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Vocabulary Word

Word: viper

Definition: poisonous snake

Sentences Containing 'viper'

A new "Inspector Gadget" comic book, based on the original 1983 TV series, was launched in the U.S. by Viper Comics in 2011.
A saw scaled viper of the genus "Echis" may be responsible for biblical claims of a fiery flying serpent.
Also here are: Bronzeback Tree Snake, cat snake, hump-nosed pit viper, indian rock python, malabar pit viper, rat snake, russell's viper, Indian cobra and common krait, Attractions.
Amy and Dan also become members, revealed in the end of book 7, "The Viper's Nest".
Atheris nitschei is a venomous viper species found in Africa from Uganda and adjacent DR Congo in the north to northern Malawi in the south.
Currently the fastest SRT production models are the 2010 Dodge Viper SRT-10 series with a recorded quarter mile time of 11.7 seconds.
Galloway was whitewashed the entire evening, losing to Vic Viper.
Great Lakes bush viper, Nitsche's bush viper, black and green bush viper, Nitsche's tree viper.
He has appeared in numerous television series including "Viper", "Beverly Hills, 90210", "3rd Rock from the Sun", "Charmed", "Angel" and "Babylon 5".
However, another Predator X has appeared in the pages of "Astonishing Tales" under the command of Viper, so it remains to be seen how many creatures exist. Following the events of "Utopia", Scalphunter was recently kidnapped by a group of non-mutant superhumans.
However, the game can be completed without ever using Viper Boost. If Viper Boost is used, the final ranking will have "Pixy" added onto the title, showing the attack during play.
I decided, then, and I think wisely (just like one who knows that at a certain date the house he lives in will be taken from him, and looks out beforehand for another to change into), I decided, I say, to leave the town myself, alone and without my family, and go to seek out some place to remove them to comfortably and not in the hurried way in which the others took their departure; for I saw very plainly, and so did all the older men among us, that the proclamations were not mere threats, as some said, but positive enactments which would be enforced at the appointed time; and what made me believe this was what I knew of the base and extravagant designs which our people harboured, designs of such a nature that I think it was a divine inspiration that moved his Majesty to carry out a resolution so spirited; not that we were all guilty, for some there were true and steadfast Christians; but they were so few that they could make no head against those who were not; and it was not prudent to cherish a viper in the bosom by having enemies in the house.
In 1986, Viper moved to Los Angeles to enter pornography, where she met Bill Margold, already an influential pornographic actor, director, and agent.
It is a relatively large and stout bush viper, growing to an average total length (body + tail) of and a maximum total length of at least . The males are smaller than the females.
It is also home to a large number of birds such as Larks, Paradise Flycatcher, Black partridge, Shrikes Pheasants, Spotted Doves, Egyptian Vultures, Falcons, Hawks and the Eagle.[http://www.camacdonald.com/birding/asiapakistan(AnssiTripReport).htm] Reptiles such as the Russell's viper, Indian cobra and Saw-scaled viper are found here.
It is suggested in the book that Ink the Incredibly Deadly Viper may have succeeded in getting one curing apple to the departing islanders without Ishmael noticing, to tide them over until they can cure themselves properly As can be deduced from the passage above, the Medusoid Mycelium is a mushroom that resides in the Gorgonian Grotto and has a unique habit of shrinking and disappearing underground, then sprouting silently and very quickly back up to full size again.
Justin Bell won the GT2 Drivers Championship driving a Chrysler Viper GTS-R for Viper Team Oreca.
Moreover, you must remember that the beauty I possess was no choice of mine, for, be it what it may, Heaven of its bounty gave it me without my asking or choosing it; and as the viper, though it kills with it, does not deserve to be blamed for the poison it carries, as it is a gift of nature, neither do I deserve reproach for being beautiful; for beauty in a modest woman is like fire at a distance or a sharp sword; the one does not burn, the other does not cut, those who do not come too near.
Omega Boost also learns the Viper Boost maneuver once it is levelled up.
On 29 July a boat each from "Impetueux", , and "Viper", under the command of Lieutenant Jeremiah Coghlan of "Viper" brought out the brig "Cerbère" from Port-Louis, Morbihan.
On July 6, 2005, she performed with her father's old band, The Comets at the Viper Room in West Hollywood as part of 50th anniversary celebrations of her father's famous song "Rock Around the Clock" reaching the No.
Phoenix came back into public view under tragic circumstances: on October 31, 1993, his brother, River Phoenix, suffered a drug overdose and died, outside the Hollywood nightclub The Viper Room, which was co-owned by Johnny Depp at the time.
Say, scoffer with a viper's tongue, what think you has won this kingdom and cut off this giant's head and made you a marquis (for all this I count as already accomplished and decided), but the might of Dulcinea, employing my arm as the instrument of her achievements?
Several TV shows have also used the site for their filming needs, including regular use by NBC's "Fear Factor" and one episode of "Viper".
Similarly, the Dodge Viper SRT-10 along with the Dodge Ram SRT-10 have an 8.3L V-10.
Soldiers of Sunrise is the first album by Brazilian heavy metal band Viper.
SRT began as "Team Viper" to develop the Dodge Viper.
Tem Pra Todo Mundo is the fifth album and first Portuguese album by Brazilian heavy metal band Viper, release in 1996.
The common name "puffadder shyshark" refers to the puff adder ("Bitis arietans"), a widely distributed African viper with similar coloration.
The Indian Cobra and Russell's viper are among the other reptiles.
The name "Echis" is a Greek word for "viper."
The name is derived from the Greek "megas", meaning "great", and the Greek "echis", meaning "viper".
The SRT8 model receives a unique steering wheel with the SRT insignia, twenty-inch alloy wheels, performance tires, and details inspired by the all-new 2013 SRT Viper.
The Viper JAWS is a solid and well made pistol with several interesting features, such as simple and robust design and modular construction.
The Viper Jaws pistol is a heavy duty single- and double-action pistol made in Jordan by KADDB and designed in the United States by the American citizen Wildey Moore, designer of the famous Wildey pistol.
They are equipped with the PAAMS (also known as Sea Viper) integrated anti-aircraft warfare system which incorporates the sophisticated SAMPSON and S1850M long range radars and the Aster 15 and 30 missiles.
They released their first EP on Viper Recordings in May 2010, which included their well-known track "Halo", and also had their tracks featured on Andy C's "Nightlife" compilation series and Futurebound's compilation "Acts of Madmen" (2009).
They started touring clubs in the Los Angeles area such as The Viper Room, The Hard Rock Cafe, The Knitting Factory, and the House Of Blues.
This match earned him a two out of three falls match against the champion the following day in which O'Shaunessy won two falls to one; the next day produced the same result. Again Galloway proved himself a fierce competitor, twice making Vic Viper acquiesce in "I Quit" matches in April.
Two are venomous: the Meadow viper and the Siberian pit viper.
Viper (September 12, 1959 – December 24, 2010) was the stage name of Stephanie Patricia Green, an American pornographic actress, known for a prominent full body snake tattoo, for co-founding Fans of X-Rated Entertainment with Bill Margold, and for her disappearance in 1991.
Viper Boost, when engaged, will cause Omega Boost to glow blue as it tears through enemies on screen.
Viper died on December 24, 2010 of lung cancer.
Viper is a short recoil operated, locked breech pistol with rotating barrel.
VIPER pistol can be easily reconfigured for several pistol calibers simply by replacing the barrel, breech face insert, the extractor and the magazine.
XMR includes visual and physics counterparts of Fiat Palio (Palo), Škoda Octavia (Javia), Audi A2 (Tavi), Audi A4 (Roster), Audi TT (Tavi TT), Dodge Viper (Viperi), Mitsubishi GTO (GB3000), Porsche Boxster (Doxster), Porsche 911 Turbo (V911), MHRT.

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