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Vocabulary Word

Word: wreak

Definition: inflict; Ex. wreak one's vengeance on

Sentences Containing 'wreak'

Folk belief often held such individuals could rise as some form of undead (such as a vampire) and burying them at crossroads would inhibit their ability to find and wreak havoc on their living relations and former associates.
Going stir crazy..she works out a ruse to smooth a return to Ginger’s penthouse and wreak horrid revenge.'
I left him there in the hands of his servants, who did not dare and were not able to interfere in his defence, and I come to seek from thee a safe-conduct into France, where I have relatives with whom I can live; and also to implore thee to protect my father, so that Don Vicente's numerous kinsmen may not venture to wreak their lawless vengeance upon him."
In countries where seaweed is harvested as a crop, ice-ice can wreak havoc on yields.
In February 1999 he said: "Before withdraws it wants to wreak major havoc and destabilization, as it has always promised.
In the earliest productions of the Grove Play, several restrictions were imposed upon the Sire including that the stage setting be the natural forest backdrop and that the "malign character Care" be introduced in the plot, to wreak havoc with the characters and then be faced down and vanquished by the hero.
It depicts the enacted vengeance of a jilted covergirl who supernaturally transforms into a demonic spirit when she kills herself in the famed suicide forest of Aokigahara Jukai, Japan, enabling herself to wreak a violent revenge, one by one, upon those who helped her ex-boyfriend leave her.
Llyra journeyed to Lemuria to recruit mercenaries to accompany her to Atlantis where she could wreak vengeance upon Namor.
Many creatures, both mythical beasts and alien beings, come through the Rifts - some of them now permanently opened - to wreak havoc.
That inscrutable thing is chiefly what I hate; and be the white whale agent, or be the white whale principal, I will wreak that hate upon him.
The vengeful soul of the nun is thus freed from her watery prison, and leaves to wreak havoc on the lives of the girls who were her mortal downfall.
Unbeknownst to humans, alien/interdimensional beings have emerged with plans to take over the world by sending numerous agents to wreak havoc in cities, turning people into robotic minions.

More Vocab Words

::: hackneyed - commonplace; trite
::: quorum - minimal number of members necessary to conduct a meeting
::: exchequer - treasury; Ex. Chancellor of the exchequer
::: fleck - spot; mark with flecks; N: small mark or spot
::: infest - inhabit in numbers large enough to be harmful; Ex. Mice infested the house; Ex. shark-infested waters
::: transcendental - going beyond common thought or ideas; impossible to understand by practical experiences or practices; known only by studying thoughts or intuition; OP. empirical; CF. transcendentalism
::: precipitate - hurl downward; throw headlong; hasten; cause to happen sooner; condense and fall as rain or snow; cause (a solid substance) to be separated from a solution; ADJ. hasty; rash; premature; sudden
::: fancier - breeder or dealer of animals; one who has a special interest, as for raising specific plant or animal
::: craven - cowardly
::: pang - sudden sharp feeling of pain