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Vocabulary Word

Word: vie

Definition: contend; compete

Sentences Containing 'vie'

""'Le Monde en stop, 5 années à l'école de la vie is the first travelbook of Ludovic Hubler, published in 2009 at Georama edition.
"La Vie est Belle" starring Papa Wemba tells the story of a poor young country musician who comes to the city and becomes famous.
"Madame de Sade" by Mishima (1965) is entirely based on Shibusawa's "The Life of Marquis de Sade" (サド侯爵の生涯, 1964); but on the other hand, today it is known that Shibusawa himself plagiarized his own work largely from "Vie du Marquis de Sade" by Gilbert Lely (1961).
Accompanied by the actress Juliette Dol (coincidentally, his costar in the play "L'Autre"), Wiik attended the screening of "Antichrist" at the 2009 Cannes Film Festival, sparking rumors of romance between the pair., Dol plays Garance on the French television show "La Vie est à Nous".
All three incumbents chose to vie for New Mexico's open Senate seat.
As well as these three medley songs, each artist performed one song on their own; Ricardo Soler performed "Ne partez pas sans moi" by Celine Dion, Big Hit performed "Hold Me Now" by Johnny Logan, Vânia Fernandes performed "Non ho l'età" by Gigliola Cinquetti, Joana Melo of Lisboa não sejas francesa performed "Puppet on a String" by Sandie Shaw, Carluz Belo performed "L'oiseau et l'enfant" by Marie Myriam, Marco Rodrigues performed "Après toi" by Vicky Leandros, Vanessa performed "Everyway That I Can" by Sertab Erener, Alex Smith performed "My Number One" by Elena Paparizou, Tucha performed J'aime la vie by Sandra Kim and Blá Blà Blá performed "Save Your Kisses for Me" by Brotherhood of Man. As well as this, the band 'Be-Dom' and a hip-hop group also performed during the interval. Performances.
At the end of the nineteenth century, the French writer Guy de Maupassant expresses in his book "La vie errante" (The Wandering Life), his fascination with the majestic architecture of the Great Mosque of Kairouan as well as the effect created by countless columns : " The unique harmony of this temple consists in the proportion and the number of these slender shafts upholding the building, filling, peopling, and making it what it is, create its grace and greatness.
Award. Le Monde en stop, 5 années à l'école de la vie""' was rewarded with the "Prix Pierre Loti" 2010, the best travel book of the year 2009.
Before dedicating himself to sculpture Jean-Marc Tournois had worked as a designer on the sets of film productions such as "Les amants du Pont-Neuf" by Leos Carax (a five-meter high equestrian statue of Henry IV ), "Grossesse nerveuse" and "La vie de Giacometti".
Competitors vie for the "Ortiz-Patiño Trophy", presented by WBF President Emeritus Jaime Ortiz-Patiño who conceived the idea while serving as WBF President in 1985.
Didier Lavergne is a French make-up artist. He won an Academy Award for Makeup as well as a BAFTA Award for Best Makeup for his work in "La Vie en rose" (2007).
Full of wonder at so strange a form of madness, they flocked to see it from a distance, and observed with what composure he sometimes paced up and down, or sometimes, leaning on his lance, gazed on his armour without taking his eyes off it for ever so long; and as the night closed in with a light from the moon so brilliant that it might vie with his that lent it, everything the novice knight did was plainly seen by all.
Gosselin lived to complete his "Vie de M. Emery" which was revised and published (1861) after his death.
He also admired another that came in composed of fair young maidens, none of whom seemed to be under fourteen or over eighteen years of age, all clad in green stuff, with their locks partly braided, partly flowing loose, but all of such bright gold as to vie with the sunbeams, and over them they wore garlands of jessamine, roses, amaranth, and honeysuckle.
He also designed numerous pavilions for world fairs: Barcelona (1929), the Brussels International Exposition (1935), and the Paris "Exposition Internationale des Arts et Techniques dans la Vie Moderne" (1937).
He worked for Le Rire as a caricaturist (often under the pseudonym's Aroun-al-Raxid or Aron-al-Rascid) and was a contributor to many of the deluxe French fashion publications including "Journal des Dames et Des Modes", "La Vie Parisienne", "Gazette du Bon Ton" and "Les Feuillets d'Art".
He's taken part on several collective books and projects on nationalism, Central Europe, and Journalism in conflict areas, as well as a literary family saga "La Grande Vie: Lances y pasión de los Villapadierna".
His 1892 drawing "Femmes Automatiques" for "La Vie Parisienne" depicted a collection of women in different roles who could be animated by inserting a coin.
His work was published in magazines such as La Vie Parisienne, Fantasio, Le Rire, L'Art et la Mode and La Vie Moderne.
However, the Sassanids continued to vie with Rome for influence over Iberia, and succeeded in temporarily deposing Mirian's Romanophile successor, Sauromaces II, in favor of the pro-Iranian Aspacures II in 361.
In 1985, returning to Europe, Mwezé Ngangura worked on the scenario of "La Vie est Belle" (Life is Wonderful) with funding from the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
In 1987, he played the male lead role in the successful Zairean (Congolese) film "La Vie est Belle" by Belgian director Benoît Lamy and Congolese producer-director Ngangura Mweze.
In 1995 she was a member of the first all women's team to vie for the America's Cup sailing trophy.
In France, he became a journalist for the "Vie catholique illustrée" (1949-51), then editor-in-chief of "La Dépêche marocaine de Tanger".
In his "Vie Anecdotique" of 16 October 1911, the poet proudly states: "I am honoured to be the first model of a Cubist painter, Jean Metzinger, for a portrait exhibited in 1910 at the Salon des Indépendants."
In the canton of Geneva, a "moitié-moitié" generally refers to a digestif containing one half Williamine liqueur and one half Williamine eau-de-vie.
In the meantime, claimants were welcome to vie for it.
It is entitled "Chansons ordinaires" (), a reference to French writer Georges Perros and his novel-poem "Une Vie ordinaire" ().
It is Kaurismäki's second French-language film, after "La Vie de Bohème" from 1992.
Le premier jour du reste de ta vie (English: The First Day of the Rest of Your Life) is a 2008 French film written and directed by Rémi Bezançon.
Metzinger was commissioned to paint a large mural, "Mystique of Travel", which he executed for the "Salle de Cinema" in the railway pavilion of the Exposition Internationale des Arts et Techniques dans la Vie Moderne, Paris 1937.
Motto: La Vie Durante Motto Translated: Lasting life or long life.
My hat (which had served me for a night-cap, too) was so crushed and bent, that no old battered handleless saucepan on a dunghill need have been ashamed to vie with it.
On hearing the rumour, the three sons quickly return home and vie for their mother's favor in the hope of getting the money from her.
Since that time he served on various boards, chairing life insurance company Assomption Vie and air traffic control operator Nav Canada.
Since then his acclaimed films have included "Poussières de vie" ("Dust of Life") (which received an Academy Award nomination in 1995 for Best Foreign Language Film in 1995); "Little Senegal" in 2001, as well as "Two Men in Town" in 2014 were both shown in the competition at the Berlin Film Festival; and "Days of Glory", which received the Best Foreign Language Film nomination in 2006 and also won prizes at the 2006 Cannes Film Festival. Bouchareb's films have a following amongst international cineastes.
Sol'Oeil Films co-produced "La Vie est Belle", a feature film that he made with Benoit Lamy and which had great success in Francophone countries in Africa.
Sony Computer Entertainment executive Pete Smith stated later that while they had tried to vie with Microsoft for exclusivity for "Limbo", but Playdead refused to relinquish its intellectual property to Sony as part of the deal. Patti affirmed that "Limbo" would not be released for another console, but that their next game, already in development as of October 2010, may see wider release.
The character had previously appeared in Kaurismäki's 1992 film "La Vie de Bohème", where he also was played by André Wilms.
The Fender Rhodes-driven "C'est la Vie" is an "angry" song and the only one on the album not to include the piano, and Carlton has said it is about the single time she was "dumped" and her inability to speak French; she said that to her, the phrase "c'est la vie" meant "fit", and that it helped her overcome emotional pain during the breakup.
The film revolves around two men who vie for a single young woman, Gabrielle Deneige.
The poor, in order to obtain food, exert themselves to gratify those fancies of the rich; and to obtain it more certainly, they vie with one another in the cheapness and perfection of their work.
The release contained the following tracks: "I Can't Give You Anything But Love, Baby", "You're the Cream in my Coffee", "My Blue Heaven", "The Boys in the Backroom", "The Laziest Gal in Town", "Shir Hatan", "La Vie en Rose", "Jonny", "Go 'Way From My Window", "Don't Smoke in Bed", "Lola", "Marie-Marie" and "Frag nicht warum ich gehe".
Tonnot's battalion was heavily engaged at the Battle of Bac Vie (12 February 1885).
While in Taiwan, she also acted as a reporter in C'est La Vie starring Taiwanese actor Lin Youwei.

More Vocab Words

::: nocturnal - done or active at night; Ex. nocturnal animals/raids; CF. nocturne
::: caliber - ability; quality; diameter of the inside of a round cylinder; Ex. work of very high caliber
::: coy - shy (flirtatiously); showing a (pretended) lack of self-confidence; modest; coquettish; CF. job offer
::: recant - disclaim or disavow; retract a previous statement; openly confess error; Ex. recant one's faith/a statement
::: cynosure - object of general attention; person or thing that is a center of attention; CF. Ursa Minor
::: castigation - punishment; severe criticism or disapproval
::: progeny - children; offspring; descendants
::: recital - act of reciting publicly; detailed account; performance of music or dance (by a solo performer)
::: feebleminded - deficient in intelligence; very stupid
::: array - marshal; draw up in order; arrange in order; clothe splendidly; adorn; N: fine clothes; ordered group; Ex. in battle array