Confused Words: climactic vs climatic

1. The forest cover in the South is an evidence for its richness.
2. However, the páramo was not visited because of its harsh conditions.
3. Dobbs is the author of the "Cold War trilogy", a series of books about the moments of the Cold War.
4. Ichthyosaur extinction was thus an abrupt event rather than a long decline, perhaps related to the changes in the Turonian.
5. territorial differences in Kosovo.
6. The scene in which Chance is killed was not very well received by MGM executives, who found it to be too negative.
7. 76.6% of voters thought it was truly anti-, whilst the rest thought otherwise.
8. In the song's bridge, Gaye coos to the bird to sing to him personally before the bird flies away in hopes he can find inspiration.
9. In 1992, Kosovo had a very hot and dry summer, which fits the B type of Köppen.
10. The changes based on territories depend on various factors, such as: vegetation, humidity of the territory etc. Climate classifications are usually based on: wind exposure, mountain height and direction, effects on vegetation and watercourses.
11. Hurricanes are the most severe disturbance in this area and have been known to cause extensive damage.
12. Tukaram is considered to be the point of the (वारकरी) tradition, which is thought to have begun in Maharashtra with Namdev.
13. During the arc's episode, Harley duct-tapes Mercy's mouth shut and ties her to a killer android that attacks Batman and Superman.
14. He also staged the film's sequence, in which three men in a small boat strive to row back to shore through perilously high, rock-infested seas.
15. Carter's pursuit of Eric used an amalgamation of two locations spaced apart: Blyth staithes and Blackhall Beach near Blackhall Colliery.
16. Scott was eventually forced to leave the country and complete the final scene (which included American character actor Al Leong) in Napa Valley, California.
17. Territorial and temporal elements.
18. The film's title derives from Flaherty's own statement that he had been accused, in the staged sequence of "Man of Aran", of "trying to drown a boatload of wild Irishmen".
19. It was later renamed the National Data Center, with relocation occurring in 1993.
20. The verses detail her experiences with several mundane aspects of her daily life but then the chorus provides an uglier, darker contrast with Bonham screaming the lyrics, leading up to the lines "I'm freezing, I'm starving, I'm bleeding to death, everything's fine!
21. The duel between king Elara and Dutugemunu is said to have been occurred near Anuradhapura where the two kings mounted on elephants; Dutugemunu mounting Kandula and Elara mounting Maha Pambata.
22. Again the vehicles had a closed operator's compartment and were adapted for the harsh conditions.
23. The area of the Ibar valley is influenced by continental air masses.
24. They also noted that the film's " battle between the Priest and the vampires also feels too-long, and a surprise 'twist' at the end isn't all that surprising."
25. Building toward the end, Copland reintroduces "Bonaparte's Retreat" in canon, before returning to the "Rodeo" theme, which slows into the kiss between the Cowgirl and the Roper.
26. "Digital Spy" posted a poll asking readers whether they thought the plot was anti-.
27. Because of the position and complicated structure of the relief, Kosovo has a variety of climate systems.
28. There is a strong interaction between these three systems across most of the country.
29. These forests provide carbon sinks for greenhouse gases and therefore mitigate changes.
30. The tree rings date the event to 1628 BC.
31. This meant that the fight was performed by two stand-ins rather than the original actors.
32. She ultimately raises Heinrich I, who "thanks" her by turning her into his undead slave. In a battle, Blazkowicz destroys the three Dark Knights and Heinrich I, as SS chief Heinrich Himmler watches in horror, remarking afterwards "This American... he has ruined everything".
33. It was already the greatest concert I'd seen in years when Redman and Method Man propelled the 'Left and Right' through the vaulted ceiling.
34. It can be subdivided into a number of stages: Preboreal, Boreal, Atlantic, Subboreal and Subatlantic.
35. The spa is situated on the hills to the West of the Sorpe reservoir's dam.
36. It is being implemented and managed by the National Data Center (NCDC) located in Asheville, NC.
37. Following a battle, D'Compose is re-sealed in amber casing and Tendril is imprisoned by the Granites.
38. After the battle, she reunited with Michael.
39. The plane crash in 1997's "Con Air" ended with the aircraft crashing into the soon-to-be-demolished Sands' lobby.
40. From all the classifications made in Kosovo, the most accurate one is the one provided by W. Köppen.

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