Confused Words: bated vs baited

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1. The pit itself would have been covered by branches and with carrion such as a dead cow.
2. There are essentially two types of trap, a permanent or semi-permanent structure placed in a river or tidal area and pot-traps that are to attract prey and periodically lifted.
3. The hook is usually with lures or bait fish.
4. All reserves where it is known to exist are now with 1080 to control foxes.
5. Senate colleagues recognized his Catholic faith and occasionally him by challenging him to defend himself as a partisan of Catholic interests, which Walsh did not hesitate to answer.
6. If I could associate the idea of a bull or a bear with anyone so mild as Mr. Mell, I should think of him, in connexion with that afternoon when the uproar was at its height, as of one of those animals, by a thousand dogs.
7. The European lobster, "Homarus gammarus" is found across the north-eastern Atlantic Ocean from northern Norway to the Azores and Morocco. Homarus gammarus is mostly fished using lobster pots, although lines with octopus or cuttlefish sometimes succeed in tempting them out, to allow them to be caught in a net or by hand.

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