuarine areas in the Kaipara Harbour breed snapper, mullet, , sole, kahawai, white trevally, gurnard, yellow‑eyed mullet and skates, rays and sharks.
5. He set himself to listen attentively, and those below raised their voices so that he could hear these words: "Urge me not to sing, Emerencia, for thou knowest that ever since this stranger entered the castle and my eyes beheld him, I cannot sing but only weep; besides my lady is a light rather than a heavy sleeper, and I would not for all the wealth of the world that she found us here; and even if she were asleep and did not waken, my singing would be in vain, if this strange AEneas, who has come into my neighbourhood to me, sleeps on and wakens not to hear it."
6. Some of the oldest buildings in the neighborhood are small frame and brick farmhouses built in the 1860s, many in the form of a " house", a simple but unique vernacular home, often of one-and-a-half stories with a shed roof.
7. The diet of the Arctic consists mainly of small fish and zoobenthos invertebrates such as amphipods, molluscs and marine worms.
8. The Arctic , "Liopsetta glacialis", is a flatfish of the family Pleuronectidae.
9. Always work to a scheme on which you have decided, and do not on in the hope of something turning up as you go along.
10. The fishing industry in the adjacent community of Northport is a significant economic activity, with landings by fishing boats totalling 3 million kilograms of species such as American lobster, mussels, snow crab, soft shell clams, cod, herring, American plaice, mackerel, sea scallop, yellowtail, eel, winter , smelt, rock crab, tomcod, silversides, porbeagle, and blue shark.
11. And he usually begins to about, using his paint as much like chalk on paper as possible.
12. The leopard or panther (Bothus pantherinus) is a flatfish found in the Pacific and Indian Oceans.
13. Other times the turns an almost see-through color to avoid predators when swimming near the surface.
14. In other jurisdictions similar "undertaking" manoeuvres by cyclists are illegal. Such distinctions form the basis of the argument that segregated cycle facilities encourage behaviours that existing traffic law and in which cyclists enjoy no legal protection.
15. Hogchokers are sometimes offered for sale in aquarium stores, often marketed as "Freshwater " or "Freshwater Fluke."
16. The stone 's diet consists of zoobenthos organisms such as amphipods, bivalves, mysids and polychaetes.
17. The Arctic is a right-eyed flatfish.
18. The stone , "Kareius bicoloratus", is a flatfish of the family Pleuronectidae.

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