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Vocabulary Word

Word: terrestrial

Definition: on or relating to the earth

Sentences Containing 'terrestrial'

"Caladenia dilatata" is a terrestrial orchid that consists of a single large, flower.
'Looking at these stars suddenly dwarfed my own troubles and all the gravities of terrestrial life.
A similar pattern is also seen in some of the more terrestrial amphibians such as toads.
An example of this is when Columbia Pictures developed, but then stopped production of "E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial".
As go the forests, so go the plant and animal species that they embrace – 80% of all terrestrial biodiversity.
As well as being important for the conservation of terrestrial biodiversity, the National Park is important for marine biodiversity.
As yet I have not found a single terrestrial animal which can fertilise itself.
Birds have the most species of any class of terrestrial vertebrates.
But seals would not find on oceanic islands the conditions favourable to their gradual reconversion into a terrestrial form.
do you know that he holds terrestrial beings under his control?
End of terrestrial radio broadcast. The Tom Leykis Show had its last regular terrestrial broadcast on Friday, February 20, 2009, and ended at 5 p.m., the middle of its usual time slot.
Four bird species - three terrestrial and one marine - are found on the island.
Fuji TV Terrestrial. The terrestrial channel is known as Fuji TV main channel(CX), which is free but only available around Tokyo.
He sacrifices not to Ceres and the Terrestrial Jove, but to the infernal Plutus rather.
In terrestrial animals, plantigrade locomotion means walking with the podials and metatarsals flat on the ground.
In terrestrial ecoregions, these are mainly plants, while in aquatic ecoregions algae are primarily responsible.
In the autumn, it launched on the terrestrial RiksTV.
In the terrestrial network it is a part of both the Canal Digital and PlusTV packages.
In the United Kingdom, the show has been broadcast on FX, and aired on terrestrial television on BBC Two.
Internet radio has been a popular alternative to terrestrial broadcasting.
It has 11 species of turtles, both terrestrial and marine – the highest for a Special Use Forest in Vietnam.
It is a border town, and is directly connected to the most important Portuguese terrestrial border of Vilar Formoso.
It is a terrestrial pulmonate gastropod mollusk.
It is one of three forms of locomotion adopted by terrestrial mammals.
Its diet consists of crustaceans, mollusks and terrestrial insects.
Life aboard the space station is distinct from terrestrial life in some very interesting ways.
Most of the marine isocyanides are terpenoid, while some of the terrestrial isocyanides originate from α-aminoacids.
Natural environments and the animals that live in them can be categorized as aquatic (water) or terrestrial (land).
Overall small losses occur in terrestrial environments by leaching and erosion, through the action of rain.
Since November 2005, it has also been available on digital terrestrial television in Spain.
Still, this list only included terrestrial species.
Terrestrial. In terrestrial ecosystems, researchers generally measure net primary production (NPP).
The engineer would later assert, "my convictions at this point were that it could not have been anything terrestrial." Chiles-Whitted.
The journal publishes papers on plant ecology (including algae) in both terrestrial and aquatic ecosystems.
The juveniles emerge from the water and remain largely terrestrial for the rest of their lives.
The rocks are similar to ancient terrestrial rocks called basaltic komatiites.
The species is described as terrestrial and semi-fossorial, which makes them hard to observe and study.
The water-hen and landrail are members of this order, yet the first is nearly as aquatic as the coot, and the second is nearly as terrestrial as the quail or partridge.
The winds which passed over my dwelling were such as sweep over the ridges of mountains, bearing the broken strains, or celestial parts only, of terrestrial music.
Their habitat is terrestrial where they are living in the hole of tree barks or roots.
There is evidence of accumulation of mirex in aquatic and terrestrial food chains to harmful levels.
These terrestrial birds are fairly weak fliers and prefer to squat or run when disturbed.
This collection provides basic information for assessing the status of BC insects and other terrestrial arthropods.
This is known to distort the apparent age of a sample because marine organisms absorb carbon-14 at a different rate from terrestrial creatures, skewing the dating of any terrestrial organism that consumes a significant proportion of seafood.
Three terrestrial ecoregions cover the delta.
Turbidites can represent a high resolution record of seismicity, and terrestrial storm/flood events depending on the connectivity of canyon/channel systems to terrestrial sediment sources.
Utricularia minutissima is a small or very small terrestrial carnivorous plant that belongs to the genus "Utricularia".
``Do you feel, yet, that you belong to this terrestrial scheme again, Mr. Darnay?''
``Sir, I should make a terrestrial paradise of it.''
``That is what we must find out,''returned Gaetano, fixing his eyes on this terrestrial star.

More Vocab Words

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::: astute - wise; shrewd; keen; seeing quickly something that is to one's advantage
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