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Vocabulary Word

Word: varnish

Definition: paint used to coat a surface with a glossy film; glossy coating produced by using this substance; Ex. nail varnish; V.

Sentences Containing 'varnish'

1863 Max Pettenkofer of Munich patented a method to “reverse the aging of varnish” through exposure to ethanol vapors; this method was later found to increase the interactive zone between paintings and varnish, complicating future cleanings Sibylle Schmitt, IIC 1990.
A coating of paint or varnish is sometimes applied to iron in order to prevent contact with air.
Adam storms out of the gallery, and Gregorovich notes that the painting is still wet and that Adam forgot to varnish it.
Both these brushes have largely been superseded by the modern varnish brush.
Consequently the master coach-builder employed a host of craftsmen - a skilled carpenter to design and fashion the body, a wheelwright to make the spokes and wooden rim, an upholsterer for the interior, embroiderers for the cusions, a man to varnish, another to paint the coat-of-arms on the door panel, a leather-worker to make the harness and a blacksmith to cap the wheels and to make the handles for the doors.
Cook Paint and Varnish also sold WHB radio to Storz Broadcasting in order to comply with FCC rules.
Cook Paint and Varnish purchased Midland Broadcasting's holdings in April 1954, including KMBC's studio facilities in what is now the Lyric Theatre in Downtown Kansas City.
Cook Paint and Varnish sold the KMBC stations, KMOS-TV, and KFRM radio in Concordia, Kansas, to Metropolitan Broadcasting (later Metromedia) in 1961; (although its former radio sisters had changed their call signs decades earlier, KMBC-TV's legal call sign has retained its "-TV" suffix to this day).
Even now, the varnish from 1915 is in near perfect condition because the climate inside the mill varies little from season to season due to its superior construction, and the Roman numeral markings carved into the beams used in original reconstruction are still visible.
He left Lookout Oil in 1925 to take a sales manager position at Gilman Paint and Varnish Co., eventually becoming president of the company.
His rich orange-red varnish, perfectly transparent, gave the final touch.
Homozygous leopards have the "LP/LP" genotype, and may be varnish roan, fewspot leopard, or snowcap patterned.
In 1959, Cook Paint and Varnish bought KDRO-TV in Sedalia and changed its calls to KMOS-TV on January 28 of that year.
It is not finished with any varnish, filing/sanding of any kind, and as with all other Afghan instruments there is some decoration.
It is one of the most important basic raw materials for the synthesis of terpene chemicals which are used in a wide variety of industries such as adhesives, paper and rubber, etc. Chir pine rosin is principally used in paper, soap, cosmetics, paint, varnish, rubber and polish industries.
It lightly deposits a thin film of shellac over the work, acting as a varnish and preventing its rubbing off.
Mander Brothers was a major employer in the city of Wolverhampton, a progressive company which became the Number One manufacturers of varnish, paint and later printing ink in the British Empire.
Many of the cheap candies sold by street venders are not fit for consumption, since they are not only made of bad material, but are frequently in addition given a light dipping in varnish as a protection against the decaying influences of the atmosphere.
Sandstone rocks at Twyfelfontein are covered by the so-called desert varnish, a hard patina that appears brown or dark grey.
Suppose we coat one side of a glass plate with silver chloride, just as we might put a coat of varnish on a chair.
The Cook Paint and Varnish Company, which operated WHB (then at 710 AM, now at 810 AM) and the Midland Broadcasting Company, owners of KMBC radio (980 AM, now KMBZ), signed on channel 9 as a shared operation on August 2, 1953.
The Diazo compiler generates XSLT, which can be deployed on any proxying web server with an XSLT processor such as Apache (using mod_transform), Varnish, or WSGI.
The ink is composed of a varnish of boiled linseed oil and any of the lithographic colors to be commercially obtained.
The only source of metal on the carpet is mined from a dropped penny; wood is taken from discarded matchsticks, while the clairvoyant "Wights" obtain varnish by scraping it from a chair leg (the chair leg is known to the Carpet People as "Achairleg").
The UV varnish coats the beer cans with a strong, abrasion-resistant layer, protecting it in the manufacturing and transportation process.
Varnish brushes are the most common flat brushes available today and are used for painting as well as varnishing.

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