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Vocabulary Word

Word: taper

Definition: very thin candle; gradual decrease in the width of a long object; V. make or become gradually narrower toward one end

Sentences Containing 'taper'

At the top of the receptacle, the arms are up to thick, but they taper down to smaller widths near the base.
But there were no other clothes in my room than the odd heap of things I wore; and when I was left there, with a little taper which my aunt forewarned me would burn exactly five minutes, I heard them lock my door on the outside.
But this method of reasoning can never have place with regard to a Being, so remote and incomprehensible, who bears much less analogy to any other being in the universe than the sun to a waxen taper, and who discovers himself only by some faint traces or outlines, beyond which we have no authority to ascribe to him any attribute or perfection.
He directed at the Mark Taper Forum in Los Angeles, and appeared there in Douglas Campbell's production of "The Miser" with Hume Cronyn and Jessica Tandy.
He staged musicals at the Paper Mill Playhouse, the Mark Taper Forum, and The Muny, among other theatres.
In contrast, mid-tread quantizers do have a zero output level, and can reach arbitrarily low bit rates per sample for input distributions that are symmetric and taper off at higher magnitudes.
It was drawn by four plodding oxen all covered with black housings; on each horn they had fixed a large lighted wax taper, and on the top of the cart was constructed a raised seat, on which sat a venerable old man with a beard whiter than the very snow, and so long that it fell below his waist; he was dressed in a long robe of black buckram; for as the cart was thickly set with a multitude of candles it was easy to make out everything that was on it.
Many reflex hammers taper at the end of the handle to a point which was used for testing the plantar response in the past, however, due to the tightening of infection control regulation this is no longer recommended.
Monte Cristo then drew a lighted taper from a closet, and when the thief was deeply engaged with his lock, silently opened the door, taking care that the light should shine directly on his face.
Most sprockets are made from fabricated steel and are parallel or taper keyed to a through shaft. Conveyor sprockets are also available in double pitch and shear pin varieties.
Notable changes in the 1998 Act included calculation changes to the taxable proportion of a capital gain by the replacement of "indexation allowance" with "taper relief".
Other Plays include "Amber Waves" (the John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts in Washington, D.C.) which was recently produced in Tokyo and in Flint, Michigan, "He Held Me Grand" (People's Light and Theatre Company and the IRT), and "A Village Fable" (based on a novella by John Gardner) which was commissioned by the Mark Taper Forum, premiered at the Honolulu Theatre for Youth, produced at the Children's Theatre Company in Minneapolis, and in Switzerland at the Zurich Young People's Theatre.
She has also returned to theatre; she appeared in Arthur Miller's last play, "Finishing the Picture," produced at the Goodman Theatre in Chicago, and in a 2006 production of "The Cherry Orchard" at the Mark Taper Forum in Los Angeles.
She lay between us, and the red light; and every taper line and spar was visible against the glow.
She reprised the role in the Los Angeles production at the Mark Taper Forum opposite T.R. Knight.
Some examples are using benzodiazepines for alcohol detoxification, which prevents delirium tremens and complications; using a slow taper of benzodiazepines or a taper of phenobarbital, sometimes including another antiepileptic agent such as gabapentin, pregabalin, or valproate, for withdrawal from barbiturates or benzodiazepines; using drugs such as baclofen to reduce cravings and propensity for relapse amongst addicts to any drug, especially effective in stimulant users, and alcoholics (in which it is nearly as effective as benzodiazepines in preventing complications); using clonidine, a benzodiazepine, and loperamide for opioid detoxification, for first-time users or those who wish to attempt an abstinence-based recovery (90% of opioid users relapse to active addiction within 8 months and/or are "multiple relapse patients"); or replacing an opioid that is interfering with or destructive to a user's life, such as illicitly-obtained heroin, Dilaudid, or oxycodone, with an opioid that can be administered legally, reduces or eliminates drug cravings, and does not produce a high, such as methadone or buprenorphine - opioid replacement therapy - which is the gold standard for treatment of opioid dependence in developed countries, reducing the risk and cost to both user and society more effectively than any other treatment modality (for opioid dependence), and shows the best short-term and long-term gains for the user, with the greatest longevity, least risk of fatality, greatest quality of life, and lowest risk of relapse and/or legal issues including arrest and incarceration.
The fruit is a taper-shaped berry up to 60 centimeters long.
The leaves are wide and flat, and they taper to a point at the end.
The only significance between the 2 was the planform, the 146 center section was rectangular with the outer wing being tapered while the 146A was a constant taper.
Then the count brought the taper to the window, that it might be seen in the Champs Elysees that a man was getting out of the window while another held a light.
There is reason to believe that the extinction of a whole group of species is generally a slower process than their production: if their appearance and disappearance be represented, as before, by a vertical line of varying thickness the line is found to taper more gradually at its upper end, which marks the progress of extermination, than at its lower end, which marks the first appearance and the early increase in number of the species.
They droop downwards and taper into fine, yellow-brown clubbed tips that are covered with dark-colored hairs.
To my misfortune I yielded to it, showing her to him one night by the light of a taper at a window where we used to talk to one another.
Venues include the Mark Taper Forum, Berkeley Repertory Theatre, TheatreWorks, and the San Jose Repertory Theatre.
``Really, my dear Albert,''replied Lucien, lighting a manilla at a rose colored taper that burnt in a beautifully enamelled stand``how happy you are to have nothing to do.

More Vocab Words

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::: amiable - agreeable; lovable; warmly friendly
::: whimsy - whim; tendency to behave amusingly strangely; Ex. story full of whimsy
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::: migratory - wandering; V. migrate: move from one region and settle in another; move periodically from one region to another
::: sumptuous - grand suggesting great expense; lavish; rich; Ex. sumptuous feast
::: exhale - breathe out; OP. inhale
::: conservatory - (conservatoire) school of the fine arts (especially music or drama); glass-enclosed area; CF. conservancy
::: padre - chaplain (in the armed forces)
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