Confused Words: fawn vs faun

1. In "The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe", Mr. Beaver encounters the Pevensies in the snow-covered Narnian woods, when they have left the ruined cave of Tumnus the after they discover that Tumnus has been arrested by the White Witch's police.
2. In additional to doing their first two tours in 2008, the band recently played at an official SXSW showcase and has played with several notable bands including Gang Gang Dance, The Dresden Dolls, Fables, Titus Andronicus, Xiu Xiu, The Paper Chase, Carla Bozulich, Gram Rabbit and Mothfight.
3. There are many mutations of Cockatiels with varied colors, they are: silvestre, harlequin, lutino, cinnamon, opaline (pearl), cara black, silver, , albino (there is a pattern and not just albino genetic mutations), pastel, silver and recessive silver dominant.
4. The Common , is canens, is a butterfly from South and South East Asia that belongs to the Morphinae, a subfamily of the Brush-footed butterflies.
5. I have thought it better to be neglected than to , to be dumb than to feign, to be seldom a friend than to be often a flatterer.
6. This species may include the Indian , "is arcesilaus".
7. The Pittticow River can be used to cross between the Severn River/ River drainage basin to the Winisk River drainage basin, the next major basin to the east. References.
8. Erythronium pluriflorum is a species of rare flowering plant in the lily family which is known by the common names manyflower lily and Shuteye Peak lily.
9. Five Mile Pond is a pond in Plymouth, Massachusetts, located northeast of Little Long Pond, southeast of Abner Pond, southwest of Pond, east of Charge Pond and east of Southeast Line Road, a fire road that marks the southeastern boundary of Myles Standish State Forest. The maximum depth of the pond is . Access to the pond is via Fearing Pond, but it is not open to the public.
10. The Common ranges from Sikkim to Assam and Myanmar and through Thailand, peninsular Malaya, Singapore to southern Yunnan and the western islands of the Indonesian archipelago.
11. The coat is characterized by its short and smooth appearance and is often red, brindle, or .
12. There are also some elements that suggest Debussy´s symphonic poem "Prélude à l'après-midi d'un e" as the orchestral piece in which Hans Castorp fantasizes about being a .
13. Erythronium purpurascens is a species of flowering plant in the lily family which is known by the common names purple lily and Sierra Nevada lily.
14. Just then a came wandering by: it looked at Alice with its large gentle eyes, but didn't seem at all frightened.
15. Among the bands that have released material on Drag City are Cave, Joanna Newsom, Pavement, Royal Trux, Cynthia Dall, Fables, Scott Walker, Bill Callahan, Will Oldham (Bonnie 'Prince' Billy, Palace Music, etc.), Weird War, Dope Body, Stereolab, Jim O'Rourke, Six Organs of Admittance, Loose Fur, Scout Niblett, David Grubbs, U.S. Maple, Alasdair Roberts, Neil Michael Hagerty, The Howling Hex, Ghost, Flying Saucer Attack, Movietone, The Fucking Champs, Papa M, Pearls and Brass, White Magic, The Renderers, Espers, Silver Jews, Monotonix, Nig-Heist, Michael Yonkers, The Red Krayola, Om, Sic Alps, Edith Frost, Magik Markers, Ty Segall, Sun Araw, Baby Dee and William Basinski.
16. 'I'll tell you, if you'll move a little further on,' the said.
17. Their plumage varies from mostly patterened grey in the Sooty Melidectes to a brightly contrasting white, black and in the Ornate Melidectes.
18. While the SLT50 Elefant tractor is an off road vehicle with eight driven wheels, the new transporter, called SLT56, is an 8x6 tractor vehicle by , the FS 42.75/42 (called "Sattelzugmaschine, schwer, 8×6" (semi tractor trailer, heavy, 8x6)).
19. It is in the Hudson Bay drainage basin and is a right tributary of the River.
20. This I waded, and went up the opposite side of the valley, past a number of sleeping houses, and by a statue--a , or some such figure, _minus_ the head.
21. So they walked on together though the wood, Alice with her arms clasped lovingly round the soft neck of the , till they came out into another open field, and here the gave a sudden bound into the air, and shook itself free from Alice's arms.
22. Head of a is a lost sculpture by Italian Renaissance master Michelangelo, dating from c. 1489.
23. Adults range from in head-body length, with a tail, and weigh just . Their fur is soft and thick, and is in colour over most of the body, fading to a pale grey on the underparts.

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