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Vocabulary Word

Word: uncanny

Definition: strange; mysterious; Ex. uncanny knack

Sentences Containing 'uncanny'

'At last I sat down on the summit of the hillock, and watched this strange incredible company of blind things groping to and fro, and making uncanny noises to each other, as the glare of the fire beat on them.
( appeared prior to that (in "Uncanny X-Men" #148), but he was not yet a member of the Morlocks.)
1951), includes work in "Journey into Mystery" #1 (June 1952), and issues of "Adventures into Terror", "Adventures Into Weird Worlds", "Astonishing", "Marvel Tales", "Menace", "Mystery Tales", "Strange Tales", "Strange Tales of the Unusual", "Uncanny Tales", and "World of Fantasy".
A commentator even blamed his "uncanny knack of predicting the demise of his key enemies" for making a lot of Hindu enemies.
Adam has been featured in Fortune Magazine for his uncanny trading abilities and stock market performance record. He was the Stock Market Personality of the Month in Consumer Reports and appeared on various national television shows including ABC's Good Money, CNBC’s Squawk Box, Fox Business, NBC’s Today Show, The Tonight Show with Jay Leno, The Ellen DeGeneres Show, Regis and Kelly, ABC News, and Anderson Cooper 360.
Blessed with technique and vision, Koo "has an uncanny ability to find the back of the net, often displaying a knack to charge into the opposition penalty box unsighted."
Co-workers said he had an uncanny eye for the "commercial viability" of designs.
Dart has an uncanny, almost preternatural accuracy with various forms of throwing darts, and is able to throw consistently on-target even while performing complicated gymnastic, acrobatic or martial arts maneuvers.
Even during those days when he was at college, he was known for his histrionics, and had the uncanny ability to imitate Tamil actors like Sivaji Ganeshan, Muthuraman, and Nagesh.
Following "Avengers vs. X-Men", a new series titled "Uncanny Avengers" debuted in the flagship title of Marvel NOW!.
Goldin's work since 1995 has included a wide array of subject matter: collaborative book projects with famed Japanese photographer Nobuyoshi Araki; New York City skylines; uncanny landscapes (notably of people in water); her lover, Siobhan; and babies, parenthood and family life.
Greg Land is an American comic book artist, best known for his work on books such as "Uncanny X-Men", "Birds of Prey", and "Fantastic Four".
He became famous for his allegedly uncanny ability to track down old and very rare wines, and for arranging extravagant wine tastings featuring these wines.
He is better known for his work on Marvel Comics's "Uncanny X-Men" and Top Cow's "" in the 1990s.
His first appearance was in "Uncanny X-Men" #417.
In "Uncanny X-Men #397-398", parts 3 and 4 of the "Poptopia" story, a group of Morlocks living in the underground tunnels of London are introduced.
In 2006 an Austin Chronicle music reporter said: "Her musical sophistication and the uncanny maturity of her lyrics astonished me" and she is "the most gifted young performer I've seen in 26 years."
In 2008 Land illustrated "Uncanny X-Men" #500.
In 2012 Land illustrated issues #5 - 8 and 11 - 12 of the relaunched "Uncanny X-Men".
In his past career as an archaeologist, Blackthorne Shore stumbled upon many uncanny artifacts which set him on the path that would come to govern his life — a quest for power and control of the Inhumanoids.
Later in the year, he had a short run in "Uncanny X-Men", drawing the title's issues of the "X-Cutioner's Song" crossover.
Later, Citro decided to make an attempt to catalogue all of the eccentric legends, folk tales, mysterious monsters, UFO sightings, haunted houses, and general uncanny activity of New England.
On the bridge, Early is skeptical about River's claim, but she reveals uncanny knowledge of the bounty hunter's own weaknesses.
Pallett also conducted the London Metropolitan Orchestra in the recording of this project. In June 2009 at Luminato, Toronto's annual festival of arts and creativity, Pallett provided part of the live soundtrack for the outdoor screening (at Yonge-Dundas Square) of the 1919 silent German horror film "Tales of the Uncanny" ("Unheimliche Geschichten"), alongside Canadian instrumental band Do Make Say Think and electronica music artist Robert Lippok from Berlin, Germany.
She has the uncanny ability to take discarded and unrelated items, and invent nearly anything with them, which she attributes to the fact that she has a "mind-bashingly high IQ" and is easily bored.
The A.V. Club included him in their 2009 list of "21 artists who changed mainstream comics (for better or worse)" for this reason Commenting on Land's work on "Uncanny X-Men" #510, Brian Cronin of Comic Book Resources remarked that the issue "possibly has the most harmful art to a story that I’ve seen in a comic," saying that Land's limited supply of poses and use of the same models for multiple characters "results in terrible art and particularly terrible storytelling."
The character subsequently appears in "The Uncanny X-Men" #189 (January 1985), and #208 (August 1986), in which he dies.
The character subsequently appears in "The Uncanny X-Men" #193 (May 1985), "Firestar" #2-4 (April–June 1986), "The New Mutants" #26 (April 1985), "The Uncanny X-Men" #193 (May 1985), "The New Mutants" #28 (June 1985), #31 (September 1985), "Firestar" #2-4 (April–June 1986), "The New Mutants" #38-40 (April–June 1986), #43 (September 1986), #53-54 (July–August 1987), #56 (October 1987), #62 (April 1988), "The New Mutants Annual" #4 (1988), "The New Mutants" #81 (November 1989), "The Uncanny X-Men" #281 (October 1991), "The New Warriors" #31 (January 1993), #45-46 (March–April 1994), "X-Force" #32-34 (March–May 1994), "X-Universe" #1-2 (May–June 1995) by Scott Lobdell and Terry Kavanagh, "X-Treme X-Men" #31-35 (November 2003-January 2004), "The X-Men: 198 Files" (March 2006) by Eric J. Moreels, Marc-Oliver Frisch, and Brian E. Wilkinson, "X-Men: The 198" #1-5 (March–July 2006), and "The Uncanny X-Men #500-501".
The event spanned "Uncanny X-Men" #210-212, "X-Factor" vol.
The mention of martyrs is uncanny to the first track of Letlive.'s next album.
The riffs are actually memorable, with insane blastbeat drums and an uncanny sense of timing guiding the songs as they charge through one by one."
The timing of Ehnat responses and the fact that the USBA seemed to always be one step ahead of the ABA in court actions was so uncanny Mr. Hadley joked that someone must have bugged Mr. John's office.
They first appeared as a group in "Uncanny X-Men" #169 (May 1983).
This episode was Chris Claremont's inspiration for the Hellfire Club in Marvel Comics' "X-Men", and in particular the story arc in "Uncanny X-Men" #132-134.
Tony O'Reilly has exploited an enviable knack of targeting the right geographical zones with an uncanny anticipation of future trends."" While Denis O'Brien is often newsworthy the Sunday Independent has paid particular attention to him when his business activities conflicted with Independent News Media.
Uncanny is the fourth in a series of collections of short stories by Australian author Paul Jennings.
With Masque presumed killed, an insane Mikhail Rasputin takes over as leader of the Morlocks in "Uncanny X-Men" #293.

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