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Vocabulary Word

Word: vendor

Definition: seller

Sentences Containing 'vendor'

A good example is the Bank Check Verification Service that allows a vendor to make a quick online inquiry to the Brazilian bank check control entity called SERASA, to confirm information presented on the check as well as confirm whether the check has been stolen, lost, canceled or subject to a stop payment order, from anywhere in the country.
According to the National Government Finance Officers Association, reviewing and evaluating RFPs, writing and negotiating the contract, processing change orders and amendments to the contract, monitoring and evaluating vendor performance, dealing with disputes, and processing payments to the vendor can add up to 25 percent to the cost of the contract. There is always a call by local governments to have their departments to look at ways to cut cost. Outsourcing is an outlet used by agencies to look outside the organization in an effort to find a provider who will perform a needed service at a lower cost. Such is the case with the state of the economy in the United States today.
According to the vendor's site, Sunbelt Personal Firewall has been discontinued: "Hence, effective May 23, 2011, Sunbelt Personal Firewall will be discontinued and no longer available for purchase.
Additionally, vendor-provided versions can confuse matters by using or including output of other sources of name information (such as host files, Network Information Service).
After the end of a romance, Eduardo choose to live "the bohemian life to the fullest" he wrote poetry, provided vocals for various hard-core bands, worked as a street vendor, and eventually found his way to New York City.
But I don't have any dirhams to pay the vendor for it.
Due to this, interoperability between RTI products and often, RTI versions, should not be assumed unless the vendor specifies interoperability with other products or versions.
Each vendor has their own recipe; flavors and ingredients can substantially vary the texture and taste of the chimichurris.
Each vendor's software works somewhat differently.
Everybody talks about financing the ideas presented in digital multimedia, but the Consortium team dived straight to the root of this-to-that voice of a vendor who aspires big.
Graham Cluley, a consultant from antivirus vendor Sophos found PIFTS connected to a Symantec server, forwarding product and computer information.
He began his life in New York as a street vendor, but eventually found himself working in the Coney Island Circus Sideshow.
He started his career as a bellhop and fruit stand vendor in Scranton, Pennsylvania.
Healthcare IT News named him (by a 66 percent margin) “the vendor-based leader who advanced the cause of healthcare IT furthest in 2008.” Similarly, Health Data Management named Tullman the “EHR Game Changer” in October 2010.
Historically, vendors of page-tagging analytics solutions have used third-party cookies sent from the vendor's domain instead of the domain of the website being browsed.
However, third-party cookies in principle allow tracking an individual user across the sites of different companies, allowing the analytics vendor to collate the user's activity on sites where he provided personal information with his activity on other sites where he thought he was anonymous.
HubSpot is the third largest marketing automation vendor by market share.
Implementations of stored procedures on SQL RDBMSs often allow developers to take advantage of procedural extensions (often vendor-specific) to the standard declarative SQL syntax.
In 2011 it raised $32 million in venture funding and acquired marketing automation vendor Performable.
In 2011, the company was named a "Champion" in a Cloud Backup Vendor Landscape report by the Info-Tech Research Group.
In October 2008, NJVC was approved as a vendor on the U.S. Government Printing Office schedule.
Infinity was invited to become a partner in MasterCard's international vendor program in 2002.
Intacct offers two main products: The Intacct system includes applications for accounting, contract management, revenue recognition, inventory, purchasing, vendor management, financial consolidation, and financial reporting.
iSheriff (formerly "Internet Sheriff") is an Internet security vendor that specializes in E-mail filtering and Web filters based on cloud services.
It was awarded "Vendor of the Year" from Lowe's in 1999, Wal-Mart in 2001, and OfficeMax in 2002.
Littleton returned to its roots as a vendor of generally low ticket-price items to collecting hobbyists.
Lynn's short 15-minute film featured Sidney Lumet, as an 11-year old cigarette vendor.
Most commonly, however, individual learners or their parents either purchase tutoring time with a private vendor of online tutoring service.
Porter has a refreshment vendor outside the fare gates on the mezzanine level, and unlike most MBTA stations, public restrooms.
Regardless of the vendor solution or data collection method employed, the cost of web visitor analysis and interpretation should also be included.
Sometimes, a vendor may misleadingly advertise the I/O clock rate by labeling the MT/s as MHz.
Source Insight has been a player for 15 years but being Windows only has its visibility somewhat diminished with the rise of cross-platform development on one hand and programmers being wedded to IDEs from their compiler vendor on the other.
Spain forbade its American colonies to trade with other nations or foreign colonies, and imposed itself as the only buyer and vendor for their international trade.
The attackers were later identified as males, taxi driver Kurbanjan Hemit, 28, and vegetable vendor Abdurahman Azat, 33.
The famous "Peanut Vendor" was so labelled, and the label stuck for other types of Cuban music.
The following ingredients comprise ExtenZe, as reported on the images of labels on vendor websites:
The Java EE deployment descriptors are defined by the language specification, whereas the runtime descriptors are defined by the vendor of each container implementation.
The Production Rule Representation (PRR) is a proposed standard of the Object Management Group (OMG) to provide a vendor-neutral rule-model representation in UML for production rules as used in forward-chaining rule engines.
The program provides a strong foundation of vendor-neutral, systems level credentials that will integrate with and complement individual vendor certifications."
The son of fishing-boat builder and a market vendor, Seksan became a student leader at Thammasat University and was active in the October 1973 protests against the military government of Thanom Kittikachorn.
The technique was originally documented by Amit Klein, CTO of security vendor Trusteer, Ltd.
The vendor of the food then came to an-Nuayman to collect the price of it and an-Nuayman said to him: "Go to the Messenger of God it was for him.
The vendor went to the Prophet who in turn asked an-Nuayman: "Didn't you give it to me?"
There are now eight award categories which provide the opportunity for all companies involved in IP telephony (whether it be a service provider, wholesaler or vendor) to participate.
They were charged with reviewing and rating the vendor's sample questions for item alignment and item quality.
Third-party cookies can handle visitors who cross multiple unrelated domains within the company's site, since the cookie is always handled by the vendor's servers.
This was the first time in the AICPA's history that it recognized a single technology vendor as a preferred provider.
Which solution is cheaper to implement depends on the amount of technical expertise within the company, the vendor chosen, the amount of activity seen on the web sites, the depth and type of information sought, and the number of distinct web sites needing statistics.
`That this record should have all due authority, it shall bear the imperial seal, which the vendor is bound to have affixed to it.'
``Pick up that, philosopher and vendor of wine,''said the Marquis, throwing him another gold coin,``and spend it as you will.

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