Confused Words: broach vs brooch

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1. However, they did not always function correctly; when firing from periscope depth the boat could after firing or, if too much weight was taken on, plunge to the depths.
2. The historic sites and objects in the townland include: two medieval ringforts, one of which has since been levelled; a medieval enclosure, since levelled; during the excavation of the Woodford canal in the 1840s, an 8th-century copper-alloy -pin was found called the Cormeen which is now in the Royal Irish Academy; also during the excavation of the Woodford canal in the 1840s, a Bronze Age socketed-axe was found 4 feet below the bed of the canal in Cormeen.
3. One unfortunate episode was his advice to the Ashmolean Museum in Oxford to decline the loan of the Anglo-Saxon Fuller , which he wrongly believed to be a modern fake; after his day it was bought by the British Museum.
4. A "fibula" (or ) would be used as ornamentation or to hold the stola in place.
5. The burning LST was abandoned at 18:24, and continuing explosions scattered the pontoons, causing nearby "LST-312" to , and prevented offloading of more LSTs.
6. After this encounter, she appears just once more to give Sailor Moon a new transformation and rod.
7. 'When I fasten my shawl again,' the poor Queen groaned out: 'the will come undone directly.
8. And she caught at the ; but it was too late: the pin had slipped, and the Queen had pricked her finger.
9. They were dressed alike, but this sister wore her dress with a more youthful air than the other; and perhaps had a trifle more frill, or tucker, or , or bracelet, or some little thing of that kind, which made her look more lively.
10. The Charnay Fibula is a mid-6th century fibula or which was discovered in Burgundy in 1857.
11. As she said the words the flew open, and the Queen clutched wildly at it, and tried to clasp it again.
12. Although the earliest use as a national symbol can be traced to the seal of the Guardians of Scotland in 1286, material evidence for the Saltire being used as a flag, as opposed to appearing on another object such as a seal, or surcoat, dates from somewhat later.
13. Heavy bands of astrakhan were slashed across the sleeves and fronts of his double-breasted coat, while the deep blue cloak which was thrown over his shoulders was lined with flame-coloured silk and secured at the neck with a which consisted of a single flaming beryl.
14. The had come undone as she spoke, and a sudden gust of wind blew the Queen's shawl across a little brook.
15. The other cities/towns are Bhor, , Kakori, Poona (Pune), Rayadurg, Sandila and Wer
16. Irish-Scots art from the kingdom of Dál Riata is much more difficult to identify, but may include items like the Hunterston , which with other items like the Monymusk Reliquary, suggest that Dál Riata was one of the places, as a crossroads between cultures, where the Insular style developed.

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