Confused Words: disinterested vs uninterested

1. While the US was in the design, a number of other governments were interested in the vehicle, which was simpler, lighter, and cheaper than the Bradley.
2. Stories common to a particular culture, but not supported by external sources (such as the tales surrounding King Arthur) are usually classified as cultural heritage or legends, because they do not support the " investigation" required of the discipline of history.
3. You may one of these days reap the reward of your devotion.
4. Her work has made Shahar a feminist role model, although she claims to be in the theory of feminism.
5. Ling's attitude to sex is cold and .
6. He said that when Doug Millett presented him with the idea, he was initially in writing the song, but "it kind of opened up like a book".
7. Contrary tried to make peace with the Freex in order to recruit them, but they were in her offer.
8. He realised the aims pursued by the British government, without always approving its methods.
9. Hussey Burgh seems to have been universally liked: " mild, moderate and patriotic...friendly to a fault, and to a weakness...honest without affluence and ambitious without corruption.
10. ``How could I make such a proposition, especially to a woman who always professes to be so entirely ?''
11. Bankruptcy protection was not the end as many think, it simply allows a company to keep functioning while a third party, in this case the Federal Courts to work out how it would pay it debts.
12. According to the Arakanese chronicles, he is said to be utterly in governing the country, except for his annual elephant hunting trips to the Thandwe region.
13. I am sure when I think of the fellow now, my blood rises against him with the indignation I should feel if I could have known all about him without having ever been in his power; but it rises hotly, because I know him to have been an incapable brute, who had no more right to be possessed of the great trust he held, than to be Lord High Admiral, or Commander-in-Chief--in either of which capacities it is probable that he would have done infinitely less mischief.
14. This was his plan of amends of atonement for inheriting their father's estate; and he thought it an excellent one, full of eligibility and suitableness, and excessively generous and on his own part.
15. For I am generally in my love, and think I could be content to make a figure before Miss Larkins, and expire.
16. 'You will find her,' pursued my aunt, 'as good, as beautiful, as earnest, as , as she has always been.
17. His choice is at least, for he must know my father can give her nothing.
18. This procedure of theirs, to be sure, was very and benevolent of them.
19. The match was originally to be played between Salford Boys and Manchester Boys, but Manchester Boys were and Glasgow Boys were chosen as the opposition for the Salford side, in recognition of the ties between the cities of Manchester and Glasgow.
20. The music video showcased Harry's hard-edged and playfully sexual character, as well as her famously stiff marginally persona.
21. You must not think my visit all friendly and , Trotwood, for--I am afraid I may be cruelly prejudiced--I do not like to let papa go away alone, with him.'
22. The broadest and most prevalent error requires the most virtue to sustain it.
23. The sensation experienced by Franz was evidently not peculiar to himself; another, and wholly person, felt the same unaccountable awe and misgiving.
24. Throughout the 20th century, this type of theory has modulated on the opposition between , pure autonomous art and commercialized mass culture.
25. Shay's friends are and urge her to leave, but she becomes attracted to Jordan.
26. Four years after Lewis' death, Thomas Jefferson wrote: Of courage undaunted, possessing a firmness and perseverance of purpose which nothing but impossibilities could divert from its direction, ... honest, , liberal, of sound understanding and a fidelity to truth so scrupulous that whatever he should report would be as certain as if seen by ourselves, with all these qualifications as if selected and implanted by nature in one body for this express purpose, I could have no hesitation in confiding the enterprise to him.
27. At the most fundamental level, eco-socialists reject what Kovel calls "ecological economics" or the "ecological wing of mainstream economics" for being " in social transformation".
28. She is impatient in getting what she wants, for example snapping at a judge to "hurry up" as he read a verdict. She frequently announces that she is in proceedings that don't affect her personally.

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