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Vocabulary Word

Word: validate

Definition: make valid; confirm; ratify

Sentences Containing 'validate'

A number of MathWorks and third-party tools can be used with Stateflow to validate the design and generate code.
According to the dissent, "the reports essentially validate what we have been saying all along: the policymakers' statements were substantiated by the intelligence...it was the intelligence that was faulty."
As such, it is important that they be defined in a measurable behavioral context in order to validate applicability and the degree of expertise (e.g. development of talent) Management competencies: Management competencies identify the specific attributes and capabilities that illustrate an individual’s management potential. Unlike leadership characteristics, management characteristics can be learned and developed with the proper training and resources.
Blast-resistance tests for the project were conducted at the Department of Defense’s Large Blast Thermal Simulator in White Sands, New Mexico to validate building performance under blast loads.
Chaim Kaufmann notes that "On several occasions in 2001–02, Wolfowitz pressured CIA and DIA analysts to validate a claim in a book by Laurie Mylroie that Hussein had been behind the 1993 bombing of the World Trade Center.
Chestnuts have always been used in Corsica as a cereal, but it was necessary to carry out studies for many years to validate the qualities of chestnut flour.
Citing Article I of the U.S. Constitution, he set a precedent used in the 1960s to validate the expansion of federal control over the election process.
Consequently, there was no mechanism by which a board meeting could be called, either to validate any transfer of shares to a new purchaser, or to elect a new board to effect a take over.
FR Holdings Ltd was able to take part in the High Court hearing, to try to validate the transfers in the old 1922 company and thus revive it.
His work was later recognized by the organization with various awards in San Francisco (Founder's award and The need for a professional certification to maintain and validate a common knowledge, values, and ethics for individuals in the industry became a growing concern.
However, it is possible to validate a specification by proving “challenge” theorems concerning properties that the specification is expected to exhibit.
However, Mr Justice Vinelott ruled the FR/TCL strategy of financial reconstruction to be 'wholly misconceived', as the WHLR company was moribund i.e. there were no longer any living directors, who could call a board meeting to validate the share and debenture transfers to the FR (and before that, to TCL and WestCo), or to elect a new Board. Mr Justice Vinelott however, ruled that the solution to this problem was for FR Holdings or GCC/WHLR (1964) Ltd to apply for a Transfer Order under the 1896 Light Railways Act. A Transfer Order is in effect a license to transfer the remaining assets and powers from one railway company to another, following the agreement of a sale and any such sale can only be made to the holders of the Transfer Order.
In November 2006, ground testing began at Dryden, to validate the aircraft's systems integrity, telemetry and communications links, flight-control software and taxi and takeoff characteristics.
In order to validate the standard, the Q-Cert-VET consortium included two pilot-testing training companies in Portugal. As a first step towards future dissemination throughout Europe, the project included three other pilot tests, one in Germany and two in Romania.
In other words, the CCT Mark provides quality assurance approach to validate whether the implementation of a computer security product or services has been performed in an appropriate manner.
It is designed to "[validate the mastery of business management knowledge, skills, and abilities and is developed by business practitioners to meet the needs of practicing business managers."
Marxist historians such as Eric Hobsbawm, E. P. Thompson, Rodney Hilton, Georges Lefebvre, Eugene D. Genovese, Isaac Deutscher, C. L. R. James, Timothy Mason, Herbert Aptheker, Arno J. Mayer and Christopher Hill have sought to validate Karl Marx's theories by analyzing history from a Marxist perspective.
No additional resources from government or educational institutes could be found to validate this claim, although photographs of the fungi are available online.
Obtaining good model-data fit provides additional evidence to validate the specified attribute hierarchy, which is required before proceeding with determination of an examinee’s attribute mastery.
On May 14, 2005, at 07:08 NPT in the early morning (01:23 UTC), Delsalle set the unbeatable world record for highest altitude landing of a helicopter when his Eurocopter AS350 Squirrel touched down on the highest point of land on earth, the summit of Mount Everest. The flight and the summit landing were captured by a battery of cameras and other equipment to validate the record. After sitting on top of the world for 2 minutes, Delsalle lifted off and returned to the Tenzing-Hillary Airport at Lukla, Nepal. This accomplishment had required extensive testing on site, especially because of the low atmospheric pressure available for the helicopter rotors, winds over at these altitudes, and oxygen depletion for both Delsalle and his helicopter's engine.
Since mechanics is above all an experimental science, it is of utmost importance that experiments validate the theory.
Tacit Blue represented the 'black' component in the larger Assault Breaker program, which intended to validate the concept of massed standoff attacks on advancing armoured formations using smart munitions.
The Hubble Space Telescope Orbital Systems Test (HOST) platform carried experiments to validate components planned for installation during the third Hubble Space Telescope servicing mission and to evaluate new technologies in an earth orbiting environment.
The name "Nintendo" is commonly assumed to mean "leave luck to heaven", but there are no historical records to validate this assumption.
The post read, "If we let them defile ground zero with a beachhead for sharia we will validate their sense of victory on 9/11 and encourage future attacks on America.
The term "certified mortgage planner" is an effort to validate through education and subsequent certification a mortgage originator that has had specific training for the purpose of incorporating the mortgage decision with a Borrowers short and long-term financial objectives.
The U.S. Navy-sponsored project worth US$26.1 million consists of a Sikorsky YSH-60F helicopter modified by Piasecki as a testbed to validate the "Vectored Thrust Ducted Propeller" (VTDP) system.
These proofs may be used to validate a specification, verify correctness of design, or to prove that a program satisfies a specification.
This would enable the mapper to use the linking words unambiguously and thus would help to validate the hierarchy in the concept map.
Under the name "Honey Badger", the JTD conducted a series of large-scale joint-force exercises and projects to develop and validate a variety of capabilities that would be available to OSD when mission requirements were identified.
We think we need approval and accomplishment to validate our lives.
While Apocalypse had seemingly met the vampire hunter before they all left the council members to validate Van Helsing's claims.

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