Confused Words: born vs borne

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1. They've been doing it since before I was ...
2. Following is a list of publications of these types that have e the name.
3. Lafontaine was in Gosselies, Belgium.
4. It is not known when Yuwen Shiji was .
5. They have a daughter, Marianna ( 1997).
6. Johnny was to a Venezuelan and Trinidadian.
7. As of 2004, no other ship in the United States Navy has e this name.
8. ``I had to get into the front rank; I was not there, was I?''
9. The little town has e more names than any other town in the county.
10. He was in Sieradz and died in Łódź.
11. He was in Glasgow, Scotland in 1927.
12. The arms have been e since 20 March 1990.
13. Faustina had e him several children, of whom he was passionately fond.
14. A solitary flower is e on a long, upright stem.
15. Collins was in Indianapolis, Indiana.
16. This surname was also e by the eighth Baronet.
17. In some species, the inner peridium is e on a stalk or pedicel.
18. He was in Cambridge, Cambridgeshire.
19. The flower is solitary or e in a cluster of up to four.
20. Nothing ever had the same shape when I was coming downstream that it had e when I went up.
21. Bland was in Minneapolis, Minnesota.
22. His parents were both in Connecticut.
23. Hammond was in Frederick, Maryland.
24. They are e on winged petioles up to 5 centimeters long.
25. It was the only ship of the Navy to have e this name.
26. Gravé Du Pont had e arms before becoming a merchant.
27. They have a son ( 1968) and a daughter ( 1970).
28. At least it is music to me, but then I was in the South.
29. They are e on a slender peduncle, originating from the base of the back of the leaf.
30. The pedunculated oak has its acorns e upon a footstool.
31. Other expenses are e by the Government of India.
32. There are specific forms of the surname that are e by married and unmarried females.
33. Collinder was in Sundsvall, Sweden.
34. "No, I don't," said the captain, "but his mother did; he was with it.
35. 66.9% of residents were in Australia.
36. And who are we that are His children and what work were we to perform?
37. After Griselda has e him a daughter, Walter decides to test her loyalty.
38. He was in Garioch in Aberdeenshire.
39. I left all who were dear to me, and went away; and believed that I had e it, and it was past.
40. In "Aiphanes", male and female flowers are e together on the same inflorescence.

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