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Word: timbre

Definition: quality of a musical tone produced by a musical instrument (which distinguishes it from others of the same pitch)

Sentences Containing 'timbre'

A total of 12 frets are fastened to the instrument's fret-board. The timbre of its sound is low.
Absorption spectroscopy - Anders Jonas Ångström - Astronomical spectroscopy - Astronomy - Black body - Blazar - Bremsstrahlung - Caesium - Cherenkov radiation - Color - Colors - Diffraction - Digital signal processing - Direct-sequence spread spectrum - Dispersion (optics) - Eigenstate - Eigenvalue - Electromagnetic radiation - Electromagnetic spectroscopy - Electromagnetic spectrum - Electromagnetism - Emission line - Emission spectrum - FM broadcast radio - Frequency domain - Frequency hopping - Frequency spectrum - Gamma ray burster - Hamiltonian (quantum mechanics) - History of radio - Hue - Isotope - Light - Optical brightener - Optical spectrum - Particle in a spherically symmetric potential - Piezoelectricity - Power spectrum - RADAR - Radio frequency - Radio - Radiocommunications Agency - Redshift - SETI - Spectrogram - Spectrometer - Spectroscopy - Spectrum analyser - Sunyaev-Zel'dovich effect - Supernova - Telecommunication - Timbre - Very high frequency - Visible light - White noise Sound waves.
Color, shape, and texture are used to convey high-level musical features such as timbre, melodic contour, and harmonic tension.
Every stroke, every gesture is precisely specified in its rhythm, dynamics, and timbre (Kohl 2008, 17).
For example two layers may have a different sensitivity to the velocity of the incoming note, altering the resulting timbre according to how hard the note is played.
He’s developed and inventive prepared-guitar style that involves manipulating the strings to alter the tone and timbre of the instrument.
If any wind leaks, a whistle, almost as loud as the tone of the pipes themselves, may be heard. Completing the rank presented a problem with the smallest pipes in the 4' register, requiring their replacement with special flue pipes having a similar voice and timbre.
In 1989, Terrie Lambert invented the Moonshine (ceramic) slide that produces a timbre in between that of brass and glass, and the Mudslide (porcelain) slide, which like brass slides is quite heavy, producing richer, fuller and resonating tones with more harmonics.
In addition, there were performances from Roots of Creation, The Indobox, BuzzUniverse, Archnemesis, Lucid, Twiddle, Dirty Paris, Timbre Coup, NY Funk Exchange, Sonic Spank, Beam Deem, Consider The Source, Ultraviolet Hippopotamus, Dopapod, The Maniac All-Stars, Capital Zen, Nadis Warriors, The Jack, Mentally Ill, Leila, Ian Stewart, DJ Brad Lee, Blue Boy Productions, ELECTRONICAnonymous, Tucci, JamAntics, Moses The Electric Company, The Edd, The High Peaks Band, Pia Mater, Fever Train, Mos Opus, Seed, lespecial, Positive Mental Trip, The Aposoul, Sugar Proof, The People's Blues of Richmond, Deafened by Love, Asleep in a Box, Wobblesauce, Mondo Gecko, John Snyder Performing, horiZonwireLess, Rogue Chimp, MAAZE, and The Grey Area.
It also probes the borders between spatial movement and timbre (Kohl 2012a, 309–10).
Mod-III Sensurround was a further refinement of the system to allow more control over level, timbre and placement of effects.
Primate vocalizations are mainly determined by music-like features (such as pitch, amplitude-and frequency-modulations, timbre and rhythm), and it is assumed that human musical abilities played a key phylogenetical part in the evolution of language.
She is known for her timbre of voice and manner of singing.
The careful choices in timbre along with the hypnotic, ethereal effect of his rhythmic layering catapults the listener into a world of sonic serenity, enveloped in warmth.
The elements of music that comprise expression include dynamic indications, forte or piano, phrasing, differing qualities of timbre and articulation, color, intensity, energy and excitement all at the service of the composer's intention as best perceived by the performer.
The influence of an especially eastern European variety of minimalism (more meditative and less didactic) is also apparent in the carefully worked out relationship between different degrees of sound and silence, the predominance of soft dynamics, and in the smallest details and changes in pitch, timbre and rhythm."
The slide's weight (in terms of density and wall thickness) cause differences in sustain, timbre, and loudness, while the surface structure and material affect tonal clarity and timbre.
The sound of a molinukas is soft, and the timbre is delicate.
The throaty, soulful timbre of her voice was uncharacteristic of Japanese vocalists of the 1980s (although it has become more commonplace today).
The uniform string timbre of "Hoffnung" is reflected by the scoring of two of the other trios: the Eighth Hour, "Glück", is for three double reeds, and the Eleventh Hour, "Treue", is for three sizes of clarinet (the Tenth Hour, "Glanz", also includes a homogeneous trio—of brass instruments—though these occur in separate solo and duo inserts, as supplemental timbres to the original mixed instrumental trio) (Kohl 2009b).
This placement of the string allows the string not only to have a characteristic buzzy timbre, but it also allows it to resonate sympathetically when the other strings are plucked.
This register has a specific physiological production that is different from the other registers, and is so called because the timbre of the notes that are produced from this register are similar to that of a whistle.
With what has been described as its ‘velvet’ strings, the ‘golden’ brass sound and the exceptional timbre of the woodwinds, sometimes described as ‘typically Dutch’, the Concertgebouw Orchestra has won itself a place amongst the small, select group of top world orchestras.

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