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Vocabulary Word

Word: unison

Definition: unity of pitch (in musical performance); complete accord; Ex. The choir sang in unison.

Sentences Containing 'unison'

"You Get It Up" was sung by the entire band in unison — thus the album's atypical crediting of Seraphine, Parazaider de Oliveira with "vocals".
2 ("mostly in unison with the E or piccolo") and in John Tavener's "Celtic Requiem" (1969).
After decades of campaigning, together with UNISON, the major public service union, the Society finally succeeded in seeing statutory registration officers receive legal employment status in 2007 when, on 1 December of that year, they became employees of their relevant local authority following the enactment of the Statistics and Registration Service Act 2007.
Again her large bonnet (very disproportionate to the figure) went backwards and forwards, in her swaying of her little body to and fro; while a most gigantic bonnet rocked, in unison with it, upon the wall.
As a pointed counterpoint to the verse echoes of ancient Vedantic philosophy ("wall of illusion" "When you've seen beyond yourself, then you may find peace of mind is waiting there") a "sawal-jawab" (musical dialogue) begins in 5/4 time between first the dilruba and Harrison's sitar, then between the full Western string section and Harrison's sitar, this tellingly resolving into a melody in unison and together stating the tihai that closes the middle segment.
As both amateurs and professionals, Bechke and Petrov were known for their exquisite posture and lines, inventive moves (such as the "Impossible" death spiral), great unison and proximity on their jumps and side-by-side spins, as well as many difficult and intricate lift sequences.
As in the other trios, the performers speak words aloud in unison.
As in the trumpet version of "Harmonien", the performers punctuate the introductory chords with the words "Lob sei Gott", spoken in unison.
At the end of this trio, the performers speak in unison the Latin words of the first two lines of the Greater Doxology: "Gloria in excelsis Deo / et in terra pax hominibus bonae voluntatis" (Glory to God in the highest / and on earth peace, goodwill to all people) (Kohl 2012b, 516).
Encircling their bodies are short spikes, which all move in unison to push the graboid through the dirt, similar to the setae on an earthworm.
Franz felt a shudder run through his veins at observing that the feeling of the duke and the countess was so much in unison with his own personal disquietude.
He praised the radio mix of Unison and called this single "hard-to-find definite fun."
However, the widely adopted standard naming convention for musical intervals classifies them as "perfect" intervals, together with the octave and unison.
In relative pitch C and G or F. The middle strings 3 and 4 are tuned unison to F or G, and they are fretted and can be shortened by pressing down the metal keys.
In Sync, teams jumped off three-meter springboards and attempted to touch the water in unison.
In the 1907 edition, Camille sings a high C in the "Rosebud Romance", instead of B. The Danilo and Sonia/Hanna/Anna humming of the waltz theme becomes a chorus number in the 1958 score, and the 1907 ending of the "Rosebud Romance" is sung mostly in unison rather than as a conversation.
In unison with the comic at the time, the front cover usually featured Korky the Cat.
It includes ZFS v5000, Software RAID (0,1,5), disk encryption, S.M.A.R.T. and email reports etc., with the following protocols: CIFS (samba), FTP, NFS, TFTP, AFP, rsync, Unison (file synchronizer), iSCSI (initiator and target), HAST, CARP, Bridge, UPnP, and Bittorent.
It is commonly recited by Singaporeans in unison at public events, especially in schools, in the Singapore Armed Forces and during the National Day Parade.
Just before the fourth main section of this trio the performers speak in unison the words "Erwachen in Gott" (Awakening in God) (Stockhausen 2010e, 15).
Near the end, they speak in unison the words, "Dank sei Gott … Danke Gott für das Werk … Hoffnung" (Praise be to God … Thank God for the work … Hope" (Günther 2008).
On motorbikes their main function is to shield the rider from wind, though not as completely as in a car, whereas on sports and racing motorcycles the main function is reducing drag when the rider assumes the optimal aerodynamic configuration with his or her body in unison with the machine, and does not shield the rider from wind when sitting upright.
Quacker tells them that he and the other ducks have a surprise for them and says, "All together, fellas!" and the ducks all shout at once in unison to Tom and Jerry, "HAPPY EASTER!" and swim around them in the end, while Tom and Jerry smile and take a look.
Students were presented with the symbolic white coats by seniors of the profession, after putting on the coats the students took, in unison, a pledge of professionalism.
The damage had likely come by small arms fire from Chinese infantry, who were known to hide in the snow and to ambush passing aircraft by firing in unison.
The dancers themselves sing the "margamkali songs" in unison call and response form."Parichamuttikali" is another performing art which is popular among Saint Thomas Christians.
The Diaphone-Dulzian rank spans from C3 to g²; it is sufficiently extended so that the 64', 32', 16', 8' and 4' unison stops, and the 42²/3', 211/3' and 10²/3' mutation stops, may be drawn from the same rank.
The Grand Ophicleide rank is extended one octave above the 16' unison rank, allowing an 8' register to be drawn from the rank; it is playable from the 85-key Great manual and from the 32-key pedalboard. 32' stops.
The interval separating the two voices singing each canon grows successively in each consecutive movement, beginning on the unison, proceeding next to the second, then the third, and so forth, reaching the octave in the Sanctus at the "Osanna" section.
The layout of the work, with the interval of imitation expanding from the unison up to the octave, is the same as that used by J.S. Bach in the "Goldberg Variations"; it is not known, however, if Bach was familiar with Ockeghem's work (which was generally unavailable in the 18th century).
The majority of its members were also members of UNISON.
The TUC has fifty-eight affiliated unions with a total of about 6.5 million members, around half of whom are represented by Unite or UNISON.
The unison of opposites to prove, Of the soft wax and diamond hard am I; But still, obedient to the laws of love, Here, hard or soft, I offer you my breast, Whate'er you grave or stamp thereon shall rest Indelible for all eternity.
There are fifty-eight affiliated unions with a total of about 6.2 million members, around half of whom are represented by Unite or UNISON.
They danced to the popular Revolution song, keeping a ferocious time that was like a gnashing of teeth in unison.
They were known in unison as 燕许大手笔 ("Immense pen-brushes from Yan and Xu").
Typical of the Beatles' vocal style of that period, John Lennon and Paul McCartney sing in unison for the majority of the track, allowing the few occasions when they do harmonise to stand out.
With armored head and mobile spikes working together in unison, a graboid can "swim" through the loose soil at high speed like a shark in the water, though they are incapable of tunneling through solid rock.
``My last supplication of all, is this; and with it, I will relieve you of a visitor with whom I well know you have nothing in unison, and between whom and you there is an impassable space.

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