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Vocabulary Word

Word: vantage

Definition: position giving an advantage (such as a strategic point); CF. vantagepoint

Sentences Containing 'vantage'

"Anekantavada" works around the limitations of a one-sided view of truth by proposing multiple vantage points ("nayas") from which truth can be viewed (cf.
Advanced computer modeling techniques, combined with electronic access to world market data and information, enable traders using a trading strategy to have a unique market vantage point.
After the Vantage was discontinued in 2000, there were no V8 models until the introduction of the Jaguar derived 4.3l L V8 in the 2005 V8 Vantage.
Another review of the book in the Financial Times, this one by the paper's international affairs editor, Quentin Peel, begins by discussing the book's vantage: Peel continues, writing that "The Way of the World"'s "sensational claims are almost an afterthought at the very end of Suskind's book.
Aston Martin has used a variety of V8 engines in its cars, starting with the 1969 DBS V8, followed by many models badged V8 Vantage, or Virage, plus Volante convertible versions.
At 6:00 AM, the Georgian 3rd Brigade launched an offensive into the Eredvi region, east of Tskhinvali, seizing villages and strategic vantage points.
At that moment, the gingerbread man, who has been attempting to gain a closer vantage point, sneaks up onto the dias.
Crawling out ahead of his troops to a vantage point, he called by radio for artillery fire.
First of all, planetary transits are only observable for planets whose orbits happen to be perfectly aligned from the astronomers' vantage point.
In 2013, Fischer Racing made an official partnership with Prodrive and Aston Martin Racing to run an Aston Martin V8 Vantage GTE in the FIA World Endurance Championship GTE-Am class.
It was from this high vantage point that St.
Mrs. Crupp shook her head in such a determined manner, that I had not an inch of vantage-ground left.
Newsweek reported him looking back on the incident from the vantage of 1981: "When I tried to buy lingerie for my wife," he recalls, "I was faced with racks of terry-cloth robes and ugly floral-print nylon nightgowns, and I always had the feeling the department-store saleswomen thought I was an unwelcome intruder."
None can be an impartial or wise observer of human life but from the vantage ground of what we should call voluntary poverty.
Not wanting to send his patrol against the much larger German force, he retrieved rifle grenades from his men and returned to his vantage point to begin a single-handed attack on the position.
Students learn that problems cross all areas of an organization and begin to view issues from numerous vantage points in order to construct meaningful solutions.
the advent of the mechanical stoker and its associated underfloor machinery placed cab floors and tender decks higher, and from that vantage point the engineer could see ahead.
The DSP constellation may have offered an excellent vantage point for an early warning system against state-centric threats such as missiles, but military analysts warn its ability to collect intelligence on non-state actors is severely limited.
The hillsides adjacent to the track also offer a unique vantage point to watch races from.
The mountain, particularly the "Pain-de-Sucre" summit, was well known by the Algonquin natives, who used it as a vantage point to survey the valley of the Richelieu River below.
The paintings are characterized by one vantage point from which the viewer can see the complete painting (usually a simple geometric shape such as circle, square, line), while from other view points the viewer will see ‘broken’ fragmented shapes.
The V8s used in Aston Martins from 1969 to 2000 were based on an internal design by Tadek Marek, while the V8 engines used in the 2005–present V8 Vantage are based on the Jaguar AJ26 V8.
The video contains Aston Martin models, including the V8 Vantage Volante, DBS V12 Volante, DB9 Volante and Rapide.
The vistas from Jay, Saddlebrook and Slip Mountains make the climb to the vantage points well worthwhile.
The Zagato press release of January 2003 states: “It is based on the current DB7 Vantage Volante (convertible) and boasts revised bodystyle with coachwork by Zagato”.
Their house, Sea Breeze, was rebuilt .the Observer Corps used martello tower 25 as a vantage post and it was there the first V-1 flying bomb to fly over England was spotted.
Using the sea as a vantage point, the commune has four distinct sections: the right beach (Plage de Rive Droite), the Village, the left beach (Plage de Rive Gauche), Port Camargue and L'Espiguette.
“My concern,” he says “is what happens outside the vantage point of view.” He was born in 1952 in Locarno, Switzerland and lives in Paris.
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