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Vocabulary Word

Word: upright

Definition: (sitting or standing) straight up; honest; moral

Sentences Containing 'upright'

"Mother Mother" is a song by Tracy Bonham from her debut album "The Burdens of Being Upright".
'Why, my dear Copperfield,' said Traddles, sticking his hair upright with both hands, and then putting his hands on my knees, 'I am married!'
-LRB- Plate XXI, Blake's Job -RRB- The just upright man is laughed to scorn.
A solitary flower is borne on a long, upright stem.
About midway down the outside rank, a shrouded figure was sitting upright, wagging its head slowly from one side to the other a grisly spectacle!
And so saying, she went off to the other end of the shop, and set the egg upright on a shelf.
And then he has made a determined stand against the flow of lines carrying you out of the picture on the right, by putting straight, upright trees and insisting upon their straightness.
As long as the extinguisher is in an upright position, these substances are kept separate, but when the extinguisher is inverted, the acid escapes from the bottle, and mixes with the soda solution.
Blake's``Morning Stars Singing Together''is an instance of the vertical chord, although there is no actual upright line in the figures.
Each of the sisters leaned a little forward to speak, shook her head after speaking, and became upright again when silent.
Each time he swayed or ducked he came back to the upright position and sneered at "Snowy".
Excellent fellow as I knew Traddles to be, and warmly attached to him as I was, I could not help wishing, on that delicate occasion, that he had never contracted the habit of brushing his hair so very upright.
He contributed upright bass to Devin Townsend's second album "Infinity" in 1998.
He recounts with pride the events of a long and upright life, in which he has wronged no man, and lived in harmony with his friends and family.
He then allegedly asked if standing an egg upright was impossible, and when told that it was, he cracked the base of an egg, thus making it possible for it to stand upright.
Her fine figure was far less upright, her handsome face was deeply marked, and her hair was almost white.
I said he was a man in very common life, but of a most gentle and upright character; and that I ventured to express a hope that she would not refuse to see him in his heavy trouble.
Ignorance and misinformation must always, more or less, mislead the most upright council.
In contrast, the symbol of Law is a single upright arrow.
In late antiquity, the foremast lost most of its tilt, standing nearly upright on some ships.
In the Spanish chestnut, and in certain fir-trees, the angles of divergence of the leaves differ, according to Schacht, in the nearly horizontal and in the upright branches.
It is true he pulled it gently lest Rocinante should move, but try as he might to seat himself in the saddle, he had nothing for it but to stand upright or pull his hand off.
It would have been difficult by a far brighter light, to recognize in Doctor Manette, intellectual of face and upright of bearing, the shoemaker of the garret in Paris.
McBride primarily plays upright bass, but is equally adept on the electric bass.
Nobody would have thought so, to see her sitting upright, with her arms folded; but she had wonderful self-command.
O'Sullivan's claim was upheld in a landmark ruling, "Grand Upright Music, Ltd.
She sat upright in her arm-chair, with a stately, immovable, passionless air, that it seemed as if nothing could disturb.
So he put on his hat, and went out with his cane under his arm: very upright, and humming a tune when he was clear of the counting-house.
Suddenly the drunkard in the corridor is standing upright pointing a gun at them – it is the Man in Grey.
The aim of the game is to keep the hoop upright for long periods of time or to do various tricks.
The brake wheel, located in the cap, rotates an upright shaft running the height of the mill.
The loaded muskets in the rack were shiningly revealed, as they stood upright against the forward bulkhead.
The new arrangement allowed the M2s to be mounted upright, remedying most of the jamming problems.
The old man did not answer, but looked at his master with wild staring eyes, while with his cramped hand he grasped a piece of furniture to enable him to stand upright.
The tail is typically held upright, like a wren.
There is an upright pyramidal process on the penultimate (?)
They did not creep far, before they stopped and stood upright.
They had beside them what seemed to be white sheets concealing some objects under them, standing upright or lying flat, and arranged at intervals.
They were both upright in their carriage, formal, precise, composed, and quiet.
Through the open door was visible a portion of the boudoir, containing an upright piano and a blue satin couch.
To this address, my aunt had listened with the closest attention, sitting perfectly upright, with her hands folded on one knee, and looking grimly on the speaker.
Traddles ran his greasy hands through his hair, and stood it bolt upright, and stared in confusion on the table-cloth.
Until he came, my aunt sat perfectly upright and stiff, frowning at the wall.
We recognize this integrity of straight lines when we say anybody is``an upright man''or is``quite straight,''wishing to convey the impression of moral worth.
What you must do is carry me in your arms, and lay me across or set me upright in some postern, and I'll hold it either with this lance or with my body."
With that she smoothed her dress, and sat, with her upright carriage, looking at the door.
[[File:Homology.jpg|upright|thumbnail| Analogous flying adaptions: 2.
``Try to stand upright, and let the lovers make love without interruption.
``Who enjoyed the reputation of being the most severe, the most upright, the most rigid magistrate on the bench?''
``Yes, so it is, between perfectly upright people.''
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