Confused Words: complacent vs complaisant

1. The Brown family had borrowed heavily during the 1920s to fund expansion, and, as stated by a company employee, had become " and overly optimistic."
2. Mr. Dick was so very , sitting on the foot of the bed, nursing his leg, and telling me this, with his eyes wide open and a surprised smile, that I am sorry to say I was provoked into explaining to him that ruin meant distress, want, and starvation; but I was soon bitterly reproved for this harshness, by seeing his face turn pale, and tears course down his lengthened cheeks, while he fixed upon me a look of such unutterable woe, that it might have softened a far harder heart than mine.
3. The Doctor, with a smile, was reading aloud some manuscript explanation or statement of a theory out of that interminable Dictionary, and she was looking up at him.
4. the man that can blow so a blast as that, probably blows it from a castle.
5. It is rooted in the reformist teachings of Harada Daiun Sogaku (1871–1961) and his disciple Yasutani Hakuun (1885–1971), who argued that the existing Zen institutions of Japan (Sōtō and Rinzai sects) had become and were generally unable to convey real Dharma.
6. Mr. Omer, with a very and amiable face, took several puffs in silence; and then said, resuming his first point: 'Accordingly we're obleeged, in ascertaining how Barkis goes on, to limit ourselves to Em'ly.
7. As I think of them going up and down before those schoolroom windows--the Doctor reading with his smile, an occasional flourish of the manuscript, or grave motion of his head; and Mr. Dick listening, enchained by interest, with his poor wits calmly wandering God knows where, upon the wings of hard words--I think of it as one of the pleasantest things, in a quiet way, that I have ever seen.
8. The people, who had often heard of me, were very curious to crowd about the sedan, and the girl was enough to make the bearers stop, and to take me in her hand, that I might be more conveniently seen.
9. And how these baldheads WOULD swell, and brag, and lie, and date back ten, fifteen, twenty years, and how they did enjoy the effect produced upon the marveling and envying youngsters!
10. The first president was Josias Philip Hoffman, but he was accused of being too towards Moshesh and resigned, being succeeded in 1855 by Jacobus Nicolaas Boshoff, one of the voortrekkers, who had previously taken an active part in the affairs of Natal. Conflict with the South African Republic.
11. Kelly agrees, but then goes back on his word and destroys the Dunne in a single round.
12. It is necessary that we should be more than to the count.
13. Its founders sought to deliver a shock to the consumerist society around them.
14. It was well enough inclined, too, to be to the king of England.
15. Sydney Carton looked at his punch and looked at his friend; drank his punch and looked at his friend.
16. Japanese submarine activity had decreased in the months prior to Charlesworth taking command, and he was concerned that Allied ships were becoming .
17. Zhang was born in Jiangling County, in modern day Jingzhou, Hubei province, in 1525, and was renowned for his intelligence at an early age, passing the county "Shengyuan" examinations at the age of 12 and enrolling for the provincial "Juren" examinations the next year, where the chief examiner failed him to prevent his becoming .
18. In the forecastle, the sailors had actually caulked and pitched their chests, and filled them; it was humorously added, that the cook had clapped a head on his largest boiler, and filled it; that the steward had plugged his spare coffee-pot and filled it; that the harpooneers had headed the sockets of their irons and filled them; that indeed everything was filled with sperm, except the captain's pantaloons pockets, and those he reserved to thrust his hands into, in self- testimony of his entire satisfaction.
19. The behaviour of the young colt and foal appeared very modest, and that of the master and mistress extremely cheerful and to their guest.
20. cried my aunt, with the same triumph that I had remarked before.
21. Yes, it was an astonishing thing to see the Mississippi rolling between unpeopled shores and straight over the spot where I used to see a good big self town twenty years ago.
22. The series explains that mankind had become entirely and dependent upon thinking machines; recognizing this weakness, a group of ambitious, militant humans calling themselves the Titans use this widespread reliance on machine intelligence to seize control of the entire universe.

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