Confused Words: curb vs kerb

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1. As he spoke there was the sharp sound of horses' hoofs and grating wheels against the , followed by a sharp pull at the bell.
2. High Notes is a studio album by American country music artist Hank Williams, Jr. It was released by Elektra/ Records in April 1982, making it Williams' eighth studio album for Elektra/ and his ninth overall for the label.
3. The weight of an M35 is between and empty, depending on configuration (cargo, wrecker, tractor, etc.).
4. Once in power, they began enacting legislation to African voting rights.
5. During his leave time, he met Mike , head of the Records label, and was soon signed to the label.
6. Their discography includes 7 studio albums, all for Records, and 26 singles.
7. Building codes in most cities betray both phrases, stating that any floor partly below level is simply a "basement" and a floor more than 50% below level is a "cellar".
8. In addition, the band's name was shortened to simply The Burrito Brothers, a suggestion by Records.
9. On Lap 17 Gordon spun and crashed after he clipped too much in the backstretch chicanes.
10. In addition to its fixed route services, ABQ RIDE also operates a paratransit service called SunVan (known as Mini Ride from 2003–2006) that runs -to- service.
11. Beland's song demos, which featured the Burritos on them, eventually made it to Dick Whitehouse at records, who signed the band to a deal with / Epic Records.
12. In December, 2012, Jo Dee completed her 17-year contract with Records.
13. Chapman recorded two albums for Records, shortly before returning to duty in Afghanistan.
14. Messina doesn't blame Muzquiz or Records for her drinking problem; she points to her workaholic tendencies.
15. I freely forgive you, and I hope you'll your passions in future.
16. Much of Buckner's time was spent trying to violence in the eastern part of the state.
17. After the incident, Klein pledged to either severely or stop drinking, and did not acknowledge having another drink for the balance of his premiership.
18. Pierce released several albums on Records and was nominated for a Dove Award in 1999.
19. During their span as a country hit act, they scored 9 hits for Records.
20. The tower is high to level, diameter at base level and diameter at the .

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