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Vocabulary Word

Word: trappings

Definition: outward decorations; ornaments (as an outward sign of rank)

Sentences Containing 'trappings'

"Trappings of Power" begins in 1967, when Trudeau, now Justice Minister, is being courted to run for the leadership of the Liberal party, and climaxes with Lévesque and his separatist Parti Québécois winning 1976 Quebec provincial election.
"Variety" magazine wrote, "Despite inspired casting and nifty visual trappings, the eagerly awaited "Addams Family" figures a major disappointment."
Behind him, in accordance with the duke's orders, followed Dapple with brand new ass-trappings and ornaments of silk, and from time to time Sancho turned round to look at his ass, so well pleased to have him with him that he would not have changed places with the emperor of Germany.
But Ahab, my Captain, still moves before me in all his Nantucket grimness and shagginess; and in this episode touching Emperors and Kings, I must not conceal that I have only to do with a poor old whale-hunter like him; and, therefore, all outward majestical trappings and housings are denied me.
Coming closer, he distinguished among them a lady of graceful mien, on a pure white palfrey or hackney caparisoned with green trappings and a silver-mounted side-saddle.
Critic Robert Rodi, covering progressive Gay issues in comics for the Comics Journal in 1986, wrote, ""Starstruck" is an explosion of alternate sexuality and its phenomenal trappings.
Cynicism taught that civilization was corrupt and people needed to break away from it and its trappings and Stoicism taught that one must give up all earthly goods by remaining detached from civilization and help others.
For the remainder of his reign, Shō Nei would continue to bear all the trappings of royal authority, and exercised great power over his domain within the frameworks set by Satsuma.
He did keep thirty servants, but many of his supposed trappings were fictional: He had one or sometimes two Rolls-Royces, not eight, and his single private railway car was not an entire private train.
His son obeyed, and the crowd approached; they were bawling and hissing round a dingy hearse and dingy mourning coach, in which mourning coach there was only one mourner, dressed in the dingy trappings that were considered essential to the dignity of the position.
Lee and Kaluta intended this kid-friendly approach, without the trappings of the epic backstory, as an easier portal to the "Starstruck" universe for new readers.
Let Harlequin be taken with a fit of the colic and his trappings will have to serve that mood too.
Next to these two beds was that of the carrier, made up, as has been said, of the pack-saddles and all the trappings of the two best mules he had, though there were twelve of them, sleek, plump, and in prime condition, for he was one of the rich carriers of Arevalo, according to the author of this history, who particularly mentions this carrier because he knew him very well, and they even say was in some degree a relation of his; besides which Cide Hamete Benengeli was a historian of great research and accuracy in all things, as is very evident since he would not pass over in silence those that have been already mentioned, however trifling and insignificant they might be, an example that might be followed by those grave historians who relate transactions so curtly and briefly that we hardly get a taste of them, all the substance of the work being left in the inkstand from carelessness, perverseness, or ignorance.
On the last school night before Thanksgiving break, Tabor puts on a full Thanksgiving feast for the school and decorates the dining hall with traditional trappings of the holiday.
On this the Trifaldi observed that Clavileno would not bear any kind of harness or trappings, and that his best plan would be to sit sideways like a woman, as in that way he would not feel the hardness so much.
Sancho Panza alone was fuming at the lateness of the hour for retiring to rest; and he of all was the one that made himself most comfortable, as he stretched himself on the trappings of his ass, which, as will be told farther on, cost him so dear.
Shortly afterward a ceremony is held to swear him in as President of Gallifrey and he is presented with the various trappings of office.
The band subsequently released a statement criticizing the prize's gala trappings in a time of austerity, asserting that "organizing a gala just so musicians can compete against each other for a novelty-sized cheque doesn’t serve the cause of righteous music at all.
The fact that whole businesses were devoted to the trappings of bereavement demonstrates how large a part death played in the everyday lives of Victorians.
The first two hour-long episodes "Unlikely Warriors" and "Trappings of Power" were released in 1978.
The trappings of the mare were of the field and jineta fashion, and of mulberry colour and green.
This was true for the elaborate Studiolo of Francesco I Medici located in Palazzo Vecchio, Florence, The standard fittings of the late medieval and early modern study can be inventoried among the conventional trappings in portrayals of Saint Jerome in illuminated manuscripts, in paintings, or in engravings like those of Albrecht Dürer ("illustration"): a chair, perhaps a footstool to lift the feet from the draughty floor, and a table bearing a book-rest, perhaps with a weighted ribbon to hold a book open at a place,and a portable desk with a slanted surface for writing; a candlestick also on the table supplements the light from the window, which is often shuttered but also often with a window seat in the depth of the wall.
Whether any of the relatives of the seamen whose names appeared there were now among the congregation, I knew not; but so many are the unrecorded accidents in the fishery, and so plainly did several women present wear the countenance if not the trappings of some unceasing grief, that I feel sure that here before me were assembled those, in whose unhealing hearts the sight of those bleak tablets sympathetically caused the old wounds to bleed afresh.
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