Confused Words: currant vs current

1. Has a resiny, spicy aroma/flavor with hints of black .
2. Whoem Brentwood are the Champions.
3. 'Perhaps you'd like to spend a couple of shillings or so, in a bottle of wine by and by, up in the bedroom?'
4. I begged him to do me the favour of presiding; and my request being seconded by the other boys who were in that room, he acceded to it, and sat upon my pillow, handing round the viands--with perfect fairness, I must say--and dispensing the wine in a little glass without a foot, which was his own property.
5. Caderousse was equally restless and uneasy, but instead of seeking, like M. Morrel, to aid Dantes, he had shut himself up with two bottles of black brandy, in the hope of drowning reflection.
6. The leaders of the Concertgebouw Orchestra are:
7. This led to the delimitation of the genus.
8. (which reduced the consumption by 12%).
9. The bishop is Friedrich Ostermann.
10. The top of the pastry is glazed with icing and jelly.
11. The stray yeast plants which get into the sirup are relatively few, and hence fermentation is slow; it requires several weeks for wine to ferment, and several months for the juice of grapes to be converted into wine.
12. In the middle of summer, berries begin to ripen (strawberries, stone berry, raspberry, strawberry, ), and edible mushrooms are abundant.
13. Titles created during the reign.
14. Bishop is the only woman in the cabinet.
15. The being 'copied' can be, and sometimes is, a varying signal .
16. The higher state is known as the pulse , while the lower level is called the background .
17. He is the fifteenth and Bishop of Massachusetts.
18. They can give a black aroma/flavor.
19. A voltage is applied and the is measured.
20. " through 2013 Wimbledon Championships."
21. "Statistics through 2013 season"
22. `Seems to be a good deal of here.'
23. It was relocated to the campus in 1958.
24. Its president is Carlos Ferreira.
25. The operations commenced in 1993.
26. The common gooseberry, for instance, cannot be grafted on the , whereas the will take, though with difficulty, on the gooseberry.
27. The status of the unit is unknown.
28. The status of the parkway is uncertain.
29. This is true not only of grape juice but also of the juice of all other sweet fruits; apple juice ferments to cider, juice to wine, etc..
30. These include: Applications and progress.

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