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Vocabulary Word

Word: visage

Definition: face; appearance

Sentences Containing 'visage'

'You knew me, a long time before I came here and was changed, Mr. Copperfield,' said Uriah, looking at me; and a more villainous look I never saw, even on his visage.
A notable version of "In the Year 2525" is sung by the Italo-French pop singer, Dalida; another one by the UK new romantic group Visage; another one by Greek singer Takis Antoniadis in the 70s, another version was used as the theme song for the short-lived science fiction series "Cleopatra 2525".
A terror to the smiling innocence of the villages through which he floats; his swart visage and bold swagger are not unshunned in cities.
And he gave me a look as he shouldered the largest box and went out, which I thought had meaning in it, if meaning could ever be said to find its way into Mr. Barkis's visage.
Andrea was short and fat; his visage, marked with brutal cruelty, did not indicate age; he might be thirty.
Anything to equal the low cunning of his visage, and of his shadowless eyes without the ghost of an eyelash, I never saw.
As Janet curtsied, hoping I was well, I observed my aunt's visage lengthen very much.
Asmodeus was widely depicted as having a handsome visage, good manners and an engaging nature; however, he was portrayed as walking with a limp and one leg was either clawed or that of a rooster.
Both Ultravox and Visage became highly successful recording acts in the early 1980s.
Currie had also joined the studio-based band Visage, fronted by Steve Strange, that also included Midge Ure.
Currie remained with Visage for a while longer, but he too had left by 1984.
Examples of the more common names are Blignaut ("Blignault"), Cronje ("Cronier"), de Klerk ("Le Clercq"), Visagie ("Visage"), de Villiers, du Preez, du Plessis, du Toit, Fourie, Fouche, Giliomee ("Guilliaume"), Gous / Gouws ("Gauch"), Hugo, Joubert, Jordaan ("Jourdan"), Labuschagne ("la Buscagne"), Lange, le Roux, Leonard, Lombard, Malan, Michel, Malherbe, Marais, Nel, Nortje (Nourtier), Pienaar, Rossouw, Roux, Terreblanche, Taljard, Theron and Viljoen ("Villion").
He was calm; but the agitation of the night was legible in his pale and careworn visage.
His visage was meagre, his hair lank and thin, and his voice hollow.
Its purple visage, and its violet colored hands showed that it had perished from suffocation, but as it was not yet cold, I hesitated to throw it into the water that ran at my feet.
More describes him as "little of stature, ill-featured of limbs, crook-backedĀ ... hard-favoured of visage".
So surely as I looked towards her, did I see that eager visage, with its gaunt black eyes and searching brow, intent on mine; or passing suddenly from mine to Steerforth's; or comprehending both of us at once.
Taking advantage of his now hideous visage, the formerly handsome gangster took on the identity of Jigsaw, and initially attempts to frame the Punisher for murder.
The light was so faint in the room that Albert did not perceive the pallor that spread itself over the count's visage, or the nervous heaving of his chest and shoulders.
The single became a huge hit for Visage in early 1981.
The ugly monster, when he saw me, distorted several ways, every feature of his visage, and stared, as at an object he had never seen before; then approaching nearer, lifted up his fore-paw, whether out of curiosity or mischief I could not tell; but I drew my hanger, and gave him a good blow with the flat side of it, for I durst not strike with the edge, fearing the inhabitants might be provoked against me, if they should come to know that I had killed or maimed any of their cattle.
Then, in a flash, I perceived that all had the same form of costume, the same soft hairless visage, and the same girlish rotundity of limb.
They were touted as the next "New Romantic" act to follow Visage and Spandau Ballet.
Ure decided to leave Visage to focus on Ultravox full-time in 1982.
Visage drummer Rusty Egan encouraged Currie to ask Ure to join the defunct Ultravox as lead singer/guitarist. Whilst composing material for a new Ultravox album and for the debut Visage album, Ure collaborated with Currie on the "Toot City" track which eventually became "Fade to Grey".
When he looked upon him, he had the icy visage of Peboan.
Yes, you are at once from Provence and Spain; that explains, if the portrait you showed me be like, the dark hue I so much admired on the visage of the noble Catalan.''
``First,''said Mr. Cruncher, who was all in a tremble, and who spoke with an ashy and solemn visage,``them poor things well out o'this, never no more will I do it, never no more!''
``That there Roger Cly, master,''said Mr. Cruncher, with a taciturn and iron bound visage.
``Without reflecting that this is the only moment in which you can study character,''said the count;``on the steps of the scaffold death tears off the mask that has been worn through life, and the real visage is disclosed.
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