Confused Words: defuse vs diffuse

1. This draw-down of induces more atmospheric to through stomata into the air spaces of the leaf.
2. Their movement is also affected by thermodynamic forces, the tendency of substances to from regions of higher concentration.
3. " Scleroderma" - affects the skin as well as the heart, lungs, GI tract, and kidneys.
4. There is essentially no direct sunlight under an overcast sky, so all light is then sky radiation.
5. Anti-centromere antibody is more common in the limited form (80-90%) than in the form (10%), and anti-scl70 is more common in the form (30-40%) and in African-American patients (who are more susceptible to the systemic form).
6. For CO2 to into the leaf, stomata must be open, which permits the outward diffusion of water vapour.
7. He discovers that the device has two booby traps, not one, and manages to them both.
8. Earth Corps is able to convince D'Compose to allow them access to Infernac — a deal made easier by the fact that the Inhumanoid already fears for his own survival in the face of Metlar's insane plan — and they manage to enough of the missiles to thwart the explosive scheme.
9. Hydrogen may through some metals.
10. Both Hydrogen and CO out from the grain boundaries in stainless steel.
11. Thankfully, Earth Corps is able to the missiles and halt Metlar's plan, bringing Blackthorne into custody.
12. The captain acted with great sensitivity to the crisis, entering the mess for an informal discussion with the disgruntled crew members and carefully avoided using the term "mutiny" which could have had severe legal consequences for the sailors involved.
13. In contrast to sporadic cases of hyperparathyroidism, hyperplasia or multiple adenomas are more common than solitary adenomas.
14. The global irradiance on a horizontal surface on Earth consists of the direct irradiance "E"dir and irradiance "E"dif.
15. A drunk Prokoszny challenges Jacobowsky to a duel, but Jacobowsky manages to the situation.
16. Competency has different meanings, and continues to remain one of the most terms in the management development sector, and the organizational and occupational literature.
17. Helium could through the steel and glass from the outside air, but the abundance of He is usually negligible in the atmosphere.
18. The interplanetary zodiacal dust emits a near-infrared radiation that can mask the emission of faint sources such as extrasolar planets.
19. As lieutenant colonel commandant of the Knox County militia, White managed to a number of potentially hostile situations between the settlers and the local Native Americans.
20. The forewings are medium grayish-brown with mottling and white patches along the costa.
21. Red team is given the C4 and the Blue team must if it was planted.
22. While stoma are open, water vapor can easily out of plant tissues, a process known as transpiration.
23. scleroderma can cause musculoskeletal, pulmonary, gastrointestinal, renal and other complications.
24. Patients with cutaneous scleroderma have a 10-year survival of 55%.
25. Multiple adenomas or islet cell hyperplasia commonly occurs; such tumors may arise from the small bowel rather than the pancreas.
26. In addition, high level federal delegations were dispatched to clan-related tensions in several regions.
27. As a result Elsie-Dee eventually finds a way to her detonation sequence.
28. In 1823 Austin created a company of men who would patrol his colony and protect the colonists from Native attacks and to internal issues.
29. Meanwhile, with Nanzhao repeatedly attacking Jiannan Circuit (劍南, headquartered in modern Chengdu, Sichuan), Li Linfu tried to Yang's threat to him by requesting that Yang, who was also military governor of Jiannan, be sent to Jiannan to defend against Nanzhao attacks.
30. The "Letter of the two sorries" was the letter delivered by the United States Ambassador Joseph Prueher to Foreign Minister Tang Jiaxuan of the People's Republic of China to the incident.
31. Despite incredible speed and strength, she fails to arrive in time; Marine has already absorbed most of the energy and is ready to it herself.
32. Another important contribution is his paper on acute eosinophilic pneumonia, in which he showed that the pathologic finding in these cases was alveolar damage with prominent eosinophils.
33. Despite its character, heritage science is a very lively science domain.
34. The interviewer, wanting to the situation, told Djoković that, "This crowd loves you, but you could turn them against you real fast"; Djoković responded by saying "I know crowd are already against me because they think I am faking everything."

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