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Vocabulary Word

Word: virtuoso

Definition: highly skilled artist (esp. in music); Ex. piano virtuoso

Sentences Containing 'virtuoso'

1620–1673), and the violin virtuoso Giuseppe Tartini.
A brief cadenza precedes the development section, which prominently features the soloist in several virtuoso passages.
After the quartet's New York debut on March 2, 1975, Peter G. Davis in the New York Times (9 Mar 1975) praised a 'large, lush, glamorous ensemble tone... used... to excellent effect.' Other critics have found them to be "Superb" in Chicago, "marvelously sensitive" in Washington, an "outstanding ensemble" in Montreal, "hard to excel" in Phoenix, and "fine virtuoso musicians" in little rock.
Belgian guitar virtuoso Django Reinhardt popularized gypsy jazz, a mix of 1930s American swing, French dance hall "musette" and Eastern European folk with a languid, seductive feel.
Capper suggests, in order to explain the largely distinctive designation of the Beloved Disciple as one loved by Jesus, that the language of 'love' was particularly related to Jewish groups which revealed the distinctive social characteristics of 'virtuoso religion' in ascetic communities.
Cubleşan also suggests that, in his context, Aderca was an "underachieving virtuoso" with an "undecided place".
He had musical talent and learned the violin, taking lessons from the virtuoso violinist Paganini, and once giving a violin concert at the La Scala Opera House in Milan.
He is regarded as a virtuoso, and is one of the most recorded musicians of his generation, having appeared on over 300 recordings as a sideman.
He was not only skilled at posing his sitters to create almost theatrical compositions, but also was a virtuoso in the art of conveying the texture of fabrics, furs and jewellery, to which he paid no less attention than to the face.
He was one of the best-known musicians in the Netherlands in the seventeenth century as a carillon player, expert in bell casting and tuning, organist, recorder virtuoso, and composer.
His reputation as a virtuoso guitarist and inventive musician spread rapidly in the small jazz world.
His rigorous and extended pedagogy came under the virtuoso, late Padmabhushan Pandit Basavraj Rajguru.
In January 2006 Fan recorded his first solo album "World Keys: Virtuoso Piano Music" which was released the following June under Reference Recordings.
In the 1930s in jazz, swing jazz emerged as a dominant form in American music, in which some virtuoso soloists became as famous as the band leaders.
It appealed to a more specialized audiences than earlier forms of jazz, with sophisticated harmonies, fast tempos and often virtuoso musicianship.
It was soon discovered that the little boy was a child prodigy: he began taking piano lessons and writing short piano pieces under the tutelage of a local music teacher, Mr. Moseer, and already at the age of thirteen, the young virtuoso performed an all-Liszt piano recital. In July 1879, with the encouragement of his teacher – but against the wishes of his family – Stéphan Elmas left for Weimar, Germany, hoping to audition for Franz Liszt.
Later, after moving to New York, he became associated with drummer Max Roach and multi-instrumentalist virtuoso Eric Dolphy, recording with them both as a sideman and a leader.
Narciso, Rufino's father and his partner in the neighbourhoods café, is a chronic drunkard and a guitar virtuoso.
No doubt the powerful La Porte, back home at Versailles, was in on the deal as well, but lest one be too hasty in judging these officials’ probity, it is essential to view the situation within its historical context, not because Bigot was innocent of the accusations brought against him but because the Bourbon administration in general was founded upon venality, patronage, and corruption of just the kind he was accused of (his virtuoso performance aside).
Other significant recent fusion releases have come from keyboardist Mitchel Forman and his band Metro, former Mahavishnu bassist Jonas Hellborg with the late guitar virtuoso Shawn Lane, and keyboardist Tom Coster, and Marbin with their unique blend of jazz, rock, blues, gospel, and Israeli folk music.
Pierina Legnani's variation as Odile was crafted by Petipa for her virtuoso technique, and is for the most part still performed as originally choreographed by him, still challenging Ballerinas to the present day.
Radio Tonga begins each day's broadcast with a recording from Veehala, a nobleman and celebrated virtuoso of the nose flute.
Schonberg credited Frank Cooper and his Festival of Neglected Romantic Music with jump starting the revival. In the 1970s, through reviews in "Records Recording", Ates Orga championed the movement in Britain, leading later to his 1994 Virtuoso Romantics series with Marc-André Hamelin at the Wigmore Hall.
Several composers contributed to the score: repetiteurs Edvard Helsted and Holger Simon Paulli composed Acts I and III; Niels W. Gade created the blue grotto atmosphere for Act II - including a popular melody of the time, "La Melancholie", composed by the violin virtuoso François Henri Prume.
She offers fascinating sound structures and Maria‘s playing is always very intense and breathtaking virtuoso.
She thrilled her audience with her virtuoso ease, her passionate devotion and authenticity.
Sociologically, the celibate Essenes may be understood as a religious order, or 'virtuoso religious group', with a distinctive inner religious and social life in part expressed by unusual, intense economic sharing.
Standl created photographic portraits of many prominent individuals of the era, such as writer August Šenoa, bishop Josip Juraj Strossmayer, ban Levin Rauch, violin virtuoso Franjo Krežma, historian and politician Ivan Kukuljević Sakcinski, Zagreb mayor Matija Mrazović and others.
Steve Chibnall writes that "America was rather more used to hard-boiled storytelling" and that reviewers there were "more prepared than British criticism to treat "Get Carter" as a serious work", Pauline Kael admiring its "calculated soullessness" and wondering if it signalled a "new genre of virtuoso viciousness".
Stewart was the founder of the group Kazoophony, and was called a "kazoo virtuoso".
Still working on their forthcoming project Orchestra of Samples, in 2011 they filmed and recorded sessions in Brazil with Viola virtuoso and Latin Grammy Award Nominee and in Tunisia with leading percussionist Seifeddine Helal. In 2011 they played the opening of Fest2011 in Paulinia, Brazil, supporting Brazilian rock legend Rita Lee (Os Mutantes).
The "Barjansky" Stradivarius cello (c.1690) is named after the Russian virtuoso cellist Alexandre Barjansky, who played the instrument during the first half of the twentieth century.
The band Smak from Kragujevac, formed by guitar virtuoso Radomir Mihailović "Točak" in 1971, was, during the second half of the 1970s, competitive with the band Bijelo Dugme from Sarajevo.
The Cage is the first album from virtuoso guitarist Dario Mollo and former Black Sabbath vocalist Tony Martin.
The guitar solo was performed by guitar virtuoso Shawn Lane.
The name Philidor was conferred upon Jean's elder brother, Michel Danican (ca 1610-1659), by Louis XIII, when his oboe playing reminded the monarch of the Italian virtuoso oboe player, Filidori of Siena; however, Michel never formally adopted the surname.
The Young Punx's music is created by producer, multi-instrumentalist and singer Hal Ritson in collaboration with an eclectic collective of guest musicians, producers and singers including Italian electro producer Phonat, virtuoso guitarist Guthrie Govan, co-founder of the act Cameron Saunders, DJ Nathan Taylor and vocalists such as Yolanda Quartey of Massive Attack, Count Bass D, Amanda Palmer and Laura Kidd.
Tomo's uncle, Dr. Željko "Bill" Miličević, is a virtuoso violinist and orchestra teacher at Oxford High School in Oxford, Michigan.
Virtuoso performer-composers played an important role in the 1970s.

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